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How many times was Jamie married in Outlander?

Jamie Fraser has been married twice in Outlander. He first married Claire Beauchamp, a British World War II combat nurse who was thrown back in time to the 18th century, in an arranged marriage when she was first thrown back in time.

Jamie and Claire eventually became true loves, with their bond surviving all the traumas they experienced while they were apart. Jamie and Claire were married a second time at his ancestral home of Lallybroch after they were reunited and their first marriage was ruled invalid.

During this second wedding they were declared handfasted, a traditional Scottish binding of two people, to signify their true and loving bond.


Who is Jamie’s second wife?

Jamie’s second wife is Ramona. Ramona and Jamie married in the summer of 2016 after being together for five years. They had known each other for a long time before that and had always been close friends.

The pair first met when Jamie was a highly sought after lawyer and Ramona was a journalist. Ramona was drawn to Jamie’s intelligence and genuine charm and Jamie was attracted to Ramona’s confidence and grace.

They found a connection quickly and soon began dating.

From their first date, it was obvious that their relationship was special. They were incredibly compatible, always laughing and having fun together. After years of being in love, the two decided to tie the knot in the summer of 2016.

Their wedding was filled with family, friends and so much joy. Everyone who attended could tell just how deeply in love the couple was. Together they have built a beautiful life, filled with laughter, deep love and meaningful moments.

How long is Jamie married to Laoghaire?

Jamie and Laoghaire were married for around seven years. They were married in the novel, Outlander, which takes place in the mid-18th century. The marriage was not a happy one, as Jamie was not in love with Laoghaire and was forced into the marriage by Laoghaire’s father.

After a couple of years Jamie and Laoghaire separated and Jamie eventually cleared Laoghaire of all debts owed. It was not until several years later, after Laoghaire had remarried, that Jamie and Laoghaire spotted each other again and realized they still had feelings for each other.

They eventually reunited and began a new, happily-ever-after relationship.

Do Jamie and Laoghaire get married?

No, Jamie and Laoghaire do not get married. Despite Laoghaire’s affections for Jamie, he eventually decides against a relationship with her because of his strong feelings for Claire. He realizes that it wouldn’t be fair to Laoghaire if he were continuing to pursue a relationship with her while constantly comparing her to Claire.

So, he declines from pursuing a relationship with her even though she is initially hurt. Later on when Laoghaire has calmed down and discussed the matter with Jamie, the two eventually come to an understanding and eventually accept the situation.

They remain respectful of each other and even become friends over time.

Why did Jamie make out with Laoghaire?

Jamie made out with Laoghaire because he felt an undeniable chemistry between them. They had been dancing together during a gathering when they started to flirt, and Jamie became enamored with her innocence, beauty, and strength.

It was clear that Laoghaire was also interested in him, so Jamie decided to take the risk and kiss her. While both of them recognized the inherent danger of getting intimate in the way that they did, Laoghaire’s charms were too hard for Jamie to resist.

In the end, Jamie felt like he couldn’t help himself; he had to make a move on Laoghaire because of the amazing spark between them.

Does Jamie have a child with Laoghaire?

No, Jamie and Laoghaire do not have a child together. Laoghaire has three children from a previous marriage, and Jamie has an illegitimate daughter, Faith, with his former lover Geneva. Although Laoghaire and Jamie have been married for some time, there is no indication that the couple has or ever had any children together.

Does Jamie remarry Claire?

In Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series, the answer to this question may depend on what story readers are looking at. In the original book series, Jamie Fraser does not remarry after the death of his beloved wife, Claire Fraser.

When Claire returns to the 18th century after a time travel adventure, she marries Jamie, and they remain married until Jamie’s death in the final novel of the series. After Jamie’s death, Claire goes on to live a full life, but it’s unclear whether she ever remarries; it is heavily implied she remains devoted to Jamie until her own death in the year 1876.

However, in the television adaptation of the series, events unfold differently. In the series, Claire returns to the 20th century after Jamie’s death, and she does remarry — but only after she meets a man named Joe Abernathy (who bears a striking resemblance to Jamie).

Eventually, she discovers that her new husband is actually the time-traveling version of Jamie, and they remarry in the 20th century. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether or not Jamie remarries Claire ultimately depends on which story readers are looking at.

How many babies do Claire and Jamie have?

Claire and Jamie Fraser have three children together, Brianna, Faith, and Jeremy. Brianna is the oldest and was born in the late 18th century in Scotland. Faith was born shortly afterwards, also in Scotland.

Jeremy was born in the early 19th century in America. Brianna and Faith were the result of time-traveling, taking place in the series Outlander. Jamie and Claire met later in their lives in the United States, resulting in their third child, Jeremy.

How old was Jaime when married Claire?

