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35 Easy Campfire Food Ideas: Delicious Ways To Stay Full And Happy

Camping is an exhilarating outdoor adventure for many, offering a chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. The experience of sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of the wilderness, is truly unforgettable. And what better way to cap off a day of hiking and discovery than gathering around the campfire to share stories and savor a satisfying meal? To make your next camping trip even more memorable, we’re sharing 35 mouthwatering campfire food ideas that are sure to delight.

35 Easy Campfire Food Ideas

Campfire Pizza

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The quintessential camping treat just got a whole lot easier! By building upon a pre-baked pizza crust, you can create a deliciously simple meal by smearing on some tomato sauce, layering on shredded cheese, and adding your favorite toppings. Simply wrap the entire masterpiece in foil and let it get cozy over the campfire flames until the melted cheese reaches the perfect golden state.

Hot Dogs

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A camping trip wouldn’t be complete without the classic appeal of hot dogs. Whether you’re cooking them on a stick over the open flames of a campfire, wrapping them in foil for indirect heat from hot coals, or even using a portable grill, there’s no denying the nostalgic charm and convenience these tasty treats bring to the great outdoors.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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Savory grilled cheese sandwiches can be whipped up in no time, requiring only a few simple ingredients and some careful attention by the campfire. The process begins with buttering two slices of bread to create a golden brown base for the melted cheese. Next, add your preferred type of cheese to one or both slices, depending on your desired level of cheesiness. Finally, place the sandwiches over the campfire’s gentle flames and cook until the bread is toasted to perfection and the cheese has reached its creamy melting point.

Foil Packet Potatoes

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To prepare a delicious potato dish, start by chopping the potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Add some flavor with salt, pepper, and any other spices you like. Then, wrap the spuds in foil to create individual packets that can be cooked over the campfire. This method allows for even cooking and infuses the potatoes with the smoky flavors of the outdoors.

Campfire S’mores

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The quintessential camping experience wouldn’t be the same without the sweet, gooey pleasure of s’mores. As the flames dance in the campfire, roast those marshmallows to perfection before sandwiching them between crispy graham crackers and a rich piece of chocolate.

Campfire Mac and Cheese

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To elevate the classic dish, start by cooking macaroni noodles in a large pot filled with boiling water. Once al dente, drain the pasta and set it aside. In the same pot, create a rich and creamy cheese sauce by stirring in your preferred type of cheese. Add some savory flavor to the mix by incorporating cooked bacon into the cheese sauce, allowing the smoky goodness to meld together. This simple yet satisfying combination is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Veggie Skewers

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Indulge in a flavorful twist on traditional skewering by threading juicy vegetables like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and zucchini. Then, transport your taste buds to a smoky paradise by grilling these colorful morsels over an open flame until they’re nicely charred and tenderly cooked.

Tacos in a Bag

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Start by cooking the ground beef in a skillet until it’s browned and fully cooked. Then, add your favorite taco seasoning to give it that signature flavor. Once you have your seasoned ground beef, it’s time to start building your Fritos-based masterpiece. Begin by opening a bag of crunchy Fritos corn chips. Next, mix in the ground beef, shredding some cheese for extra creaminess, and add some fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes. This flavorful combination is sure to become a new favorite snack.

Baked Apples

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Transform an ordinary apple into a sweet treat by creating a natural cavity. Core out a section of the fruit and fill it with a delightful mixture of cinnamon, brown sugar, and your choice of nuts. To add a layer of complexity to this simple recipe, wrap the apple in foil and cook it over an open flame until it reaches the desired level of tenderness.

Hobo Stew

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Combine sliced vegetables and your choice of protein into a large pot or Dutch oven. Next, pour in some rich and flavorful broth and bring everything to a simmer. Allow the mixture to cook slowly over the campfire, letting the bold flavors meld together as the stew takes shape. This approach not only yields a satisfyingly filling meal but also allows for effortless preparation, making it an ideal option for your next camping adventure.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

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For a rustic twist on traditional grilled corn, start by removing the husk and silk from each ear. Then, place the corn directly onto the flames of your campfire, rotating every 2-3 minutes to achieve a well-charred exterior. The smoky flavor and slightly caramelized texture that result are a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor gathering.

