KING KITTY RED ALE is a Northwest take on a typically malt forward style. Brewed with four different hop varietals and a sweet malt backbone, this ale is balanced with a clean bitterness and enticing aromatics. Very versatile when it comes to food, King Kitty is sure to pair nicely with whatever you are cooking up in your kitchen.  

5.75% ABV  60 IBU


SPACE FRUIT CITRUS IPA is a West Coast India Pale Ale with a twist - a citrus twist to be exact. In an affirmation of Spring's bounty, we use five different citrus fruits to create unique flavors and aromatics that intermingle with the West Coast hop character. An unadorned grain bill lets the hops and citrus shine in this bright and delicious beer.  

7% ABV  50 IBU


TWO FLOWERS is a west coast IPA that is light, crisp, bitter and refreshing. But what makes this beer different is that we have infused this beer with CBD.  The bitter grassiness from the hops augments the hoppy bitterness, while the citrusy terpenes in the CBD mirror the aromatics and hop flavors.

6 % ABV 55 IBUs – 5 mg per 500 ml


CERTIFIED HAZY CBD IPA is our take on the popular NE Hazy IPA, but with an innovative spin. In collaboration with East Fork Cultivars, CBD Certified, and True Terpenes, "Certified" is a one of a kind and uniquely delicious hazy IPA. Flaked and malted wheat lend a soft, juicy mouthfeel, while over 5lbs per barrel of centennial, amarillo and citra hops lend heavy notes of stone fruit and citrus. We then infuse the beer with CBD and the terpene profile of the Tangie strain, to give the beer bright notes of tangerine citrus and pine to round it all off.


6% ABV  35 IBU – 3 mg of CBD per 12oz glass


PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN is the result of early morning creativity. In partnership with local company True Terpenes, Pineapple Upside Down is one of the only beers of its kind. This crisp American wheat ale is infused with pineapple and terpenes to emulate the same profile of the notorious Pineapple Express strain. The beer is light, crisp, refreshing, juicy, tropical,and uniquely delicious.

4.4% ABV  13 IBU


LOVING CUP MAPLE PORTER [FALL/WINTER SEASONAL] is a classic brown porter at heart. Pure Vermont Grade A maple syrup is added at the end of the boil to lend a subtle sweetness and maple aromatics. The maple is balanced out by roasty British chocolate malts, making this seasonal ale highly drinkable and the perfect treat for any time of year. For maximum enjoyment, pair with chilly nights and good friends.

5.8% ABV  32 IBU


ROSELANDIA is a beer as unique and innovative as portland itself. We start with a kettle soured golden ale before adding a delightfully sweet rose cordial, a concentrated syrup made from rose petals. The mild sweetness balances out the tartness created by Lactobacillus and makes for a wonderfully approachable sour beer. But to really make this beer shine, we add a dash of rose water to the finished product to give it a one of a kind fragrance that is pleasantly floral. Here's to the City of Roses!

5.5% ABV  5 IBU

But that's not all...we are always working on innovative styles including sours, wild fermentation, barrel aged, fresh hops and other experimental ales and lagers. Click here for a comprehensive list of unique beers we have done. These beers are often available in limited quantity and vary seasonally with production. Please contact us if you have any questions.