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Does Zenitsu know he sleep fights?

No, Zenitsu does not know that he sleep fights. Zenitsu is a character from the manga and anime series Demon Slayer, and he is known for his fear and cowardice. He is often seen in a state of terror when faced with any type of danger, and he even passes out when in stressful situations.

This fear and paranoia extends to his sleeping patterns, making it hard for him to get a good nights rest and often causing him to sleepwalk, talk in his sleep and most recently, sleep fight. While the exact details of his sleep fighting are unclear, it is clear that he is unaware that he is doing it, suggesting that he is not cognizant of these behaviors.

Despite not knowing he sleep fights, the other characters in the show are aware of his behavior and take measures to ensure his safety while asleep. Some have even begun to recognize his sleep fighting patterns and have taken to giving him advice while he sleeps in order to prepare him for the battles he unknowingly fights in his dreams.


Will Zenitsu ever fight consciously?

It is difficult to say for certain whether Zenitsu will ever fight consciously. Much of his character is built on his fear-based instincts and aversion to physical confrontation, so it may be difficult for him to overcome this fear.

However, the fact that he has grown significantly as a character, and has even begun to overcome his fear and take dangerous risks in order to protect the people he cares about, may suggest that he could eventually reach a point where he is willing to fight consciously.

The reason why this is a difficult question to answer is because the story of Kimetsu no Yaiba is ongoing and the characters continue to grow and develop. It is likely that after traversing his journey and building up his confidence, Zenitsu will eventually find the courage to fight consciously, but the timeline and context of this is uncertain.

Only time will tell what path Zenitsu takes, and whether he will ever fight consciously.

Why can Zenitsu only fight while asleep?

Zenitsu’s ability to fight while asleep stems from his training as a Demon Slayer and the Breath of Thunder Style that he practices. This style is focused around using lightning-fast speed and agility to overwhelm opponents and strike with precision.

Zenitsu is able to use this breath style to its full potential even in his sleep, thanks to the fact that his inner spirit is the Thunder Breathing Beast. This ancient and powerful being is capable of possessing people and giving them special powers, such as the ability to fight while asleep.

It also helps Zenitsu focus and stay calm so that he can remain in a trance-like state and react to fast-moving opponents without being hindered by fear or anxiety. Since he does not have to worry about his emotions disrupting his focus, he is able to fight while sleeping, making him a powerful opponent.

Does Zenitsu become aware of strength?

Yes, Zenitsu eventually comes to an awareness of his own strength and capabilities. As he progresses through the story, he becomes more and more confident in his own abilities and prowess as a Demon Slayer.

He begins to understand that he is much more than just ‘scared’ or ‘weak’, and eventually displays the courage and strength necessary to protect his friends and his mission. After initially being hesitant to use his Breath of Thunder, Zenitsu opens up to the idea and starts to use it to its fullest potential, displaying a newfound strength within himself.

He also learns how to wield his thunder breathing technique and gain an advanced level of control over it, something that he was initially hesitant to do. In addition, Zenitsu develops his Swordsmanship skills, making him a formidable opponent against any Demon he might come across.

Through his own determination and strength, Zenitsu is eventually able to fight alongside the other Demon Slayers and protect those he cares about.

Will Zenitsu become a Hashira?

At this point, it is unclear if Zenitsu will become a Hashira. In the demon-slaying manga, Kimetsu no Yaiba, the Hashira are the nine most powerful swordsman in the Demon Slayer Corps. To become a Hashira, a combatant must possess superhuman strength and innate sword skills, as well as an inner spiritual strength.

Zenitsu is still in training and while he is skilled with a sword, his spiritual strength and potential has yet to reached its full potential.

What we do know is that Zenitsu shows great potential, especially instinctual awareness of danger. He is constantly on guard against any threats and has exhibited impressive reflexes, allowing him to avoid even dangerous Traps without a second thought.

He is also an expert climber, allowing him to quickly gain strategic advantage in any battle. He has also made significant progress in the way of controlling his breath and taking initiative.

It is possible that Zenitsu may become an important member of the Demon Slayer Corps and may even rise to the rank of a Hashira in the future. However, it is entirely dependent on his own personal growth and dedication to becoming stronger and more efficient in combat.

Will Zenitsu surpass Tanjiro?

It’s difficult to say whether or not Zenitsu will surpass Tanjiro. Both of them have a strong desire to become strong and protect those they care about, and they frequently go on dangerous missions in order to do so.

Zenitsu is determined and he has the potential to surpass Tanjiro, but he has a lot to learn and there are many obstacles he will have to overcome to reach Tanjiro’s level. That being said, Zenitsu has made great improvements in his agility, strength, and sword skills in the past year, and he is not afraid to fight monsters or challenge powerful demons, so it’s possible he could overcome them in the future.

Ultimately, it’s up to Zenitsu to decide how far he wants to go and how much he is willing to work to surpass Tanjiro.

Which Hashira will train Zenitsu?

The Hashira that will train Zenitsu is the Lightning God of the Wind, Kyojuro Rengoku. Kyojuro is a Hashira who is beloved by the people and serves as the Flame Pillar’s most powerful master swordsman.

He is strong, brave, and reliable, yet also incredibly kind and compassionate. He is deeply committed to training his disciples and helping them reach their full potential. Kyojuro is the perfect mentor for Zenitsu as he not only understands Zenitsu’s inner turmoil, but he is also willing to push him to his limits and enable him to become the warrior he knows Zenitsu can be.