Breakfast Burritos

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Begin by cooking scrambled eggs to the desired doneness. Next, warm up a tortilla and prepare it for a flavorful filling. Add crispy bacon bits, shredded cheese that’s melted to perfection, and sliced avocado for a creamy contrast. The combination of textures and flavors in this breakfast wrap is sure to start your day off right.

Campfire French Toast

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Immerse bread slices into a rich blend of eggs, milk, and warm cinnamon essence. As the sweet aroma wafts through the air, carefully place the coated bread onto the grill or campfire, allowing it to cook to a golden brown perfection. Once cooked, serve with a drizzle of indulgent syrup and a sprinkle of fresh berries for a delightful breakfast treat that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Campfire Banana Boats

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Transform a humble banana into a decadent dessert by cutting it lengthwise and filling it with an assortment of sweet treats. A combination of fluffy marshmallows and rich chocolate chips will do the trick. Once the filling is in place, wrap the banana in foil and suspend it over an open flame until the marshmallows are puffed and the chocolate melted to a gooey delight.

Italian Sausage Skewers

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Savoring a classic twist on traditional thread skewers, combine juicy Italian sausage with an assortment of colorful vegetables – including sweet onions, crunchy peppers, and plump tomatoes. As you grill these flavorful morsels over the open flame, allow them to cook through until they reach tender perfection.

Foil Packet Fish

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To prepare a delicious meal, place the fish fillets on a piece of aluminum foil that has been generously sprinkled with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of fragrant herbs, and a pat of creamy butter. Once everything is in place, cook the dish over an open flame until the fish flakes easily with a fork, signifying it’s cooked to perfection.

Tin Foil Dinners

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Savoring the convenience of a one-pot meal, this delectable dish brings together succulent meat, vibrant vegetables, and hearty potatoes, all perfectly cooked within the confines of a foil wrapper, as it simmers to perfection over the gentle warmth of an open flame. This versatile recipe offers an exciting array of flavor combinations, limited only by your imagination.

BBQ Chicken on the Grill

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Savoring the warmth of a sunny day, there’s something undeniably alluring about firing up the grill and cooking up a mouthwatering BBQ chicken dish. Whether you’re a seasoned griller or just looking for a quick and easy meal that’s sure to impress, this classic combination is a summer staple (or wintertime treat!) that never goes out of style.

Foil Packet Nachos

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Indulge in the sweet and savory fusion of flavors as you thread skewers with juicy chicken, succulent pineapple, pungent onions, and crunchy bell peppers. Once assembled, place them on the grill over the flames until they’re cooked to perfection, ensuring a delightful combination of textures and tastes that will leave you craving for more.

Grilled Pork Chops

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To add a smoky flavor to your pork chops, start by seasoning them liberally with salt and pepper. Then, place them on the grill, allowing the heat from the flames to cook the meat through. As the sizzling of the chops against the grates fills the air, you’ll be left with a deliciously charred and juicy final product.

Dutch Oven Lasagna

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To prepare a hearty campfire lasagna, begin by layering uncooked lasagna noodles with your choice of savory sauces, melted cheeses, and flavorful ground beef within a sturdy Dutch oven. As the aromas waft through the air, place the pot over the campfire flames and allow the mixture to cook until the noodles reach a tender, al dente texture.

Potato Salad

For a classic potato salad, start by boiling the spuds until they’re tender. Then, chop them into bite-sized pieces and mix with a creamy blend of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, tangy pickles, and crunchy onions.

Campfire Nachos

Transform your camping trip into a flavorful adventure by elevating your Fritos game! Combine them with rich chili, gooey cheese, and spicy jalapeños for an unbeatable snack. Simply wrap everything in foil and heat it over the campfire until the cheese reaches that perfect melted state.

Foil Packet Chicken and Rice

Combine chicken broth with cooked white or brown rice, then position a boneless, skinless chicken breast atop the mixture. Seal the bundle by wrapping it in heavy-duty aluminum foil, ensuring the edges are tightly secured to prevent moisture from escaping. Gradually heat the packet over medium-low flames, rotating occasionally, until the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) and the rice has fully rehydrated, absorbing any remaining juices.


