How many layers does the abyss have?

There are five layers to the abyss.

What is the 7th layer of the abyss?

The 7th layer of the Abyss is a place of utter cold and darkness. It is inhabited by ice devils and other creatures of cold.

How deep is the abyss made in abyss?

The abyss is about 10,000 feet deep.

Does an abyss have a bottom?

It is unknown if an abyss has a bottom.

What is the curse of the fifth layer?

The fifth layer is known as the Event Horizon. Beyond this point, time and space become so distorted that anyone who enters this layer will be lost forever.

Is the abyss the deepest part of the ocean?

The abyss is the deepest layer of the ocean.

Is made in the abyss dark?

So nothing can be made there.

Is an abyss real?

Yes, an abyss can be a real thing. An abyss can be a deep hole or chasm in the earth, in the ocean, or in space.

Is the abyss infinite DND?

No, the abyss is not infinite.

Who created the abyss?

There is no one definitive answer to this question.

Are there abyssal Tieflings?

There could be, but there is currently no official content for them.

How tall is Zuggtmoy?

Zuggtmoy is 24 feet tall.

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