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How do I make BDO grain juice?

To make BDO grain juice, you will need the following ingredients: 2 cups of grain, 1 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup of prune juice and 3 cups of water.

First, place the grain in a bowl and pour the water over it. Cover the bowl with a lid or plastic wrap and leave it to soak for at least 12 hours.

Next, drain any excess water from the bowl and add in the sugar and prune juice. Mix everything together until the sugar and prune juice are fully dissolved.

Transfer the mixture to a blender and blend until smooth and there are no chunks left.

Pour the blended mixture into a pot and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally. Once boiling, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 8-10 minutes.

Once the juice has thickened and glossy, turn off the heat and pour the grain juice into mason jars or bottles. Allow it to cool before sealing the jars. Enjoy your homemade BDO grain juice!

Where can I buy mineral water in BDO?

You can purchase mineral water in BDO at a variety of different places. Supermarkets such as Shoprite, Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Checkers all stock a range of mineral water. Independent retailers and specialty stores, such as health food stores, may also have the mineral water that you’re looking for.

In addition, most convenient stores such as SPAR and official roadside stalls offer a range of mineral water.

If you’re looking to buy mineral water in bulk, most of the aforementioned retailers and stores will also have an online store where you can purchase larger quantities of mineral water.

Finally, some mineral water brands have their own stores, especially in larger cities. If you’re looking for a specific brand of mineral water, it’s a good idea to check out if the company that makes it has its own physical store in BDO.

How do you make mineral water?

Making mineral water involves establishing a source of naturally occurring mineral-rich water, then purifying and filtering the water to make sure it meets health standards. First, it’s important to locate a source of mineral-rich water, which is usually found in natural springs or underground springs that have a high mineral content.

The water can then be pumped from the source, treated with a disinfectant such as chlorine, and filtered through a series of active carbon filters to remove impurities. Using techniques such as reverse osmosis, distillation and demineralization, the water can be further purified to remove some of the minerals, making it safe for consumption.

Finally, minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium can then be added back into the purified water in appropriate quantities to give it a mineral flavor. Once the mineral content has been adjusted to meet the desired levels, the water can be bottled, making it ready to be consumed.

What can I do with a bottle of river water in BDO?

A bottle of river water in Black Desert Online (BDO) can be used for a variety of tasks, including synthesizing food and potions, alchemy, and processing various materials. You can synthesize spirit oil to create a variety of elixirs and other potions, including powerful battle potions that can give your character a large boost in stats.

You can also use it to process a variety of materials, such as cloth and ores, which can be used in crafting recipes, or sold at the marketplace. Finally, you can use the river water to create a variety of food dishes and snacks, giving your character a boost in stats while they are in-game.

How do you get purified water in black desert?

One way to get purified water in Black Desert is to use a water purifier. There are two types of water purifiers: portable and stationary. Portable water purifiers can be bought from most general goods vendors, while stationary water purifiers must be crafted by players with level 1 engineering.

To use a water purifier, simply put dirty water into the purifier and wait for it to do its job. The water will come out clean and can be used for drinking, cooking, or crafting.

Another way to get purified water is to gather rainwater. This can be done by putting a water bottle or other container outside during a rainstorm. The rainwater can then be used for drinking, cooking, or crafting.

yet another way to get purified water is to filter it yourself. But one of the most popular is to use a coffee filter. To filter water, simply pour the water through the coffee filter. The water will come out clean and can be used for drinking, cooking, or crafting.

Where do you get grain BDO?

Grain can be obtained in many different ways in Black Desert Online (BDO). Players can purchase grain from local farmers, collect it from the wilds, or buy it from the marketplace. Players can also receive grain through specific Quest Rewards, and by farming it in their own gardens.

Local farmers can be found throughout the region and by talking to them players can purchase various kinds of grain depending on their region.

The wilds can be a great source for gathering grains. The Pontiff Sulyvahn is a great place to find Barley, Rye, and Oat. It is also possible to find Wild Wheat in certain areas like Kamasylvia, Valencia, or Calpheon.

The Great Ocean of Oquilla can be a good spot for Wheat, Rye, and Barley, along with some larger grains like Sorghum and Millet.

