How long do ice bricks last?

Ice bricks last for a long time if they are kept in a cool and dry place. They can last for up to two years.

How do you dispose of Nordic ice bricks?

Dispose of Nordic ice bricks in the same way you would dispose of any other type of ice.

Can Nordic Ice be reused?

Yes, Nordic Ice can be reused.

What ice pack lasts the longest?

Including the type of ice pack, the size of the ice pack, and the temperature of the environment. Some ice packs may last longer than others, but in general, the larger the ice pack and the colder the environment, the longer the ice pack will last.

How often should you replace ice packs?

Ice packs should be replaced as necessary.

Do ice packs go out of date?

No, ice packs do not go out of date.

Can you refreeze Nordic ice packs?

The bags of Nordic ice packs should not be refrozen once they have been thawed. It is not safe to consume the water from the bags once they have been thawed.

What happens if you reuse an ice pack?

If you reuse an ice pack, it may not be as effective as it was the first time. The ice pack may not be cold enough to last as long, or it may not stay cold as long.

Can I pour Nordic ice down the drain?

No. Nordic ice is not meant to be disposed of down the drain.

What is the gel inside ice packs?

The gel inside ice packs is usually a sodium polyacrylate.

Is Nordic drain safe toxic?

Yes, Nordic drain is safe and toxic. It does not contain any harsh chemicals or solvents that can harm your drains.

Can ice pack gel go down the sink?

The ice pack gel should not go down the sink.

What type of drain cleaner is safe for septic?

Some common brands include Drano, Liquid Plumr, and Roebic.

Can I use drain cleaner if I have a septic tank?

No, you should not use drain cleaner with a septic tank. The chemicals can harm the septic tank and the environment.

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