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37 Easy Make Ahead Camping Foods

As the sun starts shining bright, it’s time to pack up the tent and hit the great outdoors for some camping fun! But let’s be real, cooking meals over an open flame can sometimes feel like a daunting task. That’s why I’m excited to share with you a treasure trove of 37 make-ahead camping foods that will make mealtime a breeze and elevate your camping experience. These recipes are designed to be prepared in advance, so all you’ll need to do is reheat and enjoy a satisfying meal under the stars.

37 Easy Make Ahead Camping Foods

Mason Jar Salad

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To elevate your salad game, consider layering your preferred greens and toppings within the confines of a sturdy mason jar. When the time comes to indulge, simply grab the accompanying bottle of dressing and artfully drizzle its contents into the jar, allowing each bite to be perfectly seasoned.

Campfire Chili

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Bring a taste of home to your camping trip by preparing your go-to chili recipe in advance. Once you’ve cooked up a batch, let it cool completely before freezing it for later use. When it’s time to heat things up at the campsite, simply thaw out the frozen chili and reheat it over the campfire or on a portable stove. This convenient meal solution allows you to enjoy your favorite comfort food in the great outdoors.

Breakfast Burritos

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Begin your day with a satisfying campfire breakfast by filling tortillas with a medley of ingredients – fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and your preferred vegetables. Simply wrap these bundles in foil and place them on the campfire grill to cook. The result is a warm, comforting meal that’s sure to fuel your outdoor adventures.

Trail Mix

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For an instant energy boost on the trails, combine your preferred assortment of nuts, dried fruits, and dark or milk chocolate chips in a single, portable container. This satisfying mix of crunchy textures and sweet flavors provides a convenient and nutritious snack to fuel your outdoor adventures.

Baked Potatoes

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For a unique twist on traditional potato cooking, try wrapping them in foil and placing them near the flames to slow cook them. The resulting spuds will be tender and infused with a subtle smokiness that pairs perfectly with a variety of toppings. Consider adding rich butter, melted cheese, or crispy bacon bits to elevate this campfire classic.

Veggie Skewers

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Transform your campsite cuisine by turning a variety of vegetables into delicious kebabs. Simply thread your chosen favorites onto skewers, then brush with olive oil and your preferred seasonings. Next, place the kebabs directly on the campfire grill or cooking grate to cook until tender and caramelized.

Pasta Salad

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Prepare a satisfying meal by cooking your preferred pasta to perfection, then combine it with an assortment of vegetables, melted cheese, and a drizzle of your favorite dressing. Transfer the mixture to a container and refrigerate until you’re ready to enjoy.

S’mores Trail Mix

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Innovate on the traditional campfire delight by combining marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers in a unique fusion that will tantalize your taste buds.

Meatball Subs

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Transform your kitchen into a convenient dinner hub by whipping up a batch of homemade meatballs, then freezing them for later use. When the time comes to serve, simply thaw out the desired number, pair with soft sub rolls and a tangy sauce, and you’ll be enjoying a stress-free meal in no time.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

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Indulge in the comfort of a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich at home, then effortlessly reinvigorate it by wrapping it in foil and reheating it over an open flame. This simple trick yields a satisfying and convenient lunch that’s perfect for any outdoor adventure.

Beef Stew

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To add a camping twist to a classic comfort food, consider cooking up a hearty beef stew at home and freezing it for later use. When you arrive at your campsite, simply thaw out the stew and reheat it over the campfire using a portable stove or by placing the container near the flames.

Peanut Butter Energy Balls

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Combining the richness of peanut butter with the wholesome goodness of oats, a drizzle of sweet honey, and the indulgence of dark chocolate chips creates a satisfying snack that will keep you fueled on your next hike.

Chicken Alfredo

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For a convenient camping meal, consider cooking chicken and pasta at home, then packing them individually for reheating at the campsite. Once you’re ready to eat, combine the two with a rich and creamy Alfredo sauce, creating a satisfying and flavorful experience in the great outdoors.