The Marketplace is a great way to purchase grain as well. Players can purchase grains that are upgraded and of a higher quality, eliminating the need to spend time in grinding to upgrade them. By simply buying grain from the marketplace, players can immediately use it into their alchemy recipes, as well as use it to feed their livestock.

Players can also get grain from Quest Rewards. For example, if you complete the mission “Dangerous Key” in Balenos you will be rewarded with Barley Flour. Grain can also be planted and harvested in farms.

If the players get the right seeds, they can grow the desired grain, depending on the region and the season. With this method, players can grow high-quality grain for their recipes and feed for their livestock.

To summarise, there are many ways to get grain in BDO. Players can buy and gather them from local farmers, wilds, marketplace, Quest Rewards and farm it in their own gardens.

How do you make beer in Black Desert online?

Making beer in Black Desert Online is a relatively simple process, but requires some preparation beforehand. First, you will need to purchase or craft a beer recipe from a brewing shop. Once you have done this, you will need to gather your ingredients, which vary depending on the type of beer you decide to make.

Ingredients usually include barley, hops, yeast, and malted wheat. Once all of your materials have been gathered, you can begin the brewing process.

To start, you need to gather your ingredients and boil them in a pot until the mixtures become a thick, golden-colored liquid. After the boil has been completed, pour the liquid into a fermentation pot and add yeast.

Allow the yeast to ferment the beer for several days. Once the fermentation process is complete, the beer is ready to be strained and bottled.

And some recipes may require additional ingredients. It is important to use caution when making beer, as it can quickly go bad if not stored properly. Be sure to research each recipe thoroughly before attempting to make it, to ensure a good tasting beer!.

How do you make clear liquid reagent?

Making a clear liquid reagent involves selecting a solvent and selecting the components that you would like to dissolve in it. A solvent is a liquid that can dissolve another substance, such as a solid, liquid, or gas, and is typically composed of two or more components.

Popular solvents for making clear liquid reagents include water, petroleum ether, methanol, ethanol, and acetone.

Once you have chosen your solvent, you will need to decide what components to dissolve in it. This can include molecular compounds, ions, salts, corrosive substances, acids, bases, and more. Though it’s important to be aware of potential safety and compatibility issues, generally speaking, any water-soluble component can be dissolved in water, while more volatile components require more volatile solvents.

Once you have chosen your components, you can begin the process of making your clear liquid reagent. The steps involved in this process will depend on the type of components you have chosen, as very different methods will be required in the case of molecular compounds, ions, and so on.

In the case of molecular compounds, the process typically involves combining the components with your chosen solvent and stirring the mixture while heating in order to bring it to the desired temperature.

Once the desired components have been dissolved in the solvent, you can filter the solution to remove any impurities and then allow it to cool before storing it in an appropriate container for future use.

Following these steps should enable you to create a clear liquid reagent.

How do you make a skilled cooks box?

Making a skilled cooks box is a great way to keep your specialized cooking utensils organized and easily accessible. Here’s how you can make one:

1. Start by collecting all the cookware, baking tools, and utensils that you need for specialized cooking. You can use existing containers or purchase an inexpensive box to house your items.

2. Begin by nesting smaller items, such as measuring cups and spoons, inside the larger items, such as saucepans and roasting dishes. This will ensure they stay in their places while making the box easier to store.

3. Next, organize the items according to how often you use them. Place the items that you rarely use at the bottom, such as a pasta maker or a blowtorch. Place items that get used every day on top.

4. Now it’s time to decide how you want to organize your box. You can divide your items into sections for utensils, baking tools, and cookware, or you can divide them according to type: all pasta makers together, all saucepans together, etc.

5. Once your box is organized, secure the lid and label it with your name. This will help prevent items from being misplaced or stolen.

This is how you can make a skilled cooks box and keep your specialized cooking utensils organized and easily accessible.

How do you make high concentrated herbal juice?

Making high concentrated herbal juice requires specialised equipment and preparation. First, select the herbs you wish to use. Make sure they are fresh and of high quality. Then, you need to prepare the herbs.

The herbs should be washed, chopped, and sliced properly, and dried if necessary. Keep in mind that drying herbs can reduce their potency.

Once your herbs are all prepped, you’ll need a juicer to turn them into juice. A cold-pressed juicer works best, as it can extract the most amount of juice and retains the most nutrients from the herbs.

