How do you clean a Sanke tap?

Sanke taps are best cleaned with a mild dish soap and a soft cloth. For stubborn stains, you may need to use a small brush.

How do Breweries clean kegs?

Most breweries clean their kegs using a method called CIP, or Clean In Place. This involves circulating cleaning solutions through the keg using pumps and hoses. The solutions are usually hot water and detergent, followed by a sanitizing solution.

What can I use to clean a keg?

You will need a keg brush and some cleanser made specifically for kegs.

Can I clean a keg with bleach?

Yes, you can use bleach to clean a keg, but it is important to rinse it thoroughly afterwards so that no bleach remains in the keg.

Do you need to sanitize keg?

But the most effective way is to use a sanitizing solution.

How do you use a keg washing machine?

A keg washing machine is typically a large, industrial machine that is used to clean and sanitize kegs. The machine will have a series of different compartments and settings that will allow you to customize the wash cycle to your specific needs.

How are Sanke kegs cleaned?

Sanke kegs are cleaned using a forced diaphragm cleaning (FDC) system. This system uses high-pressure, high-temperature water to clean the kegs. The kegs are then rinsed with hot water and allowed to air dry.

What is CIP in brewing?

CIP stands for clean-in-place. This is a process where the brewery cleaning equipment is automatically cleansed. This usually involves circulating cleaning solutions through the kettles, mash tuns, and lauter tuns.

How do I make a keg washer?

You can make a keg washer with a few simple supplies. You will need a bucket, a hose, and a keg. First, drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket. Next, attach the hose to the hole in the bucket. Finally, place the keg inside the bucket and fill the bucket with water.

Can you use OxiClean to clean kegs?

Yes, you can use OxiClean to clean kegs.

How do you sanitize and sterilize a keg?

One way is to soak the keg in a sanitizing solution for a few hours. Another way is to pump the sanitizing solution through the keg and then let it sit for a few hours.

How do I clean the lines on my keg refrigerator?

You may need to clean the lines on your keg refrigerator if you notice that the beer is not flowing as well as it should. To clean the lines, you will need to remove the beer lines from the keg refrigerator and then flush them with hot water.

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