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Can I buy glasses and have my prescription put in them?

Yes, you can buy glasses and have your prescription put in them. Many eyeglass retailers have optometrists on staff who can examine your eyes and provide the correct prescription lenses for your glasses.

Some stores may even offer free eye exams for those who purchase their glasses. Once the prescription is determined, the retailer can order lenses in the type and size necessary for your frame and insert them into the frames.

You may also be able to purchase frames at an optical store and have your prescription filled elsewhere.


Can you buy a pair of glasses and put prescription?

Yes, you can buy a pair of glasses and put prescription lenses in them. Many optical stores offer a range of styles and frames, from designer to more affordable styles. Once you’ve selected your frames, you can have your current prescription lenses put in them, or your eye doctor can provide a prescription that can then be filled at the optical store.

The lenses will be cut and then fit into the frame of your choice, and combined with the existing frames, you’ll have glasses to meet your prescription needs. Your eye doctor may also be able to suggest the best lenses for your lifestyle and use.

However, it’s important to note that some optical stores may not carry your prescription, so it’s important to check with the store before you make your purchase.

How much does it cost to get a prescription put in glasses?

The cost of getting prescription lenses put in glasses will depend on several factors, including the type and quality of frames, type of lenses, and any lens treatments or additional coatings you may choose.

Generally, you can expect prices to start at around $75 for single vision lenses, which are the most common lens type used for distance vision and reading. If you choose more complex lenses, such as progressive lenses, which help correct multiple vision issues, prices can range up to $400 or more.

Depending on the type of frames and materials you choose, and any additional lens treatments or coatings, your total cost could range anywhere from around $100 up to $600 or more. To get a better understanding of the exact cost, it’s best to visit an optician to get an accurate price estimate and to discuss your needs and budget.

Can you put lenses from one pair of glasses into another?

Generally speaking, it is possible to transfer lenses from one pair of glasses to another as long as both frames are of similar size and shape. However, this does not necessarily mean the glasses will be comfortable when worn.

As glasses frames come in all different sizes and shapes, it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit for the lenses. If you choose to move lenses from one pair of glasses to another, be sure to get them adjusted by an optician or eyewear retailer to ensure they fit properly.

It’s worth bearing in mind that moving lenses from one pair of frames to another may require additional lens treatments to be added, and this can significantly increase the cost of the glasses. If you’re planning on transferring lenses between frames, it’s always best to speak to a professional and get advice first, to make sure it’s a suitable option for you.

How accurate are online prescription glasses?

The accuracy of online prescription glasses depends very much on the care and accuracy taken when placing an order and the source of the glasses. If a company selling online prescription glasses is reliable, and a customer enters an accurate prescription and properly frames the glass, the results could be just as precise as an optometrist.

However, if the accuracy of any of the measurements is off, then the glasses may not provide the desired results, or could even cause further vision problems.

For this reason, if someone needs to be fitted for glasses it is important to consult a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist. This will ensure that the correct measurements and prescription are taken to achieve the right fit.

If a customer insists on ordering online prescription glasses, they should take the time to double-check the prescription and any other necessary measurements before placing an order.

How can I get glasses without going to the doctor?

If you need glasses but don’t want to go to the doctor, the best option is to order glasses online from a reputable retailer. Online retailers often offer a large selection of frames and lenses, and are often cheaper than buying glasses from a doctor’s office.

When ordering online, be sure to get your prescription from your eye doctor so you can choose the correct lenses for your needs. Additionally, many online retailers provide helpful tools and guides to help you select the frames and lenses best suited for your face shape, lifestyle, and budget.

And with most online retailers offering free delivery and returns, you can purchase glasses without any risk.

Can Walmart put prescription in glasses?

At this time, Walmart does not offer prescription lenses for glasses. However, you can purchase frames at Walmart and have prescription lenses put in them at a separate optical lab or provider. At Walmart, you can get an eye exam and get fitted and purchase contact lenses, however standard eyeglasses and prescription lenses are not offered.

To find frames and get your prescription lenses, you can shop online or visit a local optical shop. Typically, the customer service representatives at Walmart Optical can assist in finding you a local optical vendor.

Can I bring my own frames to LensCrafters?

Yes, you can bring your own frames to LensCrafters. LensCrafters accepts both pre-existing frames, and frames you’ve purchased from other retailers. To use your own frames at LensCrafters you’ll need to bring in your glasses and select the lenses to go with them.

The LensCrafters technicians will inspect your frames to ensure they are compatible and that they can be fitted with the selected lenses. If they are not compatible, they will help you select another set of frames.

The technicians will also discuss the particular needs of your prescription and any additional adjustments, to ensure a comfortable fit. They will also be able to advise you on any additional lens treatments, depending on your individual eye health needs.