Put the prepared herbs into the juicer and extract the juice.

You can increase the concentration of the herbal juice by boiling it and reducing it by around ¼. This method is especially useful for reducing the bitterness of some herbs. Alternatively, you could also add water to reduce the concentration of the juice, but this will dilute its medicinal effects.

If you wish to increase the concentration even further, consider using a spray dryer to evaporate the water from the juice. The powder created from this process contains all of the active components of the herbs in a concentrated form, and can also be stored for longer than its liquid counterpart.

Overall, making high concentrated herbal juice requires specialised equipment and preparation. Make sure to use fresh, high quality herbs and a juicer to extract their juice. You can further concentrate the juice by boiling and reducing it, or using a spray dryer to evaporate the water and create a concentrate powder.

How do you make BDO sweet potato flour?

Making BDO sweet potato flour is a straightforward process and doesn’t require too many ingredients. All you need is sweet potatoes and a food processor.

First, wash the sweet potatoes and peel them. Then, cut them into small chunks and put them into the food processor. Pulse the food processor until the sweet potatoes have been puréed. Next, fill a bowl with cold water, then spread the sweet potato purée onto a cheesecloth.

Collect the corners of the cheesecloth to form a pouch and squeeze the contents to filter out the milk. To finish, spread the remaining paste onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 375°F or 190°C for 25 minutes until the sweet potato flour is light and crisp.

Once cooled, you can enjoy your homemade BDO sweet potato flour!.

Where can I get raw sugar in black desert?

The first way is by farming it yourself. To do this, you will need to plant sugar cane and then harvest it when it is ready. This can be done in any farmable area in the game.

Another way to get raw sugar is by purchasing it from traders. And each one will have different stock. Therefore, it is worth checking with multiple traders to see if any of them have raw sugar for sale.

Finally, you can also obtain raw sugar as a drop from monsters. This is usually a very low chance, but it is possible to get lucky and find some raw sugar this way.

How do you tame a horse in BDO?

Taming a horse in BDO is an exciting process and one that can bring great rewards. The first step is to locate an untamed horse in the wild of BDO and then use a Lasso to capture it. The type of Lasso you use will depend on the tier of horse you are attempting to capture.

Once the horse is lassoed, you will begin the taming process, which involves feeding it specific types of fodder, calming it down, and building up its trust.

Fodder comes in various grades, each matching a specific tier of horse. Better fodder is typically more difficult to acquire and costs more to purchase. Low tier fodder is easiest to acquire and consist of items like sweet feeding mix and oats.

High tier fodder is relatively rare and consist of premium horse feed, special bran, and ancient willow leaves. Make sure to have the correct type of fodder before attempting to tame a specific horse.

Once the horse has been lassoed, you’ll need to calm it down first. You can do this by speaking to them, gently petting them, and feeding them the correct type of fodder. This can take a few minutes or even a few hours depending on the temper of the horse.

Be sure to stay patient and enjoy the connection you are building with the animal.

Finally, once the horse is calm enough for you to approach, get close to its head and start talking to it. This is how you build up the trust. You can do this by petting its nose, mane, and ears and slowly increasing the level of affection.

Once you sense the horse starting to trust you, move slowly around its body, facing it and speaking in a gentle voice.

After doing this enough times, the horse will accept you as its master and you will be able to ride it. Congratulations on successfully taming a horse in BDO!

Can you tame multiple horses at once BDO?

Yes, it is possible to tame multiple horses at the same time in Black Desert Online (BDO). To do so, you will need to equip your horse taming gear, and then you can use the horse-taming minigame to tame multiple horses at once.

Once you have multiple horses tamed, you will still need to “capture” them, which requires you to throw a rope over the horse, ride it with a lasso, and then feed it. After this process is complete, you will have successfully tamed multiple horses at once in BDO.

How often do horses spawn in BDO?

Horses in Black Desert Online typically spawn randomly and can be found in various areas, particularly in open fields and grasslands. They can be identified by the yellow mark on their heads, and can vary from level one to level 30.

Since they are randomly spawned, there is no specific frequency or rate at which they appear, though they will typically respawn in the same area after a certain amount of time has passed. In addition, certain horse breeding and taming techniques can be used to increase the chances of finding a horse.