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Top 7 Best CBD Beer to Enjoy without Alcohol Worries

Have you ever thought of taking a Cannabis-Infused beer in your life? No doubt, you must have heard your friends and colleagues talking about CBD beer. There is lots of information about these types of beers on the internet that can overwhelm you, especially if you are going into it for the first time.

With personal experience, I have gathered all possible information to understand this idea. I am going to share with you the 7 best CBD beer. You can trust the 7 best CBD beers on this article as the best options you got out there.

Why infuse CBD in beer?

Why Infuse CBD In Beer
By just typing “CBD beers near me” in the Google search box, you get over 100 million results in less than a second. If you use Google Keyword Planner to search for the same, you will also get other suggestions related to CBD beers near me with very high search volumes. But why exactly do we need CBD beer in the market?

CBD beers are now available in almost every part of the world despite Cannabis being illegal in most states. Surprisingly, CBD-infused beers have attracted more than just beer enthusiasts. Back to our question, why have CBD in beer?


CBD Beer Hangover-free

The answer is from the need to have a hangover-free alternative to alcohol-based beers. That is probably because CBD beers do not have alcohol and also have 0% THC.

A healthier alternative to alcohol

cdc beer A Healthier Alternative To Alcohol
From a study published by Livescience, cannabis users drink less alcohol. That leads to the sales reduction for alcohol-based brewers. To fight for the share, they introduced CBD-infused beer, a commercial product that was already legal in different states.

Comes with health benefits

According to the Newsweek report, people use CBD for pain relief, anxiety problems, muscle relaxations, etc. People generally prefer CBD-infused beer, or any other product, for the health benefits that come with them.

What are the aftereffects of drinking CBD-infused beer?

What Are The Aftereffects Of Drinking CBD-Infused BeerPeople who are eager to taste CBD beer asking this question. Some are willing to have their first taste but are afraid of the consequences that they do not know yet. If you are in this filed, then I am going to give you a satisfactory answer.

What are the components of the Cannabis plant used in cannabinoid-infused concoctions? Cannabis, as a plant, has many chemical compounds that are responsible for different behaviors that we see in marijuana smokers.

The compounds present in the marijuana plant are CBD, Hemp, THC, and many others. THC is responsible for triggering chain reactions in your body to drive you high. According to cannabisMD, the amount of this compound in CBD drinks is zero or negligible.
So, you will not worry about getting high when you drink CBD-infused beer.

What are some of the health benefits of CBD beer?

CBD is already trending for its very many health benefits. CBD offers pain relief, solves anxiety, boosts skin health, and many other tons of benefits. Could these also come along with its infusion into beers?
CBD beer reduces the urge to drink alcohol and vital in the fight against relapse from addiction, but that depends on an individual as people respond differently to CBD-infused products. From a report by some of its users, CBD-infused beer relaxes the mind and improves mood. You can find more explanation on YouTube.

What percentage of alcohol in CBD beer? What are different tastes and flavors?

different tastes and flavors-cropped
CBD-beer processing follows the same steps as alcoholic beers. The only difference comes when the alcoholic content has to be removed and replaced by CBD nanoemulsion. The quantity of alcohol in CBD beers is negligible. So, it is safe because they do not contain alcohol in them.

Tastes and flavors

When it comes to taste, you cannot tell the difference since the manufacturing process is the same for both of them. If you are looking for the easiest way to quit alcohol, while still enjoying the carbonated and delicious flavor of the beverage, then CBD beers are the way to go.
The CBD nanoemulsion is relatively tasteless. That gives the brewers all the advantage to determine the fi final flavor of their products. If you ask me what CBD beer tastes like, then my answer is that it depends on a particular manufacturer. You will find many different tastes and flavors in the market.

Infusing CBD in beers also come with additional benefits. For instance, an active smoker cannot do it in social places due to the restriction. But with CBD beer, you can take it in front of everyone. You can make it part of your dinner, parties, and any other function while still living a healthy lifestyle.

Our 7 Best Pick CBD-infused Beers

Up to this point, I believe that you the facts about CBD beer. On that note, I am ready to present you with 7 best beer that you can opt for, for a healthy leaving. I am here to help you reduce the overwhelming task of sorting among the results of your search.
Without a doubt, the next step you have is to search for CBD beers near me, just like many other people do. But refining your search is another task altogether. With our 7 best CBD beer, have to look any further for CBD-infused beer.

General Washington’s Secret Stash

General Washington's Secret Stash
This is number one on our list of 7 best CBD drinks that we have prepared for you. The brand inspiration was from the fact that some of the prominent leaders of the country grew hemp and were advocating for it.
While THC is still receiving strong opposition from different activists, CBD has been passed for use in many consumer products. General Washington’s Secret Stash is infused with 4mg of CBD per Pint. Despite the obstacles that were sabotaging its manufacture, it has bounced back as the best in the market today.
This invention by Dads and Dudes has a large market share and has found favor among many users. With just 6.5% ABV alcohol, you can enjoy the drink without much worry about your health and other side effects that alcohol-based beers have.

