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Does Cristina Yang come back?

Yes, Cristina Yang does come back. She first appears at the end of Season 10 and returns for a guest stint in Season 11 of ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina, played by Sandra Oh, leaves Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital at the end of Season 9 to take a job at a prestigious hospital in Switzerland.

She comes back to Seattle to attend the wedding of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), her former fiancé and best friend. During her return, she also gets reunited with her mentor, surgeon Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), and helps Meredith come to terms with the death of Derek.

She also visits Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) at his new job in Iowa, advising him to believe in himself and to find his own way in his career. She eventually returns to Zurich after her short visit to Seattle, leaving a positive impact on both her former workplace and those she left behind.

What was Cristina Yang’s last episode?

Cristina Yang’s last episode was in the Season 10 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, titled “Fear (of the Unknown).” The episode first aired on May 15, 2014.

In Cristina’s last episode, the character, played by Sandra Oh, enters into a groundbreaking medical trial in Zurich with Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). She accepts his invitation and decides to leave Seattle to pursue a life-long dream of working with him again.

Before she leaves, everyone comes to the hospital’s rooftop to say goodbye. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) offers her support and the two friends exchange touching words about their time together. Cristina’s time in Seattle is celebrated with a touching montage, reflecting on their incredible journey together.

Cristina’s last line-“You have to believe you can fly. If the faith is there, the courage will follow. Believe in yourself, because I do,” highlights her commitment to her friendship, her careers and her loyalty to Seattle Grace.

Ultimately, Cristina Yang’s last episode was both a sad and triumphant conclusion to her incredible character arc. With its touching tribute, poignant dialogue, and beloved characters, the episode was a fitting, memorable goodbye.

Does Christina come back for Derek’s funeral?

Yes, Christina comes back for Derek’s funeral. She returns to Seattle Grace to be with her friends and to pay her respects to the man who positively impacted her life and her career. She is seen by Meredith, who is relieved to finally see her, and hugs her tightly.

Christina is emotional and tearful during the funeral, but continues to show her strength and respect for her former mentor. She also speaks to Meredith and shares how she is proud of her and her accomplishments.

Christina is also joined by other former co-workers such as Bailey, Addison, and George, as they all have fond memories of Derek and his inspirational work in the hospital. At the end of the funeral, Christina is visibly emotional, but also shows her commitment to being there and to honoring Derek’s memory.

Why did Cristina get written off?

Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh) left the show at the end of its tenth season. There were a number of factors that led to her being written off the show.

The primary reason behind writing off Cristina was that Sandra Oh wanted to pursue other projects. Oh was the first female Asian actress to be awarded an Emmy, and now wanted to explore larger roles and other opportunities.

In addition, the series’ producers wanted to try something new and focus more on the personal lives of the other characters, rather than just their professional ones. Without Cristina, the producers could have more room to explore a new dynamic which would have seen the other characters take on more responsibility for each other and their lives.

At the time, the series was also going through a shift. It had moved from ABC to its new home on ABC’s sister station, TNT, and the show seemed to need a new creative direction. Writing off Cristina was a way of providing this—a way of shaking up the formula, freshening things up, and creating a more interesting dynamic.

Ultimately, writing off Cristina Yang provided a number of different benefits to the show, and was the result of the combination of several factors.

Does Sandra Oh ever come back to GREY’s?

No, unfortunately, Sandra Oh does not come back to Grey’s Anatomy. Oh originally starred as Dr. Cristina Yang on the show for a decade until her character was written off in 2014. Since then, Oh has moved on to other projects and even won a Golden Globe in 2019 for her role in Killing Eve.

Although she has not returned to Grey’s, she still remains close friends with the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes, and she has expressed an interest in possibly working together on future projects.

Who did Cristina marry?

Cristina Yang, a main character on the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, married Preston Burke in the second season finale of the show. They had a turbulent relationship due to his fear of commitment and his difficulty in opening up to her.

However, due to his sincere love for her, he decided to propose and the couple got married in a picturesque ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family. Unfortunately, this blissful happy ending was short-lived.

The marriage hit a rocky patch during their honeymoon where Burke has a sudden change of heart and decides to leave and break off their relationship without Cristina knowing. This leaves Cristina devastated, feeling betrayed and confused.

Despite their brief marriage ending without a storybook happy ending, it was a key arc for Cristina’s development, allowing the audience to see how strong and resilient she is when faced with difficult obstacles.