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Do Below Deck staff get a salary?

Do yachties get paid a salary plus tips?

It depends on the employer, but generally speaking, yachties do have the potential to earn a salary plus tips. Yacht crew typically receive a set weekly salary plus the potential to earn tips from the owner or their guests.

The salary for a yacht crew member can range from a very basic wage (such as minimum wage in some areas) to salaries over $50,000 a year plus tips, depending on the type and size of the vessel, experience and licensing, and the position held by the crew member.

Tips are generally based on the level of service provided, the number of guests onboard, and the duration of the charter. Yachties may also be able to earn additional cash bonuses in the form of Christmas and end-of-season bonuses from the owner.

Yacht crew also have the potential to make money from working outside of their contract – for example, crew may be able to arrange extra work for other vessels as freelance crew or daywork.

Do yachties make more than just tips?

Yes, yachties do make more than just tips. Depending on the size of the yacht and the number of guests on board, yachties often make a salary. Although rates and wages may vary, yachties can expect to make a moderately comfortable living on board a yacht.

The wages may include salary and tips, but in some cases, there may be additional bonuses or other incentives offered. In addition to wages, some yachties may enjoy perks such as use of the yacht’s facilities, access to meals and transportation, and other benefits.

Working hours are often more flexible on board a yacht and gratuities may contribute substantially to the take-home pay. As with many professions, the higher the skill level of the yachties, the more likely they are to make more money.

Additionally, there may be an opportunity to receive a percentage of the yacht’s income as well.

Do the crew on Below Deck get a salary plus tips?

Yes, the crew members on Below Deck do receive a salary plus tips. According to an article from People Magazine, the crewmembers on the show are given a base wage and bonuses, as well as a tip out at the end of the charter season.

Tips are based on the level of service the crew provides, and when there is extra money to be had, tip outs may include a portion of the charter fee. In addition, charter guests often give extra tips or presents to the crew as a show of their appreciation.

The crew can also earn additional money from celebrity charter guests who are willing to pay a premium for exceptional service. Lastly, there have also been occasions where the crew has received gratuities from other crew members for a job well done.

Does Captain Lee get part of the tip?

Yes, Captain Lee does get part of the tip. This is part of the standard practice for the crew members of Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’ series. The typical breakdown is that the Captain receives 10%, the Chef and the Chief Steward split 10%, and the rest of the crew (including the deckhands and the stewardesses) divide the remaining 80%.

This structure ensures that the Captain and the crew’s hard work is fairly compensated and is a widely accepted practice.

Who pays for the food on Below Deck?

The steward/ess typically pays for all the food onboard the Below Deck yacht. This includes all perishables and ingredients used to prepare meals on board. The Chief Stew is responsible for budgeting and ordering all of the food before the start of the charter.

This is why they are often so particular about directions coming from the Chef, and any food waste or wastage can significantly impact their budget. To ensure the budget is not exceeded, the Chief Stew is often seen counting out exact amounts of ingredients and making sure nothing gets wasted.

The yacht’s owner pays for the initial cost of the food, but any additional purchases made during the charter will be the responsibility of the Steward/ess.

How much tip does Below Deck crew get?

The amount of tip the Below Deck crew receives is not an exact figure that we can provide, as this depends on the high-end charter guests on board and the level of service they receive. However, it is generally accepted that the crew of Below Deck usually make anywhere from a 10% to 20% tip.

This higher tip is usually based on exceptional service, with the amount determined by the guests themselves. It is not uncommon for the tip to be negotiated higher by the guests, particularly if they are very satisfied with the service they have received.

Additionally, the performance level of the group can also affect the tip. For instance, the tip could be decreased if the crew do not do an excellent job when performing their duties. Lastly, the tips the crew receive are shared among the entire team at the end of the charter, with the chief and bosun receiving slightly larger amounts of the total tip collected.

Do the engineers get part of the tip on Below Deck?

No, the engineers on Below Deck do not get part of the tip. Tipping is strictly optional and up to the owner of the yacht and must be paid out before the final guests depart. The only crew members that typically get tipped are the Captain and the members of the interior and exterior crew.

The tips left by the charter guests are divided up among the core crew with the Captain having the largest proportion. Engineers are not usually given any of the tip and therefore do not get a share of the tip money.

Do guests on Below Deck pay?

