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How do I access WooSox tickets?

To access tickets for the WooSox, you can either go to their official website or you can go to a variety of other third-party sites such as SeatGeek, StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc. On the WooSox website, you can find a variety of tickets including season tickets, group tickets, single game tickets, and even special packages.

The website also has links to the various third-party sites which will list the discounted ticket prices they are offering. You’ll also find links to promotions, sweepstakes and contests. To purchase your tickets, you’ll need to create a WooSox account and verify your payment information.

Once your account is setup, you can browse and purchase ticket offerings. You can also look up your tickets and store them in your account for easy access. Additionally, the WooSox offer a Ticketmaster mobile app and a print-at-home paper ticket option for those who can’t make it to the game in person.

No matter which way you choose to access your tickets, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the game!.

What are loop tickets WooSox?

Loop tickets are the newest innovation from WooSox, a new patent-pending system that ensures that fans enjoy the most cost-effective, convenient, and enjoyable way to access their favorite games. The it works is simple: consumers purchase Loop Tickets, then a digital gateway allows them to enter the stadium with a tap of their wrist on the entrylight post.

It grants you admission to the game with every tap, replacing the traditional paper ticket. In addition to convenience and cost effectiveness, the Loop Ticket also offers other useful benefits. Fans can upgrade or downgrade their ticket with just a few taps, allowing them to move from section to section.

They can switch their tickets from one game to another, allowing them to access multiple events without purchasing additional tickets. Furthermore, the tickets are highly secure and easy to transfer to friends and family, making it a safe and secure way to purchase and use tickets.

Ultimately, Loop Tickets are an innovative, convenient, and secure way for fans to access WooSox games in a reliable and cost-effective way.

What is general admission at Polar Park?

General admission at Polar Park is the cheapest way to attend a game. Tickets typically cost around $12 per person and can vary depending on the game or promotion. Upon entry, all fans have access to the concourse, which features a variety of concession stands and restrooms.

Fans will also have access to standing and sitting areas beyond the left and right field walls. The seating area is bleacher-style, with fans able to sit in designated sections of the lower level. Alcohol and food are allowed in the seating area, with fans also allowed to bring in outside food and non-alcoholic beverages.

All fans will be expected to follow social distancing guidelines and in some cases, a mask may be required. There is open space in the seating area and tickets are available on a game-by-game basis.

How much are Worcester Bravehearts tickets?

The cost of tickets for Worcester Bravehearts games varies depending on the type of seating and the location of the game. Generally speaking, tickets range from $7 for general admission seating to $15 for Bleacher Box Seats close to the dugouts.

There are also different discounts available for groups and season ticket packages. As an additional option, fans can also purchase the Home Plate Club tickets featuring all-you-can-eat BBQ and craft beer.

For more information on ticket pricing, as well as seating options and availability, it is best to check directly with the Worcester Bravehearts at their website or by calling their ticket office.

Who plays for the Brockton Rox?

The Brockton Rox are a collegiate summer baseball team that plays in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League in Brockton, Massachusetts. The team is composed of talented college players from all over the United States who compete against other collegiate teams in the FCBL.

The roster for the Brockton Rox is regularly updated throughout the season. The current roster for the 2019 season includes pitcher Jayden Eggleton from Campbell University, outfielder Mac Nichols from Auburn University, infielder Will Turley from Wofford College, catcher/first baseman Brett Sullivan from Northeastern University, designated hitter Tyrese Clay from Troy University, relief pitcher Grant Shrum from High Point University, and many more talented players.

The Brockton Rox organization is committed to providing an experience of high-level collegiate summer baseball to their fans and the local community.

What league is the Worcester Bravehearts?

The Worcester Bravehearts are a collegiate summer baseball team based in Worcester, Massachusetts. They are a member of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL), a collegiate wooden-bat summer league made up of 8 teams from New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

The Bravehearts play a 56-game schedule from late-May to mid-August and compete in the West Division of the FCBL. The Bravehearts were formed in 2014 and have qualified for the FCBL playoffs four times, winning the championship in 2015 and 2017.

They are managed by the experienced coaches at Bravehearts Baseball Academy, the community outreach program of the Worcester Bravehearts.

How many innings do the Bravehearts play?

The Bravehearts, an American collegiate baseball team, play nine innings in each game. This standard amount of innings has been in place since the 19th century. In a typical college baseball game, the first six innings are referred to as “regulation innings” and the final three innings are referred to as the “extra innings.

