Coalator Program

Program Summary:

The Coalator is a program designed to reach out to the local homebrew community, allowing participants the opportunity to work and learn alongside our brewers. Coalators will be involved in the entire process of designing and brewing a beer.

Participants will be chosen based on a brief questionnaire and a subsequent interview. Once chosen, the Coalator will sit down with the brewers to discuss the desired style of beer. Once the beer's desired attributes have been determined, the Coalator and brewers will design a recipe to be brewed on the Coalition pilot system. If possible, the pilot system brew day will coincide with a Coalition brew day, allowing the Coalator to experience large scale brewing first hand. Once brewed, the first batch will be evaluated, tweaked if necessary, and brewed again on the pilot system to be served at the pub. Coalator beers will be rotated as each pilot batch runs out, allowing for a rapid cycling. If the beer is very popular, the Coalator may be asked to brew his beer on the 10 bbl system.

Coalator Selection:

Participation in the Coalator program will be open to anyone over 21 years of age who wishes to apply.  Please submit your Coalator Application by dropping it off at the pub, or e-mailing it to


Coalator participants will have the opportunity to experience commercial brewing first hand, but will initially brew their beer on the pilot system. Beers that are sufficiently popular may be brewed on the 10 bbl system. Coalators must also read, understand, and sign the Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement before being able to participate.

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