Jaime was 24 years old when he married Claire. They first met in 1743, when Jaime was 22, so it was about two years later that they became husband and wife. Prior to their marriage, Jaime fought in the Battle of Culloden in 1746 and was living at Lallybroch with Claire, his sister Jenny, and Jenny’s family.

After the battle, Jaime and Claire left Scotland with the intention of returning to his family in France. Through a series of events, they ended up in the American colonies where they eventually married near the town of Cross Creek.

How many years were Jamie and Claire married?

Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall Fraser were married for a very long time – 20 years in total. They first meet in 1945 when Claire traveled back in time from the 20th century and they were married in 1743, while they were living in Scotland.

Their marriage would face great challenges along the way, such as the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the Jacobite Uprising of 1746, and separation due to both serving in different wars. In addition, the two spent nearly 20 years apart after Claire returned to the 20th century to raise their daughter Brianna due to the destruction in Scotland brought about by the Jacobite Uprising.

Despite the obstacles, Jamie and Claire eventually reunite in the late 1700s, just in time for the start of the American Revolutionary war, and they are ultimately reunited in their beloved home of Lallybroch in Scotland.

They finally remain together for the ultimate test – when Claire is reunited with Jamie after his death in 1776. They remained married until the end.

Does Dougal get Laoghaire pregnant?

No, Dougal does not get Laoghaire pregnant. While there is an intense and complicated relationship between Dougal and Laoghaire throughout the Outlander book series, their intimacy does not result in any children.

During the four years that they are together, Dougal supports Laoghaire financially and she throws herself into managing the MacKenzie estate and deepening the bond between the two of them. However, it eventually becomes quite clear that Dougal does not love Laoghaire as much as she loves him and by the time of Dragonfly in Amber, it is clear that their relationship is over.

The failure of their relationship does have some significant repercussions for Laoghaire, as she discovers that she is pregnant not long after Dougal leaves her. It is unclear who the father of the child is, but it is highly unlikely that it is Dougal.

Laoghaire is eventually able to track down the father, who is revealed to be a lawyer, and the two get married, effectively ending Laoghaire’s relationship with Dougal.

How long was Claire in the past before she married Jamie?

Claire first travelled through the stones at Craigh na Dun towards the past in 1743. She arrived in the Scottish Highlands in 1743 and spent the following four years living in that century until she married Jamie in 1747.

Throughout her time in the past, Claire worked as a healer and encountered many different people, exploring their lives and cultures to gain a better understanding of the past. She was also part of the rebellion against the English as they worked to protect Scotland’s independence.

During her time there, she not only fell in love with Jamie but also gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of the time period. In total, Claire spent four years in the past before marrying Jamie and returning to her own time.

What is Jamie and Claire’s age difference?

Jamie and Claire Fraser’s age difference is 20 years. Jamie was born in 1721 and is 26 when the story begins in Outlander, while Claire is born in 1918, making her 46 years old when the story begins.

Throughout the course of their story, Jamie and Claire’s age difference remains consistent. Despite the sizable age gap, the couple have a strong and enduring relationship that spans multiple time periods, continents, and centuries.

Do Laoghaire and Jamie get together?

Yes, Laoghaire MacKenzie and Jamie Fraser do eventually get together. Laoghaire first meets Jamie when she is just a sixteen-year-old girl who has been sent to Lallybroch by her family to look for a husband.

Laoghaire quickly falls for Jamie, but Jamie only sees her as a child. Laoghaire continues to pine for Jamie over the years and she even goes as far as to try to set him up with her daughter, who is in love with him.

Laoghaire and Jamie’s relationship is eventually rekindled when they meet again after the Battle of Culloden. When Jamie returns from travelling, he discovers that Laoghaire is still in love with him and he eventually decides to return her affections.

They eventually get married and have a daughter together.

Who does Jamie Fraser sleep with?

Jamie Fraser sleeps with many different characters throughout the series. In the first book, he meets and falls in love with Claire Beauchamp Randall, who he eventually marries. He later sleeps with Geneva Dunsany, who he believes is his god-daughter, while he and Claire are separated.

After the return of Claire, Jamie reunites with his first wife, Laoghaire MacKenzie, and the two share a brief affair.

In the second book, Jamie makes a brief affair with Mary Hawkins, a young British girl, whom he eventually protects and helps out of a challenging situation.

In the fourth book, Jamie’s affair with Annalise de Marillac intensifies. Although the two do not continue their affair, it is believed that Jamie does spend one night with her.

Towards the end of the series Jamie has another relationship with a character named Lady Isobel Dunsany, who is the wife of one of his former enemies before his reunion with Claire. However their relationship does not progress past a flirtatious one.

Jamie ends the series still happily married to Claire and devoting himself to her and their children.