” The game is played until one team wins after the final out is made in the ninth inning. The exception to this rule is if the game is tied after nine innings – then the two teams play until one of them scores more runs in an extra inning.

Who plays at Fitton Field?

Fitton Field is the home of the Holy Cross Crusaders, the Division I NCAA Football program of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. The field opened in 1924 and has been the home field of the football team ever since.

It features an Astroturf playing surface, seating capacity of 15,828, and a 29-by-52-foot Daktronics scoreboard. The field also includes a state-of-the-art sports complex, with a weight and training room, locker rooms, coach’s office, and team meeting facilities.

Every Holy Cross home football game is played at Fitton Field, and the stadium has also hosted numerous college and professional football games, soccer matches, lacrosse games, field hockey matches, and track and field meets.

The field is named for Frank Fitton, a former Holy Cross athlete and member of the college’s Board of Trustees.

Is Holy Cross Baseball Field Turf?

No, the Holy Cross Baseball Field is not turf. Instead, it is a grass baseball field. The field is located on the College of the Holy Cross campus in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is the official home of the Holy Cross Crusaders baseball team.

The field was first installed in 1985 and since then, has been upgraded numerous times to keep the playing conditions as close to ideal as possible. While the infield and outfield areas are grass, the warning track surrounding the outfield is made of stone dust, giving a slightly different feel compared to the main playing area.

Where does Holy Cross play baseball?

Holy Cross plays baseball at the Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field, located on the College of the Holy Cross campus in Worcester, Massachusetts. The field has a seating capacity of 1,014 and features unique features such as a retail shop, stadium seating, a two-level press box, seasonal suites/tables, concession stands, and a video board.

The field is specially designed to provide high visibility and easy access for visitors and players alike. The field is home to the Holy Cross Crusaders baseball team, a Division I program that has appeared in six NCAA tournaments and won three Patriot League championships since the program’s establishment in 1920.

The field offers an excellent atmosphere for Crusader baseball games, with a highly visible playing surface, premium amenities, and often times, a large and supportive crowd. The field also provides a great setting for other events, such as practices and intramural baseball activities.

What are good seats at Polar Park?

Good seats at Polar Park will depend largely on the individual’s preferences, but some of the most popular spots tend to be the seating options along the first and third base lines. These spots offer prime viewing of both the offense and defense, and they are usually closer to the action.

Other popular seat choices are directly behind home plate, in the Lower Box area, as these offer ample leg room and direct views of the pitcher. For second-level seating, the Dugout Suites are some of the most sought-after, as they provide excellent cushioned seating and unobstructed sightlines.

These prime spots are often booked months in advance, so it is important to plan accordingly. Those looking for a premier entertainment experience can find great seating in the premium club level. This area offers perks like upscale dining options and comfortable lounge seating, plus unparalleled views of the entire field.

No matter the preference, there is a variety of good seating options at Polar Park.

Can I bring a water bottle into Polar Park?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own water bottle into Polar Park. However, it is important to note that the only type of bottle that you are allowed to bring must be made of plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Glass bottles or outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to bring in outside beverages, such as alcohol, soda, or energy drinks. You can purchase bottled water and other drinks at any of our concession stands before entering the park.

Please make sure to check all items at the entrance. Guests found with prohibited items will be asked to dispose of them before entering the park.

Does Polar Park take cash?

Yes, Polar Park accepts cash payments. They also accept a wide range of payment methods including credit card, debit card, and gift voucher. Polar Park strives to offer a range of payment methods that make payment convenient and secure for their guests.

To ensure the safety of their staff and visitors while they are on-site, they have processes in place to protect against fraud, misuse, and unauthorized access to their payment system. For added convenience and security, some payment methods can be used online to purchase tickets, concessions, or other items from Polar Park.

How many seats does Polar Park have?

Polar Park, the home of the Worcester Red Sox, has a seating capacity of 10,800. The ballpark features a concourse with seating, concessions and restroom facilities, as well as two 500-seat restaurant and bar areas.

Polar Park has two full-service private suites and a variety of other seating options, including the dugout boxes and a space for groups and parties. With the beautiful panoramic view of downtown and the surrounding areas, there is something for everyone at this modern baseball stadium.

How long is a Woosox game?

A Woosox game is typically nine innings long, and each inning lasts as long as it takes for the home team (the Woosox) to record three outs. The average game length is typically around three hours, although this can vary if there is a high scoring game with some long innings.

Overall, it takes around three to four hours to complete a Woosox game.