Mexican Street Corn Salad

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Combine the simplicity of fresh corn with the creaminess of melted cheese, the tanginess of mayonnaise, and the subtle warmth of carefully selected spices to create an irresistible summer side dish that will impress anyone at your next outdoor gathering.

Beef Jerky

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For outdoor enthusiasts, finding a satisfying and protein-rich snack can be a challenge, especially when on the go. One solution is to create your own beef jerky at home, allowing you to customize the flavor and ingredients to your liking. Alternatively, you can opt for store-bought options that offer a convenient and healthy snack for hiking or other adventures.


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Pack a flavorful punch into your meals by stuffing tortillas with a medley of delights, including melted cheese, creamy beans, and crunchy vegetables. Next, toss them onto the flames for a satisfyingly simple and speedy mid-day meal that’s sure to hit the spot.

Chicken Salad

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Prepare a delectable homemade chicken salad by cooking chicken to perfection and combining it with mayonnaise, crispy celery, and a pinch of your favorite spices. Serve it in a convenient container paired with crunchy crackers or fresh bread for a satisfying and easy lunch option.

Apple Chips

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For an easy and healthy snack on-the-go, consider dehydrating sliced apples at home before your next hike. This process not only preserves the fruit’s natural sweetness but also makes it incredibly lightweight and convenient to carry.

Turkey Wraps

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Transforming your daily lunch routine into a nutritious haven is as effortless as stuffing tortillas with savory delights. Combine juicy turkey with crisp lettuce, melted cheese, and a tangy drizzle of dressing to craft a satisfying meal that not only hits the spot but also nourishes your body.

Campfire Popcorn

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As the flames crackle, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn wafts through the air, enticing you to indulge in a sweet and savory treat. Reach for that pot or pan, add a dash of your go-to seasonings, and let the magic of campfire cooking unfold.

Campfire Pizza Pockets

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Transform store-bought or homemade pizza dough into a camping delight by loading it with an assortment of savory ingredients – think rich tomato sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and crunchy vegetables. Once loaded, wrap the dough in foil to maintain moisture and cook it to perfection over the campfire, allowing everyone to customize their meal to suit their taste preferences.

Overnight Oats

Combine rolled oats, milk, and your desired sweetener in a jar or container for a convenient overnight breakfast prep. Feel free to customize with your favorite toppings like nuts, fruits, or seeds. Simply allow it to sit undisturbed for an extended period, preferably overnight, and wake up to a delectable and nutritious morning meal.

Campfire Stuffed Apples

To create a delicious dessert, start by preparing the core apples by filling them with a blend of rolled oats, rich brown sugar, warm cinnamon, and melted butter. Next, wrap each apple in foil, securing it tightly to allow for even cooking. Then, place the wrapped apples over an open flame or campfire, allowing them to cook slowly until they’re tender and caramelized, infused with the sweet and spicy flavors of the filling.

Campfire Queso Dip

Transforming a humble gathering into an unforgettable experience requires more than just a pinch of magic – it demands a dash of creativity and a willingness to get a little cheesy! Begin by whipping up a show-stopping dip featuring the trifecta of cream cheese, shredded cheese, and diced tomatoes. Add a sprinkle of spices to give it that extra oomph, then let the campfire’s warmth coax out the flavors as you heat it in a trusty cast-iron skillet. As the aroma wafts through the air, gather your tribe around the flickering flames and indulge in this indulgent snack with a side of crunchy tortilla chips – the perfect pairing to elevate any outdoor adventure.

Make-Ahead Pancake Mix

To streamline your camping experience, prepare a batch of pancake mix by consolidating the dry ingredients into a resealable container. Then, when it’s time to cook, simply add water or milk, give the mixture a good stir, and cook the pancakes over the campfire or portable stove.