Yes, guests on Below Deck definitely do pay! However, the fee structure for their charter is slightly different from a typical yacht charter. Generally speaking, in addition to the charter fee for the yacht, there is an additional upcharge for the service staff and provisions.

Most of the guests on Below Deck are also required to pay gratuity on top of their charter fee. Furthermore, they are typically expected to provide a list of the items they wish to have onboard such as food and drinks, which means they are also responsible for the associated costs.

All in all, Below Deck guests do indeed pay for their charter, but their fee structure is slightly different than what you’d find with a standard yacht charter.

How much do you tip a yacht crew?

The amount of a tip you give a yacht crew can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size of the yacht, the length of the charter, the level of service provided, and the number of crew members.

Generally speaking, the recommended gratuity for the crew is between 10-20% of the charter price. It is generally accepted for the charter pricing to include a standard gratuity for the crew. However, if the crew provided above and beyond expected service, you may decide to adjust the tip accordingly.

This is usually done at the end of the charter and can be given in cash or through a credit card. Additionally, it is not uncommon for guests to give individual crew members a token of appreciation for their service.

Although the size of this gift can vary depending on the charter, $25-$50 per crew member is a good place to start. Ultimately, the crew will be grateful for whatever amount of tip you decide to give, as a “thank you” for the exceptional service they provided while ensuring the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Do yacht workers only get tips?

No, yacht workers do not only get tips. While tips are certainly a part of yacht worker’s income and can make up a significant amount, they are not typically the sole source of income. Many yacht workers receive an hourly wage or salary, which is often based on the type of job they do and their level of experience.

Additionally, extra benefits like health insurance and free or discounted meals may be a part of what is offered to yacht workers. While tips are a part of the job, yacht workers can also generate a more reliable income to support their lifestyle.

Do yacht owners tip their crew?

Yes, it is customary for yacht owners to tip their crew. This can vary from owner to owner and job to job, but it is expected that a tip will be given at the end of the season or at the end of a stint.

A yacht owner’s tip is typically seen as a bonus for a job well done and therefore will vary depending on how satisfied they are with the crew’s work. Some yacht owners opt to give set amounts while others may choose to give a percentage of their charter costs.

It is best to check with the yacht owner directly to ascertain the appropriate tipping etiquette.

How do you become a guest on Below Deck?

To become a guest on Below Deck, you will need to contact the production company with your interest in the show and the option of becoming a guest. Your inquiry should provide some information about you, your interests, and why you would like to be on the show.

It is advisable to have a specific goal in mind for participating in the show for a better chance of being accepted. The production team will likely also want to learn as much as possible about you and your friends/guests to determine whether you’d be a good fit for the show.

If you are chosen, you must agree to the show’s cast requirements and obey all safety regulations. Once you are approved, there are a few more steps such as screening and testing for health protocols.

After passing all evaluations, you must sign a contract that binds you to the show’s code of conduct. With these requirements met, the process of becoming a guest on Below Deck is complete.

What does it cost to be on Below Deck?

It depends on what role someone is playing on Below Deck. For the returning cast members, they often make around $25,000 to $40,000 per charter season. For the new cast members, they tend to make a bit less.

Of course, these salaries do not include tips which can greatly increase the overall compensation.

In addition to salary, there are several other expenses including clothing, grooming, travel and transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. Some of these can be covered by the production company, but the cast member may be responsible for certain costs.

Finally, it is important to note that cast members are expected to be available for the entirety of filming which can last for up to six weeks. So, aside from the monetary cost, cast members must be willing and able to take a significant amount of time away from their lives and their normal schedules to participate in the show.

How much does guests pay on Below Deck sailing yacht cost?

The cost of being a guest on Below Deck sailing yacht can vary greatly depending on the particular sailboat and the chosen sailing destination. Generally speaking, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars to upwards of $30,000.

For example, a seven-day sailboat charter in St. Maarten can cost anywhere from $14,500 to $22,500. This amount includes the base charter rate, crew, fuel, provisions, and taxes. Additional costs, such as dockage fees, can add to the total cost of the charter.

Furthermore, the level of luxury and amenities the sailboat offers can also affect the total cost of the charter. This can include things like on-board chef services, dining expenses, and onboard activities, which can add up quickly.

There are also personalization options that can be added which could be anything from flowers for the dining table to specialty food and beverage selections for the bar.