Can a 16 year old drink beer in Germany?

Yes, a 16 year old can drink beer in Germany. The legal drinking age in Germany is 16 for beer and wine, and 18 for hard liquor. However, it is generally expected that people will not drink to excess until they are a bit older.

Where is it legal to drink at 16?

Some countries, like the Netherlands, allow minors to drink alcohol in public places like restaurants and cafes. Other countries, like the United States, have stricter laws that generally prohibit minors from consuming alcohol in public. Ultimately, it is best to check with local laws and regulations to determine the legal drinking age in a specific jurisdiction.

What is the drinking age in Germany?

The drinking age in Germany is 16.

How much alcohol can a 16 year old drink?

In the United States, it is illegal to drink alcohol under the age of 21.

Can minors drink in Ohio?

Minors are not allowed to drink in Ohio.

Can minors drink with parents in Wisconsin?

Minors are allowed to drink in the presence of their parents on private property in Wisconsin.

What is Japan’s drinking age?

The drinking age in Japan is 20.

Why is alcoholism so high in Russia?

These include historical factors (such as the legacy of the Soviet Union), cultural factors (such as the consumption of alcohol being considered a social norm), and economic factors (such as the affordability of alcohol). Additionally, there may be a genetic predisposition to alcoholism in some people from Russia.

What country is the youngest drinking age?

The youngest drinking age is in Argentina, where the legal age to drink is 18.

Do Russians have higher alcohol tolerance?

However, some research has suggested that Russians may have a higher tolerance for alcohol than people from other countries. This is thought to be due to a variety of factors, including genetic factors and the fact that Russians typically drink vodka, which has a higher alcohol content than most other alcoholic beverages.

What country drinks the most alcohol?


How old do you have to be to drink wine in Germany?

There is no legal drinking age for wine in Germany.

What country can you drink at 16?

Some countries, such as Austria and Belgium, permit 16-year-olds to drink beer and wine in public. Other countries, such as the Czech Republic, raise the drinking age to 18 for hard liquor. In the United States, the drinking age is 21.

What alcohol can you buy in Germany at 16?

Some German states allow youths as young as 16 to buy beer and wine.

Can you drink 16 UK?

The UK is one of the worst nations for illegal drinking at the moment, because no one cares enough about it.

It is legal for you to drink 16 in the United Kingdom. It is also legal for you to buy alcohol for someone who is 16 and above, as long as they are not going to consume it in a public place..

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