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Can gas stations sell beer on Christmas in Tennessee?

No, gas stations in Tennessee are not allowed to sell beer on Christmas. In accordance with Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulations, beer, wine, and other alcoholic products can only be sold between the hours of 6:00am and 11:00pm Monday through Saturday, and from 10:00am to 11:00pm on Sundays.

This excludes all national holidays, including Christmas. Although restaurants, bars, and liquor stores in the state may be open on Christmas, in accordance with state law, Tennessee gas stations may not sell beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverages on Christmas.

Can you buy alcohol in TN on holidays?

In Tennessee, it is illegal to sell alcohol on certain holidays, including New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. However, some municipalities and counties may choose to allow the sale of alcohol on certain holidays.

It is important to check local ordinances as to whether or not alcohol sales may be allowed in a specific area. Additionally, liquor stores may be able to sell beer and wine on holidays, but this is not applicable for every area in Tennessee.

When can you not buy beer in Tennessee?

Generally speaking, you cannot buy beer in the state of Tennessee between the hours of 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM from Sundays to Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, you cannot buy beer between the hours of 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

The restrictions for purchasing beer in Tennessee also apply to brewpubs, grocery stores, beer bars, and liquor stores. Local municipalities and counties are allowed to further restrict or extend the hours of sale for alcoholic beverages.

For example, some municipalities and counties may set a curfew at 1:00 AM where alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased or consumed. It is important to note that while beer may not be legally sold in Tennessee during certain hours, it is still legal to consume beer until the appropriate time.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in TN?

In Tennessee, it is illegal to have an “open container” of alcohol in a vehicle. This means that no alcoholic beverages can be opened, or partially consumed, in the passenger area of a vehicle while it is in forward motion.

If alcohol is in the possession of any of the passengers,.

it must be kept in the closed and original containers, and must be kept in the trunk of the vehicle or an area of the vehicle that is not accessible to the driver or passengers.

It is important to note that the driver and passengers of the vehicle can still remain in possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage IF the vehicle is no longer in forward motion and has come to a complete stop.

This applies to parking lots, one’s own property, and even driveways, so long as the vehicle has come to a complete stop, and is not in forward motion.

In addition, it is illegal to transport alcohol if you are under 21 years of age, regardless of restriction of “open container” laws.

Can I buy beer on Sunday in TN?

No, you cannot buy beer on Sunday in the state of Tennessee. The sale of beer, wine, and liquor is prohibited all day on Sunday’s, pursuant to Tennessee state law. There are certain exceptions that permit bars, restaurants, and hotels to serve alcoholic beverages on Sundays between 10am and midnight.

If you plan on purchasing beer in Tennessee, you must purchase it on a day other than Sunday.

What counties in TN are dry?

There are a total of 18 counties in Tennessee that are classified as dry. These counties include: Scott, Pickett, Moore, Todd, Fentress, Campbell, Hardin, Wayne, Humphreys, Unicoi, Polk, Marion, Bledsoe, Grundy, Van Buren, Jackson, Clay and Hawkins.

In these counties, the sale of alcohol is not permitted in any form, including beer, wine and spirits. However, it is legal to possess and consume alcoholic beverages in these communities, and local restaurants in “dry” counties are permitted to serve beer and wine.

The laws surrounding alcohol sales vary from county to county in Tennessee, and the state’s Department of Revenue is responsible for controlling alcohol license applications and the taxes paid on alcohol purchases.

If a company wishes to sell alcohol in one of the dry counties, they must apply for a special quota license, obtain permission from the county commissioners and pay a special fee to the state before they are authorized to do so.

It is important to note that while many of these counties are considered “dry,” there are exceptions to these alcohol laws in some places, such as bars and restaurants that are allowed to serve beer and wine, or local stores that can sell it for off-premise consumption.

Additionally, some counties may also allow for alcohol sales with specific permits or licenses, such as non-profit or special occasion permits.

What time can you buy alcohol in Tennessee on Sunday?