Through Kyojuro’s specialized training and guidance, Zenitsu can develop the skills and the mental fortitude necessary to meet the towering expectations of being a Hashira.

What is Zenitsu last form?

Zenitsu’s last form is the Perfect Form. This form is the result of character-driven transformations, which unlock increasingly powerful abilities that allow users to display their true potential. The exact abilities that Zenitsu will unlock in Perfect Form are unknown, however it is clear that this form will be the ultimate expression of his skills.

This form is the result of Zenitsu’s growth as a character throughout the series and will most likely come to fruition at some point in the future. It is likely that Zenitsu’s Perfect Form will incorporate elements of his signature thunderclap technique and allow him to further master lightning techniques.

This form could also transform his usual swordsmanship into a unique and powerful style, allowing him to fight on a much higher level than before.

Does Zenitsu use Thunder breathing while awake?

No, Zenitsu does not use Thunder Breathing while awake. Thunder Breathing is a style of Ninjutsu that focuses on the use of lightning-based attacks and can be used while in a meditative state, or while asleep.

Zenitsu’s fighting style primarily relies on his physical abilities and agility, combined with his wits to outmaneuver and outwit his opponents. He uses explosive techniques such as Flash Breathing, as well as other techniques such as Piercing Fang and Gale Claw to carry out his fighting strategies.

So while Zenitsu may be able to utilize Thunder Breathing if he wanted to, there is no evidence that suggests that he does so while awake.

Does Zenitsu ever learn another form?

Yes, Zenitsu eventually learns another form in the series. During the mission to defeat Muzan, Zenitsu learns the Thunder Breathing: Second Style, in order to defeat him. During this form, Zenitsu is able to generate an immense amount of lightning which is then channeled into the sword and fired off as a powerful attack.

This form gives Zenitsu much greater power and control over the lightning that he had previously mastered. The Thunder Breathing: Second Style is much faster and more powerful than Zenitsu’s previous forms, and is required for him to be able to take on Muzan.

Zenitsu is able to use this form effectively against both Muzan and the Lower One, and proves to be an invaluable weapon in the fight against the demon.

Is Zenitsu stronger asleep or awake?

The answer to whether Zenitsu is stronger asleep or awake is largely subjective as it depends on the context and situation. However, a general consensus is that Zenitsu is usually stronger when he is awake due to his impressive speed, agility, and diverse set of skills.

When he is asleep, Zenitsu still possesses many of his abilities, but to a lesser degree, as he is not in full control of his body or his mind. However, when Zenitsu is awake, he is able to use his lightning-quick reactions and powerful swordplay to formidable effect, often outmaneuvering or outthinking his opponents.

Furthermore, when Zenitsu is awake, he can draw on his inner reserves of strength and courage to push himself to greater heights, pushing himself to his limits and beyond to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Therefore, overall, Zenitsu is typically stronger when he is awake.

Can Zenitsu fight while being awake?

Yes, Zenitsu can fight while awake. As a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps, Zenitsu specializes in Breath of Thunder, a technique that allows him to rapidly slash at his enemies with his Thunder Breathing Sword.

In order to use this technique effectively, Zenitsu needs to remain vigilant and awake while using this powerful skill. He also has additional techniques that require him to stay awake in order to use them.

In his battle against Rui, Zenitsu manages to stay awake despite being weakened. With his Breath of Thunder technique and other techniques, Zenitsu is able to fight while being awake.

Does Zenitsu fight without sleeping?

No, Zenitsu does not fight without sleeping. Rather, he is known for taking naps regularly in his battles, even when the situation appears to be dire. He even refers to the habit of taking a rest as essential to gathering strength.

Despite his constant worry of what might happen while he’s asleep, Zenitsu’s plans often take him off guard by working out better than expected. Zenitsu’s combination of cowardice and courage is seen in his willingness to fearlessly face powerful monsters and then take a nap during the fight in an effort to up his odds of success.

What if Zenitsu master Thunder Breathing?

If Zenitsu were to master Thunder Breathing, he would become arguably one of the most powerful Demon Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. Thunder Breathing is a powerful water-elemental breathing style.

It allows its user to create, manipulate, and control electricity, electrokinesis, as well as move at lightning fast speeds. With this ability, Zenitsu would be able to deal massive amounts of damage to his opponents with powerful electrical strikes.

Additionally, he would be able to use his lightning fast speed to outpace and outmaneuver them. With this newfound power, Zenitsu could easily become a formidable adversary and could even one day reach the rank of Hashiras or even become the next Flame Hashira.

Can Zenitsu only use Thunderclap and flash?

No, Zenitsu is able to use a variety of techniques. Besides Thunderclap and flash, he can also use techniques such as “Breath of Thunder”, “Zenitsu’s Special Move: Leaping Lightning” and “Raijin Attack”.

Additionally, Zenitsu has the ability to summon birds which act as a physical barrier. He can also use a variety of shurikens and swords, such as the “Jintos” and “Black Lightning”. Additionally, Zenitsu is able to use a variety of thunder techniques such as “Lightning Blast” and “Thunderbolt Strike”.

Zenitsu is also a master of sound techniques and can create sonic waves with his voice. He can also release spiritual energy and sense any danger remotely. In conclusion, Zenitsu is not limited to just thunderclap and flash, he is able to use a variety of techniques.