How do you say beer in Belgium?

As the country has many different dialects. Some common ways to say “beer” in Belgian dialects include “biere,” “bier,” and “berey.”

Does pivo mean beer?

As the word “pivo” can be used to refer to beer in general, or to a specific type of beer.

What language is Birra for beer?

Birra is the Italian word for beer.

How do you say can I have a beer?

In English, you would say “Can I have a beer?”

How do Germans spell beer?


What is cheers in different languages?

Here are some different translations of the word “cheers”:

Spanish: ¡Salud!

French: Santé!

German: Prost!

Italian: Salute!

Mandarin: 干杯 (gān bēi)

What is German for pint?

German for pint is Pinte.

What does Becher mean in English?

becher – a types of drinking glass; a small bottle; a small, conical cup with a flat base; a German measure of liquor, equal to 1/2 liter

What do you call a German bartender?

A bartender in Germany is called a “barkeeper.”

How do you order a pint in Germany?

You can order a pint in Germany by asking for “ein Glas Bier, bitte.”

What do Germans say when drinking?


Is beer masculine or feminine in German?

The word “Beer” is masculine in German.

What is a glass of beer called in Germany?

A glass of beer is called a bier.

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