How much did Magic Hat sell for?

Magic Hat sold for an estimated $38 million in March of 2019. This was finalized through a sale to Interbrews Acquisition B. V, a subsidiary of the Amsterdam-based brewery and spirits group Heineken.

The sale was conducted with the assistance of advisory firm Ocean Capital LLC.

The sale of Magic Hat marks the end of a nearly 20 year run after Magic Hat was founded by Alan Newman and Stacey runoff in 1994. The pair created the popular brand of craft beer with the aim to “brew interesting, flavorful ales to refresh and enliven the spirits of beer lovers everywhere.


In the past two decades, Magic Hat has become widely known and popular craft beer. In 2006, it was the 12th largest craft brewery in the United States. An article from the Burlington Free Press stating that the company’s products were distributed to 30 states and seven countries.

It is no wonder that the company was seen as an attractive acquisition for Heineken.

The sale of Magic Hat marks a substantial move for Heineken, as it is part of the company’s strategy to expand into craft beer and diversify its portfolio. With the addition of Magic Hat, Heineken now owns four popular New England-based craft breweries in NECannons, Cisco Brewers, Berkshire Brewing Company and Magic Hat.

The $38 million purchase of Magic Hat provides Heineken with a great entry into the craft beer market and strengthens the company’s presence in the United States. For craft beer fans, this purchase means that Magic Hat’s products will be available in more places than ever before.

Who owns Magic Hat?

Magic Hat is currently owned by Cerveceria Costa Rica, a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Cerveceria Costa Rica acquired Magic Hat in 2012 from co-founder Alan Newman and private equity firm Baltic Partners.

Who bought Magic Hat brewery?

In April of 2018, Magic Hat was bought by Cervejaria Costa Rica, a subsidiary of Costa Rican holding companyFIFCO. This purchase included all aspects of the Magic Hat brand, including the Vermont facility, beer brands, Taproom, and merchandise.

According to press releases at the time of the purchase, Costa Rica aimed to keep the Magic Hat brand and operation running as-is.

Where did Magic Hat brewery move to?

In 2010, Magic Hat Brewery moved from its original location in South Burlington, Vermont to its current location in Williston, Vermont. The new brewery is situated on a 10-acre site and features a 60-barrel brewing system.

The move was precipitated by the need for additional capacity to meet the demands of the growing craft beer market.

Is Magic Hat still making beer?

Yes, Magic Hat is still making beer. The company was founded in 1994 and is currently headquartered in South Burlington, Vermont. Magic Hat has a wide variety of beers available, including seasonal and limited release ones.

Who owns Fifco USA?

Fifco USA is a family-owned business. The Fifties Company, Inc. (d. b. a. Fifco USA) was founded in 1965 by Fred and Florence Isaacson. The company is currently owned and operated by their son, Joel Isaacson.

Does Magic Hat only make #9?

While Magic Hat is best known for its #9 Ale, the brewery produces a variety of other beers including seasonal and special release brews.

Where is Pyramid beer brewed?

Pyramid beer is brewed in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 1984, and the beer is brewed in the same facility where the company was founded. The company also has a second brewery in Berkeley, California.

Does Magic Hat #9 have apricot in it?

No, Magic Hat #9 does not have apricot in it.

What does Magic Hat #9 taste like?

Firstly, it’s worth noting that Magic Hat #9 is an American Pale Ale, so it’s going to have characteristics typical of the style – namely, a good balance of hop bitterness and malt sweetness, with the hops providing a floral aroma.

That being said, every brewery has their own take on a given style, so let’s talk about what makes Magic Hat #9 unique.

The beer has a distinctively fruity flavor, most likely due to the use of Cascades hops. It’s also slightly sweeter than most Pale Ales, thanks to the addition of apricots during the brewing process.

All of these flavors come together to create a beer that is flavorful and refreshing, perfect for a summer day.

How long is Magic Hat #9 good for?

Magic Hat #9 should be consumed within six months of opening.

Is Magic Hat an IPA?

Magic Hat is not an IPA, but a company that produces craft beer.

How many carbs are in a Magic Hat #9?

A 12-ounce serving of Magic Hat #9 contains 42 grams of carbohydrates.

What beer is considered an IPA?

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale. The term “pale ale” originally referred to an ale that had been boiled with coke as a way to lighten the color of the finished product.

Over time, the term “pale ale” came to be associated with beers that were brewed using pale malt.

Today, pale ales are generally considered to be any beer that is made with pale malt and that has a moderate to high hop bitterness. IPAs are a subset of pale ales that are brewed with even more hops, which give the beer a distinctively bitter flavor.

The bitterness of an IPA is often balanced out by the use of maltier, sweeter malt varieties and/or the addition of fruit or other flavorings.

Are craft beers and IPAs the same?

No, craft beers and IPAs are not the same. IPAs are a type of craft beer, but there are many other types of craft beer as well.

Do IPAs get you more drunk?

No, IPAs will not necessarily get you more drunk. The alcohol content in an IPA is no higher than that of any other beer. However, the bitterness of an IPA can make it seem like it has a higher alcohol content, which can lead to people drinking more than they intended.

How is an IPA different from beer?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale. An IPA is a type of beer that is brewed with more hops than a traditional beer. The hops give the IPA a bitter taste.

Why do they call it IPA?

The call it IPA because it is an abbreviation for “India Pale Ale”. IPA’s were originally shipped from England to India during the British colonial era. The beer was brewed with extra hops to help preserve it during the long journey.

Is IPA stronger than regular beer?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale, and it is a popular style of beer that is often associated with being stronger than regular beer. The reason for this is that IPAs tend to have a higher alcohol content than other types of beer.

However, there are also non-alcoholic IPAs available, so it really depends on what you are looking for in a beer. If you are looking for something with a higher alcohol content, then an IPA is a good choice.

But if you are looking for something that is more refreshing and lower in calories, then a non-alcoholic IPA might be a better option.

What does IPAs stand for?

IPA stands for “in-patient administration.” This refers to the process of a patient receiving medical care and treatment while staying in a hospital or medical facility.

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