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How real is Below Deck?

Below Deck is generally considered to be a reality television show and is filmed on real boats with real guests. However, some elements of the show are not real. For example, producers are known to assign guests with particular roles and scenarios to liven up the show.

The crew members on the show also receive extra direction and coaching from the producers. Additionally, some crew members are edited to show exaggerated versions of themselves, and scenes are often edited together in a way that creates a more dramatic feeling.

Despite these elements, the show still captures the realness of yachting life, the guests’ real experiences, and the conversations between crew members.

Do Below Deck guests get paid?

Yes, some Below Deck guests do get paid for appearing on the show. They receive a fee for their participation that varies based on the status of their fame or influence prior to their appearance.

The fees for the guests range from a few thousand dollars to up to $30,000 or more. Meanwhile, the crew members and leads make significantly more, with the captain’s salary rumored to be up to $120,000.

It’s important to note that Below Deck guests do not receive tips, despite the fact that the crew heavily relies on them. Their salary is solely dependent on their contract fee and doesn’t include any perks or additional earnings they might acquire while they’re on the show.

The lack of tips has been a source of some controversy in the show’s history, but cast members are not allowed to accept them.

Do guests pay to go on Below Deck?

No, guests do not pay to go on Below Deck. Instead, they are typically invited to go on the show by the production team or they reach out to the show through a casting agency. Guests on the show are considered “personal guests” of the cast and have their expenses covered by the production team.

These expenses include airfare, onboarding, grounds, and lodging. Additionally, guests often receive a stipend to cover personal expenses during their time onboard. These stipends are not publically disclosed, however, some of the guests that have appeared on the show have said that they were indeed compensated for their appearance.

Who pays for the food on Below Deck?

On Below Deck, the food provisioning for the charter guests and the crew is typically taken care of by the yacht owner. This includes food, beverages, and alcohol. Depending on the charter, provisions may include the chef’s preference for meal preparation, such as specialty items and brands they prefer to use.

The yacht owner often pays for all provisions, although some charter groups may offer to take care of this cost. The food costs range significantly, but on average it can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $75,000 for a single charter according to Reel Sightings, a blog covering the production of Below Deck.

How do you become a guest on Below Deck?

If you would like to become a guest on Below Deck, the first step is to contact the show’s production team. You can find the contact details for the show’s production team on their website.

Once you get in touch with the production team, they will explain what the process entails. Depending on the season, you may be asked to submit an application form and provide information such as your name, age, profession, and more.

The production team will also ask for personal photos and videos of you to help them decide if you are a suitable candidate for the show.

Once your application has been accepted, you will need to sign a variety of contracts and legal documents in order to appear on the show. You will also have to go through a background check in order to make sure that you have no criminal or legal issues in your past.

It’s important to note that all guests are expected to pay their own way and cover their costs while they are on the show.

Once you have been accepted, the crew of the yacht will be in touch with you to discuss your preferences and needs before you board the boat. This is a great time to discuss any special requests or interests that you may have while onboard.

This could include activities such as waterskiing, fishing, snorkeling, or anything else that you think will add to your experience.

Once you are onboard, it is important to keep in mind that the crew is there to serve you and ensure your safety. The crew will also be responsible for overseeing, arranging, and executing any activities and events that you may have requested.

As a guest, you should be prepared to follow the rules set by the crew and respect their decisions as it is their job to ensure that you have an amazing and enjoyable experience onboard.

What is the largest tip Below Deck?

The largest tip on Below Deck was given during the show’s sixth season in Tahiti, when the charter crew received a whopping $200,000 tip from their customers. Captain Lee rosbach and the crew of the My Seanna were completely overwhelmed by the generous gift.

While it is not known exactly what the crew used their portion of the tip for, it is clear that the crew was extremely grateful for the chance to share in this amazing experience. The lavish tip was certainly one of the highlights of the season, and a reminder of just how much appreciation can be shared among guests, crew, and even viewers.

Do below the deck crew get a salary just tips?

No, in addition to the tips, below-deck crew typically receive a salary and benefits. The amount of salary and benefits depend on the individual and the yacht they are working on. Many large yachts provide their crew with competitive salaries, housing, meals, vacations, and health insurance, in addition to tips from guests.

Smaller yachts often cannot provide such benefits and offer a lower salary, however, crew are still generally compensated above minimum wage. Ultimately, the salary and benefits provided for crew vary from boat to boat, and you should consider the size and type of yacht when exploring job opportunities.

Does Captain Lee get tips?

Yes, Captain Lee does get tips. According to an article in Forbes, some charter guests are willing to tip up to 25-30%, and large tips are always appreciated. Professional captains, such as Captain Lee, often find that the more effort they put into making sure the guests have a great charter experience, the more generous the tip.

Tips can come in the form of cash, goods, and even gift cards. Generally, guests will typically give the largest tips at the end of a charter, and these tips can range anywhere from 5-30%. The amount that guests tip also depends on their satisfaction with the experience.

Captain Lee should always have a polite and pleasant demeanor to encourage guests to tip generously.