To start, heat up a large pot by sautéing sliced onions, bell peppers, and minced garlic until they’re tender and lightly caramelized. Next, add in cooked sausage, chicken, and cooked white rice, stirring to combine well with the flavorful vegetables. Pour in enough low-sodium chicken broth to cover everything, then let the mixture simmer over a gentle heat for a while, allowing all the flavors to meld together and the liquid to absorb into the dish.

Campfire Breakfast Hash

Savoring the great outdoors doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or convenience. Start your day off right by cooking up a camper’s delight – a flavorful medley of diced potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and your preferred protein source in a trusty skillet over the campfire. Take it to the next level by adding fluffy scrambled eggs and melted cheese for a satisfying breakfast that’s sure to fuel your adventure.

Campfire Tinfoil Nachos

Transform your camping trip into a culinary adventure by creating a delicious campfire nacho package. Simply layer store-bought or homemade tortilla chips with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, and your preferred toppings within a tinfoil packet. Then, place it over the campfire and let the heat from the flames melt the cheese to perfection.

Campfire Baked Beans

As the sun begins to set on your outdoor adventure, take a moment to indulge in a comforting treat that’s as easy to prepare as it is delicious. Simply reheat canned baked beans in a pot over the campfire, infusing them with rich flavors by adding a hint of brown sugar and a smoky note from crispy bacon.

Campfire Grilled Pineapple

As the sun sets around the campsite, the aroma of caramelizing pineapple wafts through the air, signaling the arrival of a delectable campfire treat. Simply place pineapple slices on the grill over the campfire flames, allowing them to transform into a sweet and tangy masterpiece that’s sure to satisfy your dessert cravings.

Campfire Sweet Potatoes

Transform humble sweet potatoes into a scrumptious side dish by encasing them in foil and slowly cooking them over an open flame. As the natural sweetness of the tubers is coaxed out, finish them off with a pat of creamy butter and a sprinkle of rich brown sugar, yielding a warm, comforting accompaniment to any meal.

Campfire Shrimp and Veggie Skewers

As you cook up a storm around the campsite, why not try your hand at some delicious thread skewers? Alternate chunks of succulent shrimp with colorful bell peppers, sweet onions, and tender zucchini. Once they’re all threaded together, place them over the campfire grill and let the magic happen. Keep an eye on them until the shrimp turn a lovely shade of pink, indicating they’re perfectly cooked.

Campfire Ratatouille

To prepare this delightful vegetarian dish, start by slicing a medley of colorful vegetables – think eggplant, zucchini, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy bell peppers. Layer these ingredients in a trusty cast iron skillet, creating a beautiful composition that will soon become a savory masterpiece. Next, drizzle the arrangement with a generous pour of olive oil, infusing each bite with its rich, velvety flavor. Finally, place the skillet over the campfire, allowing the vegetables to tenderize slowly under the warm, golden glow of the flames.

Campfire Paella

Envision a hearty, one-pan masterpiece cooked to perfection amidst the great outdoors. To create this culinary delight, combine cooked rice with saffron, succulent chicken, an assortment of seafood, and a colorful medley of vegetables in a large skillet over the campfire. The aromatic fusion of flavors will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Campfire Cowboy Coffee

As you begin your camping adventure, kick-start your morning with a rich and bold brew of coffee, crafted right at the campsite. Simply boil some water in a pot over the campfire, add your favorite coffee grounds, and let the aromatic flavors meld together as the steam rises.

Campfire Banana Bread

As the sun sets over the campsite, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly baked banana bread wafting through the air. By combining the batter with a dash of adventure, you can create a delectable dessert or breakfast treat that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. And as you savor each bite, remember that camping is all about embracing the great outdoors and indulging in the simple pleasures – like cooking over an open flame. With easy recipes like this one, you’ll be well on your way to a weekend full of delicious meals and memories. Whether you’re a fan of classic campfire fare or looking to mix things up with some new twists, there’s something for everyone at the campsite.