Two Flowers IPA

Two Flowers IPA
Two Flowers IPA is number two on our list of 7 best CBD beer. This Oregon-brewed CBD drink is infused with 5mg of CBD per Pint and is just 6% ABV alcohol. This product from Coalition Brewing Company took advantage of the legalization of hemp in this state.
Two Flowers IPA is citrus flavored and comes with a final touch of light crisp and very mouth-watering aroma. Being one of the drinks from Portland, Oregon, it comes with irresistible local pride. Besides, it is processed with one of the most reputable companies in the place.
If you are from Oregon, then the feeling of taking a tout of this CBD beer is just irresistible.

Hemperor HPA

Hemperor HPA
I know of some people with the urge to have a taste of CBD infused drinks but are still not sure whether to go for it or not. Hemperor HPA gives you the stepping stone you can rely on to introduce yourself to a whole new world of CBD-infused concoctions.
Hemperor is one of the few drinks in our list of 7 best CBD beers without both CBD and THC, just hemp hops. The inspiration originated from the kind of reception that hemp hop brews had from the customers. With its pale color with a strong aroma of bud and a taste of beer, Hemperor is on another level.
This product from Belgium Brewing originated from the time when Colorado joined the Hemp movement.

High Flyer

High Flyer
High Flyer is a CBD beer whose origin can be traced back to Britain. Despite this fact, it has found itself in a better position in the US market.
Of all the other three CBD beers discussed, this one has the highest percentage of BD and a very negligible amount of THC. It contains 10 mg of CBD per bottle and less than 0.2% THC per tint. The traces of THC in this beer are too small to make you feel high as alcohol would.
High Flyer is tropical and citrus flavored. That is the taste that you will have in your mouth after swallowing, as opposed to the bitterness that other typical CBD beers would have. On the positive side, it comprises of only 4.3% ABV.

Hemptails Hemp’d

Hemptails Hemp'd
Hemptails Hemp’d is CBD beer with 0% active CBD. Sounds odd, right? But that is for a good reason.

Some people want to taste CBD-infused beer, as can be concluded from the search volumes for CBD beers near me from Google and other search engines. However, these people are very cautious not to just dive into it. Instead, they prefer tasting CBD beer that is CBD free. That is where this one comes in handy.

Hemptails Hemp’d have 0% CBD and 0% THC, but a high percentage of alcohol of 8% ABV. It offers you a chance to take your drink without the fear of getting high on CBD. But drink responsibly, just the way you would with other alcohol-based drinks.

How is it possible to have a CBD beer without active CBD? Hemptails Hemp’d is processed with hemp seeds, components of the hemp plant that do not have active CBD as you would find in leaves. That is the reason behind the legalization of hempseed by the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD in hemp oil is praised for its fatty acid that good for skin health.

Hemp Ale

Hemp Ale
The second last in our list of 7 best CBD drinks is Hemp Ale, a product from Humboldt Brewing Company. It is another one with 0% active CBD since it is brewed with toasted hemp seeds. The seeds give it a unique and herb-accented flavor.

Despite being brewed from a legalized component of the hemp plant, all brewers of this brand have to follow the protocol and regulations set by states. The good news is that Hemp Ale is growing in popularity as brewers come up with new flavors and tastes for it.

Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale is a CBD beer that can form part of your dinner dish or as a standalone drink. To further prove that this is a drink on another level, let me mention that it is a twice winner of California State Fair Craft Brewing Competitions (1999 and 2000).

Outbound Brewing

Outbound Brewing
People are increasingly becoming aware of healthy living and are slowly but steadily shying away from alcoholic drinks. Outbound Brewing has an alternative to alcohol-based drinks. The company launches a new non-alcoholic CBD-infused beer with just 30 calories per bottle.
The Outbound Brewing’s CBD-infused, low-calory beer comes in three distinct flavors and tastes. On the list, we have:

  • Blood orange haze with blood orange peel aroma, orange-flavored.
  • Pale haze with a pleasantly hoppy aroma, citrus-flavored.
  • Grapefruit haze with citrusy aroma topped with lemon and grapefruit zestiness.

This variation gives consumers options to choose from depending on their tastes and preferences.
Outbound CBD beer has 20mg broad-spectrum CBD per bottle with a second option that has both 20mg CBD and 10mg THC. As a consumer, you got to decide what to take, bearing in mind that THC is responsible for sedation behavior that we often see in marijuana smokers.


CBD is, no doubt, one of the fastest-growing supplements praised for its very many health benefits. When infused in beers and other consumable products, the benefits can go to the users. For this reason, CBD has become legal in many different states across the US.

With the 2018 Farm Bill, many brewers from across the state saw an opportunity to process CBD-infused beers. Also, the increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle has necessitated the need for a better product. Due to customer demands, CBD beers are now available almost everywhere.

The non-alcoholic, low-calorie CBD drinks are good for your health. It is easier to refrain from alcohol while still enjoying your favorite carbonated flavor. Hence, it becomes easier to reverse alcohol addiction. If you still have any questions and ideas want to share, then you can leave it in the comment sections. Your thoughts are welcome!