In Tennessee, you can purchase beer and wine in most stores, restaurants, and bars on Sundays between 10:00 a. m. and 11:30 p. m. Liquor sales, however, are more limited. On Sundays, liquor can only be purchased at liquor stores between 10:00 a. m.

and 11:30 p. m. , or in a local restaurant that has a restaurant liquor license between 10:00 a. m. and 11:00 p. m. When purchasing alcohol in Tennessee, you must have a valid, government-issued ID that proves that you are at least 21 years of age.

What days can you not buy alcohol in Texas?

In Texas, alcohol purchase is not allowed on Sunday, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Generally, retail stores may only sell liquor from 12 pm – 12 am, Monday to Saturday. Bars, restaurants and clubs are allowed to serve alcohol between 7 am – 2 am, Monday – Saturday, and 12pm-12am on Sundays (with certain municipalities having the ability to extend the service hours).

Grocery stores, convenience stores, bar and stores, gas stations and other retailers are only allowed to sell beer and wine from during the sales hours between 7am and 12am, Sunday – Saturday.

What holidays are liquor stores closed in Texas?

In Texas, liquor stores are legally closed on state-recognized holidays from 12:00 a. m. to noon. These holidays include New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

In addition, stores may also be closed on local holidays or certain holidays as designated by the store.

What time does WalMart stop selling alcohol in Texas?

The sale of alcohol in Walmart stores in Texas is regulated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). According to TABC rules, all retail establishments licensed to sell alcoholic beverages must cease sale at midnight.

This means most WalMart stores in Texas will stop selling alcohol at midnight. However, this is only a general rule, and individual store locations may have earlier closing times. If you’re uncertain about the closing time for alcohol sales at your local Walmart, you should contact the store directly for more information.

Does Tennessee sell alcohol after 12?

Yes, Tennessee does sell alcohol after 12PM – with certain restrictions. Tennessee has a state-run “control system” that regulates the sale and distribution of alcohol. State law allows liquor stores, bars and restaurants to sell alcohol on Sundays after 12PM, with the caveat that it must be served with an accompanying meal.

Beer and wine can be sold only until 11PM in restaurants and carry-out, and liquor stores can stay open until 11PM on Sunday. On weekdays, liquor stores can remain open until 11PM, but bars and restaurants must close by 10 PM.

Additionally, alcohol cannot be purchased on Election Day or Christmas Day. Lastly, for those under the age of twenty-one, the possession and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Can restaurants serve alcohol on Sunday in Tennessee?

Yes, restaurants in Tennessee can serve alcohol on Sundays, but these establishments must have a permit from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Sunday alcohol sales in restaurants must be limited to certain times of day and there are restrictions on the types of alcoholic beverages that can be sold.

Restaurants may only be permitted to serve beer or wines, and the hours for Sunday sales are limited to 10 a. m. to 11 p. m. Local laws may limit the times of sale even further, and in certain counties, alcohol sales may be prohibited on Sunday altogether.

It is important to check with local laws and alcohol control agencies to make sure that a restaurant is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Gatlinburg TN?

Yes, you can buy alcohol on Sunday in Gatlinburg TN provided it is after 12pm. The local municipality has imposed restrictions on sales of alcoholic beverages, including that alcohol cannot be sold before 12pm on Sunday.

However, after 12pm you are able to purchase alcoholic drinks from restaurants and private clubs. Additionally, sales of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption are prohibited after 11pm on Sunday nights, so be sure to make your purchase before then.

Alcohol must also be consumed on the premises it is purchased from, so it cannot be taken outside of a restaurant or bar. It is important to follow the law and drink responsibly.

Is Pigeon Forge a dry town?

No, Pigeon Forge is not a dry town. Alcohol is allowed to be sold and consumed in the city. Pigeon Forge is an entertainment and vacation hub, making alcohol access necessary to serve the needs of its visitors.

There are numerous restaurants, bars, and lounges that feature alcoholic beverages, as well as several stores that can legally sell beer, liquor, and wine to individuals over the age of 21. Visitors should keep in mind that alcohol must be consumed responsibly and all laws regarding transportation, open containers, and public intoxication must be observed.

State and local laws regarding alcohol consumption must also be followed while in Pigeon Forge.