Are kids allowed in Bricktown Brewery?

No, Bricktown Brewery does not allow children at their locations, as they are an adult-focused restaurant and brewery. The minimum age to be allowed in the establishment is 21 years old. Additionally, Bricktown Brewery does not often accommodate children or offer any type of version of their menu geared towards younger children.

Bricktown Brewery reserves the right to refuse entry of any person under the age of 21. We strongly advise that those under the age of 21 find alternate arrangements or wait until they are of legal age to enjoy the services provided by Bricktown Brewery.

Does Bricktown do anything for birthdays?

Bricktown does a lot for birthdays! They have a special birthday menu that you can order from, they have a special birthday cake that you can order, and they even have a special birthday party room that you can order.

All of these things make Bricktown a great place to have your birthday party!.

How many Bricktown breweries are there?

According to the Bricktown Brewery website, there are currently six locations in Oklahoma.

How long is the Bricktown Canal?

The Bricktown Canal is two miles long. It runs through the Bricktown Entertainment District in downtown Oklahoma City and was completed in 1999. The canal is lined with red brick and has 13 foot sidewalls.

There are 6 bridges that span the canal.

How deep is the water in Bricktown?

On average, the depth of the water in Bricktown is approximately 4 feet.

Why is it called Bricktown?

Bricktown is a historic district in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that is known for its brick streets and buildings. The area was originally settled by German immigrants in the late 1800s, who built many of the brick buildings that still stand today.

The district was officially named Bricktown in 1977, after a major renovation project that aimed to revitalize the area. Today, Bricktown is a popular tourist destination, with attractions like the Bricktown Canal, the Bricktown ballpark, and numerous restaurants and shops.

When was OKC canal built?

The Oklahoma City Canal was built in 1900.

Where are the fireworks in Bricktown?

The fireworks are at Lower Bricktown on the east side of the Bricktown Canal.

What river runs through Oklahoma City?

The Oklahoma River runs through Oklahoma City. The river is 710 miles long and is a tributary of the Mississippi River. The river begins in the Texas Panhandle and flows through the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Is Bricktown Brewery a franchise?

No, Bricktown Brewery is not currently a franchise.

Do you have to be 21 to eat at Bricktown Brewery?

No, you do not have to be 21 to eat at Bricktown Brewery. minors are allowed to dine in as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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