How much does a lead stew make on Below Deck?

The exact salary for a lead stew aboard Below Deck varies, as all salaries on the show are based on the individual’s experience, expertise, and previous experience. According to Cruise Ship Jobs, lead stews typically earn between $1,500 and $3,500 per week.

In addition, they may also receive tips from guests. Plus, given the high visibility of the show and its celebrity status, additional salary may be negotiated depending on the individual’s circumstances.

Furthermore, members of the show can also be eligible for various bonuses and stipends based on their role in the show and the cruise line they are employed by. Ultimately, the salary of a lead stew on Below Deck will depend on many factors, such as the length of their contract, the cruise line, and even the specific charter.

Is the captain on Below Deck a real captain?

Yes, the captain on Below Deck is a real captain. Captains featured on the show are all licensed and certified, both by the United States Coast Guard and the International Yacht Training Alliance. They must have a minimum of a hundred tons certification and pass a physical, drug test, and a background check prior to being featured on the show.

Each captain must also have extensive maritime experience, with some having up to 20 years of experience under their belt. All captains must also have documented experience running vessels of the size and type featured on Below Deck, particularly if the vessel carries more than six passengers.

Have any Below Deck crew become a captain?

Yes, some members of the Below Deck crew have become captains. Captain Lee Rosbach, who has been a part of the Below Deck franchise since 2013, gained his captain’s license in 1982 and started his yachting career in 2003.

He has also been a member of the U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary for more than 10 years and was named a 2012 “Hero of the Seas” by BoatUS. Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain from Below Deck Mediterranean is another Below Deck alum who achieved her captain’s license in 2019.

She credits her time aboard yachts for giving her the hands-on experience and mastery of the larger yachts often used on Below Deck for inspiring her to pursure a captain’s license. On an Instagram post featuring her new certificate, Chastain said “I can not express how proud and excited I am to join the ranks of captains!”.

Why was Captain Lee replaced on Below Deck?

Captain Lee was ultimately replaced on Below Deck due to a change in focus for the show’s producers. In an interview with The Daily Dish, Captain Lee stated, “The network and production company decided that they wanted a different direction, and that’s when they chose to bring in a new skipper.


Since then, Captain Lee has gone on to appear on the show as a mentor to the new captain, Captain Sandy Yawn. While Captain Lee will not be seen sailing the seas on Below Deck, he remains the most recognizable face of the show and has garnered a significant following of fans.

His expertise, charisma and on-screen personality have been precious to the franchise.

Do yachties get paid a salary plus tips?

Yes, yachties can get paid both a salary and tips. Many boats offer salaries ranging from $2,000 – $15,000 per month depending on qualifications, experience and the size of the yacht on which they are employed.

On top of that, crew members can make additional income in tips. Some owners may choose to pool tips together and split them among the crew members at the end of the season, while others may choose to allow guests to tip crew members as they want during their stay on the yacht.

Generally, the crew members that interact with the guests the most like the stewardesses and deckhands can expect to receive more tips than other crew members. Since tips are generally voluntary, it is not possible to give an exact figure of how much a yachties can make in tips but it can be enough to make a significant difference to their overall earnings for the month or season.

Are Below Deck crew real yachties?

Yes, the crew members of Bravo’s reality show Below Deck are real yachties. The show follows the lives of crew members working on a superyacht in different locations each season, providing viewers with a rare glimpse into the elite world of the luxury cruising industry.

The crew is led by the elite professional known as the “Captain,” who is highly experienced in the yachting industry, has usually been in service for years, and is certified to operate large yachts. The crew are experienced professionals as well and are selected for their expertise in areas like navigation, cooking, engineering, and hospitality.

It is their job to ensure the smooth operations of the vessel and a premium experience for guests on board. While some of the crew members may be new to the yachting industry, they all must demonstrate proficiency in their respective fields in order to be eligible for the positions.

Is Below Deck an accurate representation?

The Bravo show, “Below Deck,” chronicles the lives of crew members on luxury yachts, giving viewers a glimpse at an opulent and often glamorous lifestyle. While some aspects of the show are exaggerated or dramatized for the entertainment of viewers, it accurately portrays the day-to-day lives of crew members working on luxury yachts.

The show accurately captures the sometimes awkward interactions between the crew members, who come from diverse backgrounds and often have difficulty understanding each other’s perspectives. It also accurately reflects the sometimes difficult working conditions experienced by crew members, such as long shifts, limited downtime, cramped living quarters, and arduous duties.

The drama between the crew is an accurate portrayal of the reality that sometimes exists on board luxury yachts, especially for the higher-ranking members. The constant pressure to remain professional, even when dealing with difficult guests, is also reflective of life on these boats.

Additionally, the show highlights the strong work ethic of the crew and their ability to be quickly adaptable in order to deal with extreme situations.

Overall, while “Below Deck” dramatizes certain elements of life as a yacht crew member, it is an accurate overview of the unique lifestyle, challenges, and relationships that come along with working on a luxury yacht.