Can you drink alcohol at Red Rocks Amphitheater?

No, drinking alcohol is not permitted at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Denver’s ordinance prohibits the possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage within Red Rocks Park itself, which includes the amphitheater and its surrounding property.

The venue also has strict policies against alcohol for all its events, as well as prohibiting bringing any outside beverages. Security staff conduct regular bag searches, and coolers and thermos-style containers are not allowed.

On select occasions, such as adult-only “Drink in the Park” events, patrons are allowed to purchase and drink alcohol on the premises, but even then they are not allowed to bring their own beer, wine, or liquor.

Denver police may take action against anyone violating the city’s ban on alcohol in the park.

What drinks are available at Red Rocks?

The drinks available at Red Rocks vary depending on the event and time of day. For example, at a morning event, coffee and tea might be available, while at a evening event, beer, wine, and cocktails might be available.

Red Rocks also has a full-service bar, so any drink imaginable is available upon request.

Can I bring a backpack into Red Rocks?

Red Rocks is a world-famous concert venue located in Morrison, Colorado. The venue is well known for its incredible acoustics and striking scenery. Concertgoers can expect to see a lot of backpackers at Red Rocks.

However, there is a Backpack Policy in place that all concertgoers must follow. The policy states that all backpacks must be smaller than 14″x16″x8″. All backpackers must also pass through a security checkpoint before entering the venue.

Can you buy beer at Red Rocks?

Yes, you can buy beer at Red Rocks. There is a wide selection of beers available for purchase, including local and national brands.

What happens if it rains at Red Rocks?

If it rains at Red Rocks, the show will most likely be canceled.

Is parking free at Red Rocks?

No, parking is not free at Red Rocks. There is a $10 parking fee for vehicles parked in the main lots, and a $5 fee for vehicles parked in the overflow lots.

Is there alcohol served at Red Rocks?

At this time, Red Rocks does not serve alcohol at any of our events. We are however, able to sell non-alcoholic beverages including but not limited to: water, Coca-Cola products, coffee, tea, lemonade, and hot chocolate.

Does Red Rocks allow water bottles?

Yes, Red Rocks does allow water bottles. Guests are welcome to bring their own water bottles and refill them at the water stations located throughout the venue.

Is Red Rocks Amphitheater kid friendly?

Yes, Red Rocks Amphitheater is kid friendly. The venue is family friendly and offers plenty of activities for kids. There is a children’s playground, a kid’s zone with inflatables and games, and a water park.

The amphitheater also offers free kids tickets to shows for families that need them.

What beer is brewed in the Rockies?

Some of the most popular include Coors Light, Budweiser, and Miller Lite.

Is Coors Light from the Rockies?

Yes, Coors Light is from the Rockies! The beer is brewed in Golden, Colorado, which is nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The crisp, clean taste of Coors Light is a result of the Rocky Mountain water used to brew the beer.

What kind of beer do they serve at Coors Field?

The Coors Field stadium serves many types of beer, including Miller Lite, Budweiser, and of course, Coors Light. You can also find Colorado-brewed beers, such as New Belgium Fat Tire, at the stadium.

Does Coors Light use Rocky Mountain water?

Yes, Coors Light uses Rocky Mountain water in its brewing process. The water is sourced from the Rocky Mountains and is a key ingredient in the beer.

Is all Coors beer made in Colorado?

Yes, all Coors beer is brewed in Colorado. The Coors Brewing Company was founded in Golden, Colorado in 1873, and it remains headquartered there today. Coors beer is distributed throughout the United States, but it is brewed exclusively in Colorado.

What does Coors Light stand for?

Coors Light stands for light beer brewed by the Coors Brewing Company. The beer is light in both calories and carbohydrates, and is therefore a popular choice for those looking to watch their weight or consume fewer calories.

Does Coors sell water?

No, Coors does not sell water. It is a brewing company that specializes in beer. You can find Coors beer in many grocery and convenience stores.

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