How do you get a helium?

You can purchase a helium tank from a party supply store.

Can you purchase helium?

You can purchase helium at many party stores, or online.

How much is a bottle of helium?

A bottle of helium typically costs about $30.

What can I use instead of helium?

Such as air, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

How do you make balloons rise without helium?

The most common way to make a balloon rise without helium is to fill it with warm air.

Will balloons float with regular air?

Most balloons will float with regular air, but the balloon will not be very buoyant.

Can helium be artificially created?

Yes, helium can be artificially created.

Is helium used as a drug?

No, helium is not used as a drug.

How do you extract helium from natural gas?

You can extract helium from natural gas by using a process called fractional distillation.

How much does it cost to fill a tank of helium?

The cost of filling a tank of helium will vary depending on the size of the tank and the location.

How much does a liter of liquid helium cost?

A liter of liquid helium can cost around $80.

How much helium does it take to fill 100 balloons?

If you are using standard 12-inch latex balloons, it will take approximately 860 liters of helium to fill 100 balloons.

Will balloons stay up without helium?

No, they will not.

Can you bring balloons to Party City to be filled?

Yes, Party City can fill your balloons with helium.

Does Dollar General fill helium balloons?

While Dollar General does not stock helium balloons, they do offer electric air pumps that can be used to fill latex or mylar balloons.

How much does helium cost per pound?

The price of helium is about $0.30 per liter.

Can I bring my own balloons to Dollar Tree?

Yes, you can!

Can you add balloons to a gift basket?

Yes, you can add balloons to a gift basket.

Does anywhere fill balloons with helium?

Most party stores fill balloons with helium.

Does Hobby Lobby refill helium tanks?

Hobby Lobby does not refill helium tanks.

Will Kroger fill my balloons?

Kroger does not fill balloons.

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