How long is the distillery tour in St Augustine?

The distillery tour lasts around 1 hour.

What is St Augustine Florida most known for?

St Augustine is well known for its Spanish colonial history, as the first European settlement in the United States. The city is also known for its many historic sites and attractions, including the Castillo de San Marcos, the oldest masonry fort in the United States.

Who owns St Augustine Distillery?

John Cooper owns St Augustine Distillery.

Can you drink alcohol in St Augustine?


Does St Augustine have an open container law?

There is not an open container law in St Augustine.

What time does St Augustine stop selling alcohol?

In St Augustine, alcohol sales must stop at 2:00 AM.

How much is a liquor license in St Johns County?

The cost of a liquor license in St Johns County is $100.

Can you take pictures at the Lightner Museum?


How much did Goose Island sell for?

$38.8 million

Is Goose Island Independent?

Goose Island is an independent brewery.

What happened to Goose Island Honkers Ale?

Goose Island Honkers Ale was retired in 2011.

Is Goose Island 312 discontinued?

Goose Island 312 Wheat Ale is not discontinued. A search of their website produces results for the product.

Who owns Goose Island Beer?

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Why is it called Goose Island?

The island was originally called “Big Island” by early French settlers because of its large size. Later, it was renamed “Goose Island” because of the large number of geese that inhabit the island.

Who owns Miller Lite?

Miller Lite is owned by MillerCoors LLC.

Who owns Stella?

The Stella company is owned by E. & J. Gallo Winery.

What style of beer is Goose Island 312?

Chicago-style wheat ale

Is 312 a good beer?

I cannot speak for everyone, but I personally enjoy 312 beer. I find it to be a refreshing, easy-drinking beer that is perfect for summer days.

Does Goose Island IPA have grapefruit in it?

No, it does not.

Is Camden Pale Ale an IPA?

Camden Pale Ale is not an IPA.

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