Do they make a diet Barq’s?

I could not find a diet Barq’s.

Is diet Barq’s root beer sugar free?

Yes, diet Barq’s root beer is sugar free.

Does barqs zero have caffeine?

No, barqs zero does not have caffeine.

Why is there a shortage of Barq’s root beer?

There is a shortage because there was a fire at a manufacturing plant where it is made.

What is the diet root beer?

A diet root beer is a root beer that is lower in calories than a regular root beer.

Does diet Barq’s have aspartame?

Diet Barq’s does not have aspartame.

Is diet A&W root beer the same as zero sugar?

Diet A&W isn’t the same as zero sugar.

Where is Barq’s root beer manufactured?

Barks root beer is manufactured in St. Louis, MO.

Has Barq’s root beer been discontinued?

Not to our knowledge.

How much did coke pay for Barq’s?

It is not public information how much Coca-Cola paid for Barq’s.

Is root beer a Pepsi product?

No. Root beer is not a Pepsi product.

What company owns A&W root beer?

The A&W root beer company is owned by the Dr. Pepper Snapple group.

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