We make so many different styles of beer we had to put them in a list. If there is ever one you want to see made again, click here and let us know.

Year Round Beers:

King Kitty Red Ale (bottle and Draft)

Spacefruit Citrus IPA (Bottle and Draft)

Pineapple Upside Down - Pineapple Wheat Ale with Pineapple Express Terpenes

CBD Beers:

Two Flowers CBD IPA (Now Available in 500ml bottles)

Certified Hazy IPA with CBD and Tangie Terpenes

Herbs of a Feather Lemon Basil CBD Sour

Circus Hour Strawberry Lemonade CBD Sour

Special Brownies Chocolate Milk Stout with CBD

Kiley's Comet Fresh Hop Golden Alen with CBD

Cryponics Pale Ale with CBD and Cryo Simcoe hops

Endo Pale Ale with CBD

Seasonal Beers:

Roselandia Rose Petal Sour

Crime of Passion Passionfruit Sour

Culchies Tipple Irish Red Ale (Available in March/April)

Wheat the People American Wheat Ale

Loving Cup Maple Porter (Bottle and Draft)

Bring out the Imp - Imperial Stout

Liquid Sterling - California Common fresh hop

Wet Fruit - Citrus IPA w/fresh hops

Green Pig - Fresh Hop pale ale

Simply Dank - Fresh Hop ISA

Honcho – Sea salt and lime kolsch

One-Off Beers:

Dog Daze Haze Hazy IPA

Devil's Tears Dark Mexican Lager

All Seeing IPA

Bourbon Loving Cup - Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Porter

Apricot in the Act - Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Wheat Beer Aged on Brettanomyces and Apricots

Nebulous DDH IPA

Stones Throw Pluot Sour

Marion Spring Pale, a collaboration with Royale Brewing

Goschie For Gold - Hoppy Golden Ale, a collaboration with Goschie Farms

Ginlandia - Gin Barrel Aged Rose Petal Sour

Hawaii 503 - Hawaiian inspired IPA w/ coconut, passion fruit, and mango

Sangria Bretta – Collaboration w/ Portland Sangria, American w/ sangria fruit

Two Dogs IPA (Discontinued)

Mr. Pigs - Pale Ale

Roosters Cream Ale (Discontinued)

Off The Wagon Dunkel Rye (Discontinued)

Honey Trap Honey Wheat Ale

Double Dog Double IPA

Apollo Creed Cascadian Dark Ale

Hanso Stout - American Stout

Bump's Bitter – ESB

Lost Glove - American Strong Ale

Shenanigans - Barley Wine

Simple – ISA (Discontinued)

Big Maple - Imperial Maple Porter

Black Habit - Abby style Dark Ale

Mutual Fermentation - American Amber Ale

Farm to Market - Belgian IPA w/ marrionberries (Bottle and Draft)

Farm to Market II – Imperial Stout w/ coffee and chocolate (Bottle and Draft)

Night Cap - Coffee infused IPA

Ankeny IPA – American single hop IPA series

Saved by the Beer – Single Hop IPA

Specialty/Barrel Aged/Sour Production:

Cyntemps Tart Saison (Bottle and Draft)

Oud School Oud Bruin (Bottle and Draft)

Sourpuss - Classic Berliner Weiss (Bottle and Draft)

Bourbon Dog - Barrel Aged double IPA

Bourbon Imp - Barrel Aged Stout

Tastemaker - Blueberry Berliner Weiss (Bottle and Draft)

Tastemaker II – Roselandia Rose Petal Sour

Dill Dose - Dill Pickle Sour Ale

Cherry Imp – Imperial Stout in barrel w/ cherries and brettanomyces

Bosc Mode – American wheat in barrel w/ pears and brettanomyces

Hanso Vs. Bulleit - stout aged on oak and bulleit

Space Funk – Citrus IPA in barrel w/ brettanomyces

C is for Cherry – American sour ale w/ cherries

Specialty/Small Batch:

Padawan Pale – American Pale

Setanta Rua – Irish Red ale w/ ginger

Wweek Pro/Am II – Fig saison

Smokin’ Reds – Smoked cranberry saison

Columbia Strong Ale – American Strong Ale

Trifecta – Sour Belgian pale w/lychee fruit

Saison #198 - Saison

Bulletproof Tiger - India Pale Lager

Micheladuck - Michelada style beer with Red Duck Ketchup

Loving Mug - Maple Porter with coffee

Smoke n' Shine - Scotch inspired smoked ale

Cebine's Pilsner - Pilsner

Maple's Therapy - Porter / Brown

Mr. Brownstone - nut brown ale

Belgian Coffee - dark belgian ale w/ coffee

Calypso - Calypso hop pale ale

Brett Pale - Pale ale fermented with brettanomyces

Wine Not - Belgian golden w/ sauvignon grapes

Thai Yi Yi - Thai pumpkin curry ale

Inquisition - Pilsner w/ sea salt, lemon zest

Gourder Crosser - Mexican spiced pumpkin ale

Sour Pumpkin - Pumpkin kettle sour

P.I.M.P - Pumpkin infused maple porter

Lil' Bo Pimp - Bourbon aged pumpkin maple porter

Smoking Gourd - Pumpkin Smoked Ale

Walk a' Brown - Brown ale with foraged vanilla leaf

Blond Barley Wine - Light strong ale/barley wine

Rock the Casbah - Saison with apricots and trade route spices

Blueberry Night Cap - Coffee IPA infused with blueberries

07270 - Experimental single hop IPA

Dopple Down - Smoked Dopplebock

NEPO 42 - American Pale

Imperial Anniversary - Saison

Summer DIPA - Light double IPA

Zero Hour - Steam Beer

007 - hop hash IPA

White Stallion - Wheat IPA

Millenium Falcon - IPA with millennium and falconer's flight hops

Sour Dogs - Kettle soured IPA

Belgian Funk - Belgian pale ale with lactobacillus and brettanomyces

Azzaca Pale - Pale ale single hopped with Azzaca

Camino Kolsch - Kolsch with salt, lemon zest, and padron peppers

Zozobra - cream ale with green chilis