To see if your frames are compatible with LensCrafters, it is best to visit with them in person.

Can I get glasses from Walmart if I have a prescription?

Yes, you can get glasses from Walmart if you have a prescription. Walmart’s Vision Centers carry a variety of glasses frames and lenses, which you can select based on your prescription. In some cases, you can even get two complete pairs of glasses for one low price.

To get started, you’ll need to bring in a valid prescription from your doctor or optometrist and the staff at Walmart’s Vision Center can help you with the rest. They can help you pick out the right frames, lenses, and other options to ensure you get the perfect pair of glasses for your needs.

Once you’re done, Walmart even has a 1-hour service that fits you with your glasses at the store in as little as an hour.

How do you get glasses fitted if you buy online?

If you’re buying glasses online, it’s important to make sure that every aspect of the glasses fits you properly. To make sure that your online purchase fits you well, you’ll want to measure your pupillary distance (PD).

This is the distance between the center of one pupil to the center of the other, and it’s required by stores that sell glasses online so they can determine the dimensions of the lenses. The PD can easily be measured with a ruler held up to your face when you look straight ahead into a mirror.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to measure your frame size to make sure the glasses will fit your face. You can use a frame size guide to help you measure your frame size and then confirm it against the measurements given by the online store.

Measuring your frame size can help you to get a better fit when buying glasses online. Lastly, make sure to read the customer reviews and return policies if you’re purchasing from a particular site. Taking these steps can help you get properly fitted glasses even if you’re buying them online.

Can I get my prescription put into frames glasses?

Yes, you can certainly get your prescription put into frames glasses. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose to purchase the lenses and the frames separately, or you can find one location that sells both.

Many eyeglass stores offer a wide range of frames and lenses that can be personalized to your prescription and eye shape. You can also look online to find frames and lenses, as many online vendors also offer customized options.

Once you’ve decided which frames you like, the optician or technician will be able to measure your face to correctly fit the frames to your nose, ears, and brows. The technician will then enter your prescription information into their computer to order the correct lenses for your frames.

Once they arrive, they can be put into the frames and the fit can be adjusted until it’s just right.

Once your glasses are ready, the optician or technician will check the fit and how well your prescription is working for you. They’ll also help you adjust the arms if necessary and show you how to care for and maintain your new glasses.

Who will put lenses in my frames?

If you would like to get lenses put into your frames, then you will need to visit either an optician or an optical store. An optician is a qualified professional who specializes in fitting and dispensing eyeglasses and contact lenses, so they are the best person to put lenses into your frames.

An optical store may also have the necessary tools needed to do the job, but the staff may not be as knowledgeable about lens materials and the process of fitting a lens into the frame. It is best to go to an optician to ensure that your lenses are properly fitted.

The optician may also be able to advise you on the best type of lenses for your prescription and lifestyle.

Is it cheaper to put new lenses in old frames?

It depends on the frames and lenses that you’re using, but generally, it is cheaper to purchase new frames with lenses than it is to put new lenses in old frames. This is because new frames with lenses generally come with a warranty, meaning that you’ll be able to save money in the long run from repairs or replacements should any issues arise with the glasses.

Furthermore, lenses that are meant to fit in old frames may not always have the correct prescriptions, putting undue strain on your eyes, which could have a long-term negative impact on your vision. Finally, older frames may have a weaker structure that is not able to hold up to the wear and tear caused by everyday use.

Overall, while it may seem cheaper to put new lenses in old frames, it is often worth the extra money in the long run to invest in new frames and lenses.

Is Walmart cheaper for glasses?

It depends. Walmart offers a wide variety of eyeglasses and contact lenses, which makes it possible to find a pair of glasses at a variety of price points. Many of their budget frames are actually quite affordable and some of their designer frames may be cheaper than those found at more upscale optical shops.

Ultimately, you will have to compare prices between Walmart and other optical stores to determine which has the best deal. When looking at Walmart, it’s important to note that the prices can vary significantly between locations and that discounts may apply for purchasing glasses with an eye exam.

Additionally, Walmart offers a wide variety of eyeglass services, such as lens replacements and vision insurance, which can make their glasses an even better deal. All things considered, Walmart may offer a great value for eyeglasses and could be a viable option for finding cheaper glasses.

Can you take lenses out of glasses and put in new frames?

Yes, you can take lenses out of glasses and put them in new frames. The process of changing the frames is surprisingly simple and can be completed in just a few steps. First, remove the screws from the back of the frames that hold the lenses in place.

Secondly, gently slide out the lenses. Next, choose a new frame that fits your style and then insert the lenses into the new frames. Finally, use the screws included with the new frames to secure the lenses in place.

Then you can enjoy your new set of frames!.