We make so many different styles of beer we had to put them in a list. If there is ever one you want to see made again, click here and let us know.

Year Round Production:

King Kitty Red Ale (bottle and Draft)

Spacefruit Citrus IPA (Bottle and Draft)

Dropping Science Double IPA (Bottle and Draft)

Seasonal Production:

Wheat the People American Wheat Ale

Loving Cup Maple Porter (Bottle and Draft)

Bring out the Imp - Imperial Stout

Liquid Sterling - California Common fresh hop

Wet Fruit - Citrus IPA w/fresh hops

Green Pig - Fresh Hop pale ale

Simply Dank - Fresh Hop ISA

Honcho – Sea salt and lime kolsch

One-Off Production:

Hawaii 503 - Hawaiian inspired IPA w/ coconut, passion fruit, and mango

Sangria Bretta – Collaboration w/ Portland Sangria, American w/ sangria fruit

Two Dogs IPA (Discontinued)

Mr. Pigs - Pale Ale

Roosters Cream Ale (Discontinued)

Off The Wagon Dunkel Rye (Discontinued)

Honey Trap Honey Wheat Ale

Double Dog Double IPA

Apollo Creed Cascadian Dark Ale

Hanso Stout - American Stout

Bump's Bitter – ESB

Lost Glove - American Strong Ale

Shenanigans - Barley Wine

Simple – ISA (Discontinued)

Big Maple - Imperial Maple Porter

Black Habit - Abby style Dark Ale

Mutual Fermentation - American Amber Ale

Farm to Market - Belgian IPA w/ marrionberries (Bottle and Draft)

Farm to Market II – Imperial Stout w/ coffee and chocolate (Bottle and Draft)

Night Cap - Coffee infused IPA

Ankeny IPA – American single hop IPA series

Saved by the Beer – Single Hop IPA

Specialty/Barrel Aged/Sour Production:

Cyntemps Tart Saison (Bottle and Draft)

Oud School Oud Bruin (Bottle and Draft)

Sourpuss - Classic Berliner Weiss (Bottle and Draft)

Bourbon Dog - Barrel Aged double IPA

Bourbon Imp - Barrel Aged Stout

Tastemaker - Blueberry Berliner Weiss (Bottle and Draft)

Tastemaker II – Roselandia Rose Petal Sour

Dill Dose - Dill Pickle Sour Ale

Cherry Imp – Imperial Stout in barrel w/ cherries and brettanomyces

Bosc Mode – American wheat in barrel w/ pears and brettanomyces

Hanso Vs. Bulleit - stout aged on oak and bulleit

Space Funk – Citrus IPA in barrel w/ brettanomyces

C is for Cherry – American sour ale w/ cherries

Specialty/Small Batch:

Padawan Pale – American Pale

Setanta Rua – Irish Red ale w/ ginger

Wweek Pro/Am II – Fig saison

Smokin’ Reds – Smoked cranberry saison

Columbia Strong Ale – American Strong Ale

Trifecta – Sour Belgian pale w/lychee fruit

Saison #198 - Saison

Bulletproof Tiger - India Pale Lager

Micheladuck - Michelada style beer with Red Duck Ketchup

Loving Mug - Maple Porter with coffee

Smoke n' Shine - Scotch inspired smoked ale

Cebine's Pilsner - Pilsner

Maple's Therapy - Porter / Brown

Mr. Brownstone - nut brown ale

Belgian Coffee - dark belgian ale w/ coffee

Calypso - Calypso hop pale ale

Brett Pale - Pale ale fermented with brettanomyces

Wine Not - Belgian golden w/ sauvignon grapes

Thai Yi Yi - Thai pumpkin curry ale

Inquisition - Pilsner w/ sea salt, lemon zest

Gourder Crosser - Mexican spiced pumpkin ale

Sour Pumpkin - Pumpkin kettle sour

P.I.M.P - Pumpkin infused maple porter

Lil' Bo Pimp - Bourbon aged pumpkin maple porter

Smoking Gourd - Pumpkin Smoked Ale

Walk a' Brown - Brown ale with foraged vanilla leaf

Blond Barley Wine - Light strong ale/barley wine

Rock the Casbah - Saison with apricots and trade route spices

Blueberry Night Cap - Coffee IPA infused with blueberries

07270 - Experimental single hop IPA

Dopple Down - Smoked Dopplebock

NEPO 42 - American Pale

Imperial Anniversary - Saison

Summer DIPA - Light double IPA

Zero Hour - Steam Beer

007 - hop hash IPA

White Stallion - Wheat IPA

Millenium Falcon - IPA with millennium and falconer's flight hops

Sour Dogs - Kettle soured IPA

Belgian Funk - Belgian pale ale with lactobacillus and brettanomyces

Azzaca Pale - Pale ale single hopped with Azzaca

Camino Kolsch - Kolsch with salt, lemon zest, and padron peppers

Zozobra - cream ale with green chilis