Do Girl Scouts still make Lemonades?

As of 2020, the Girl Scouts of the USA have not made any changes to their curriculum specifically regarding lemonade stands. However, they have updated their curriculum to include a section on entrepreneurship, which could include businesses such as lemonade stands.

Where can I buy Girl Scout lemonade cookies?

Girl Scout lemonade cookies are only sold by Girl Scouts, so the best place to buy them is from a Girl Scout or at a Girl Scout cookie booth.

What cookie did Girl Scouts get rid of?


What happened to the lemon Girl Scout cookies?

The cookiewith the most votes will remain in the rotation.

Are Girl Scout Lemon-Ups the same as Lemonades?

While both the Girl Scout Lemon-Ups and the Lemonades have a lemon flavor, the Girl Scout Lemon-Ups are a crispy coconut and lemon cookie while the Lemonades are a shortbread cookie with a colored lemon flavor coating.

Is there a Girl Scout cookie shortage?

There is not a Girl Scout cookie shortage.

Why did they get rid of Savannah Smiles?

Some possible explanations include that it was not as popular as other Nestlé brands or that the recipe was difficult to replicate on a large scale.

Which is better Lemon-Ups or Lemonades?

Some people might prefer Lemon-Ups because they are crispy and have a lemony flavor, while others might prefer Lemonades because they are chewy and have a sweeter flavor.

Did Lemon-Ups replace Lemonades?

No, they’ve always been two separate Girl Scout Cookies.

What did Lemon-Ups used to be called?

Lemon-Ups used to be called Trefoils.

What is in lemonade mix?

Lemonade mix typically contains citric acid, lemon flavoring, and sugar.

How many calories are in Girl Scout cookie lemonade?

There are no definitive answer to this question as the recipe for Girl Scout cookie lemonade varies. However, a rough estimate would be that each serving contains approximately 200 calories.

Why are they not called Samoas anymore?

In 2015, the Girl Scouts of America changed the name of the “Samoas” cookie to the “Caramel deLites” cookie.

Why did Girl Scouts stop selling Savannah Smiles?

Girl Scouts stopped selling Savannah Smiles because the manufacturer, ABC Smart Cookie, was sold to another company and the new company discontinued the cookie.

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