Campfire Nachos

For a campfire cooking experience that’s both delicious and convenient, try assembling a layered masterpiece in a cast-iron skillet. Start by stacking tortilla chips, shredded cheese, beans, and your preferred toppings within the skillet’s sturdy walls. Then, place it over the campfire, allowing the heat to melt the cheese and infuse the flavors. Once the cheesy delight is ready, serve it with a side of tangy salsa and creamy guacamole for a fiesta in every bite.

Campfire Popcorn Balls

Transform plain popcorn kernels into a tasty treat by toasting them over an open flame. Combine the popped kernels with melted marshmallows, rich butter, and your preferred mix-ins – think chocolate chips or dried fruits for added flavor. Once combined, shape the mixture into bite-sized balls that can be enjoyed on-the-go. Allow the treats to cool before indulging in their sweet and crunchy goodness.

Campfire Omelettes

Beat eggs, milk, and your preferred omelette ingredients together, including cheese, vegetables, and crispy cooked bacon. Then, pour the mixture into a well-greased heat-resistant bag, and cook it either by submerging it in boiling water or directly on the grill, allowing for a mess-free and personalized breakfast experience that caters to your tastes.

Campfire Baked Beans

To create a savory side dish reminiscent of traditional camp cooking, combine canned baked beans with an assortment of ingredients like crispy bacon, sautéed onions, rich molasses, and an array of spices within a sturdy cast-iron Dutch oven. Allow the mixture to simmer over the campfire’s gentle heat, infusing the flavors as the aromas waft through the air.

Campfire Tacos

To create a tasty camping meal, wrap a combination of seasoned ground meat, melted cheese, and your preferred taco toppings within foil packets. Then, place them near the campfire to cook until heated through. Once cooked, fill tacos shells or tortillas with the savory mixture for a satisfying outdoor dining experience.

Campfire Mac and Cheese

Transform your beloved macaroni and cheese recipe by casting it in a new role – literally! Transfer the contents of your favorite pasta dish into a cast-iron skillet, then heat it over the campfire until the cheese reaches a golden, bubbly delight. As the aroma wafts through the air, you’ll be treated to a comforting and indulgent side dish that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Campfire Fajita Skewers

Impart a smoky flavor to your meal by threading marinated chicken or steak, along with colorful bell peppers, sweet onions, and juicy cherry tomatoes onto skewers. Allow the skewered delights to cook over the campfire until the meat is cooked through and the vegetables are tenderly charred. To complete the experience, serve with warm tortillas and a medley of toppings for a mouthwatering fajita feast.

Campfire Fruit Crumble

Combine your preferred fruits – such as apples, berries, or peaches – with a sweetener of your choice and a pinch of warm cinnamon. Next, top this mixture with a crumble blend consisting of rolled oats, all-purpose flour, melted butter, and granulated sugar. Then, transfer the dish to a preheated cast-iron skillet over an open flame, allowing it to cook until the fruit is tender and the topping has transformed into a golden-brown delight.

Campfire Stuffed Peppers

Transform bell peppers into savory stuffed delights by carefully hollowing out their insides and filling them with a flavorful medley of cooked rice, ground meat, an assortment of vegetables, and aromatic spices.

Campfire French Toast

Transform your camping experience by whipping up a delectable French toast batter at home using a blend of eggs, milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Once you have the perfect mixture, simply dip bread slices into the batter and cook them on a well-greased griddle or pan over the campfire. The result is a mouthwatering breakfast that’s sure to become a new camping tradition.

Campfire Foil Packet Breakfast

To create individual foil packets, combine scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, cooked bacon or sausage, and cheese. Seal the packets and cook them over the fire until the eggs are set and the ingredients are fully cooked through. This simple meal solution allows for efficient cooking while camping, freeing up more time to appreciate the great outdoors. For a seamless culinary experience on your next adventure, consider preparing make-ahead meals that can be easily reheated as needed.