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How To Make Root Beer

While many people love other beers such as hazy IPAs, there is a beer they have not known. Root beer is a beer that every drinker should give a try.

This beer can serve not only you but your family too. Its benefits are desirable. Besides, it is easy to make. And with a stove and readily available ingredients, you can make it.

What Is Root Beer?

You might be wondering what root beer is. And who sat and thought that roots could make a great beer. Yes, people are creative and indeed get their minds to thinking.

This root beer originated from North America. The people from this region used it as a beverage; they made it using Sassafras albidum tree’s root bark. This tree was the prominent flavour of this beer.

However, nowadays, people involve many roots and even herbs. One can add the ingredients according to their preferences.

Though not typically, root beer is non-alcoholic. Also, it is non-carbonated and caffeine-free. We cannot forget to say that this beer is sweet. You may think that since roots or herbs are central components, they make the beer bitter. But that is not it.

On pouring, the beer forms a very thick and foamy head.

The producers of this beer are Barq’s, Dad’s, A&W, Mug and Hires.

The US Food and Drug Administration prohibited the use of Safrole in 1960. This action was due to Safrole’s carcinogenic element. Hence, most brewers use artificial sassafras to flavour the beer.

However, some use sassafras extracts that are Safrole free.

Brewing Tips for Root Beer

While making a root beer, there are some basic requirements you should put in place. If it happens that you miss a step, your beer may be a bit strange. But since you want the best experience with this beer, consider these tips.

Alcohol levels

Though we say that root beer does not contain alcohol, at least they have some little percentage, maybe 0.25 to 0.35%.

You need to get the right way to include this small alcohol levels. And, they should be high enough to be noticeable.

First, you will need to consider the type of sugar to use. Secondly, the amounts of sugar also matter. And lastly, consider having a proper yeast strain.

Potent yeast strains consume large amounts of sugar. Hence the process gives rise to higher alcohol levels.

These three ingredients are what give the best alcohol level results. Hence, they must just be right.


What makes a root beer taste great? Of course, the flavourings. If you are making this beer from scratch, consider using the real and exact root beer flavourings. These flavourings include; bark, roots, and herbs.

There are many options, and it will depend on personal preferences. You will need to choose the correct amounts of these flavours. And mostly, they should suit the palate.

If you are using sassafras, you should add it last. Sassafras have lots of aromas. And if you prolong the cooking, the aromas dissipate. So, if you want the most out of its flavours, add it towards the end of simmering.

Adding the starter

What if you are using a starter to make your beer? You will need to add your starter once the herbal decoction cools. If you add the starter in a hot mixture, all bacteria and yeasts will die. Hence, wait until your mixture cools at room temperature.


Remember, not to leave a finished root beer in a hot place for a long time. When the temperatures are high, pressure builds up in the container, and it may explode.

Also, use bottles with flip tops. These bottles will capture carbon dioxide during fermentation. Hence, a beautiful fizzy drink.


Remember, beers ferment more quickly in warm temperatures. Cold temperatures slow down fermentation. Therefore, depending on how fast you want to take your beer, you can consider this.


You have to understand that you cannot replace sugar with artificial sweetener. Real sugar is the molasses. And the yeast will need it to produce carbon dioxide; this gas is what carbonates the beer.

If your beer lacks sugar, then there will be no carbonation.


One of the key things you should never forget while brewing is the aspect of cleanness.

If you want to enjoy your beer, ensure you sanitize all the equipment, you will use. Also, your own personal hygiene is essential. Since you will be handling ingredients with your hands, ensure they are clean.

Cleanness will ensure your health and that of others is safe too.


Do you want a fresh beer? The water you use matters so much. If you do not want to get disappointments, use bottled water. Tap water may not be fresh enough. Hence it may give out some unpleasant beer.

Also, while brewing, you must start with cold water. If you toss the herbs directly in hot water, they will seize proteins. Hence, the herbs will not release all proteins. Cold water enhances the release of these ingredients.

The sediment

During fermentation, the yeast settles at the bottom of the container. This sediment makes the last portion of the root beer turbid. So, decant carefully to enjoy the drink more.

How To Make Root Beer

Maybe you are on holiday, and you wonder what can keep you busy. You can decide to enjoy your own made root beer. It is possible to make a root beer from scratch. And for sure you will appreciate how you have spent your time at home.

What you will need are the right supplies. Molasses and yeast make great flavours. Hence, on a simple heat, and you are good to go.

Also, more prominent brewing companies use the same steps to make root beer. So, see below the process for making this beer. And give it a try.


Water – 3.8L water

Sassafras root bark-dried -7.08 g

Birchbark-7.08 g

Sarsaparilla root-7.08 g

Liquorice root-3.54 g

Unpeeled ginger-2.5 cm

Vanilla bean -1

Molasses -2 cups

Dry yeast -0.6 g

Granulated sugar – 3 cups

Root beer extract – 3 tbsp

Dry ice – 0.91 kg



Add sassafras root bark, birch bark and sarsaparilla root into your pot. Add liquorice root, ginger and vanilla bean.

Add 1.9 litres of water into your ingredients then bring to a boil.

Once you see bubbles rising to the surface, stop the boiling. Remember not to continue boiling after that.


Remove your mixture from the heat. Leave it for two hours to infuse. Remember to cover the pot. We want a clean beer, free of dirt and gunk.

You do not need to stir your mixture. Just steep them in the water.


Get an empty container. Place a sieve on top of it. The container should be clean. Use hot water and soap to clean it. Pour the mixture through the filters into that container.

Add another 1.9 litres of water to the mixture. Stir continuously until the combinations mix thoroughly.

Leave the mixture to cool to 24 degrees Celcius.


Add molasses to the mixture. Pitch the yeast and let it ferment for a quarter an hour (15 minutes.) Cover the mixture.


Look for one-litre soda bottles. Clean them with warm water and soap and allow them to dry. Transfer the root beer into these bottles. Remember to use a funnel to avoid spilling.

Do not overfill the bottles. Leave around two inches of space for carbonation.


Close the bottles tightly with their lids. Place them at a safer place and at room temperature.

Leave the bottles and the contents therein to ferment for 12 hours.

Do not lay the bottles. Set them upright.


After the twelve hours room temperature, set these bottles in your fridge. Leave them for one week to chill. After at least five days, the yeast would have broken down the molasses. The result will be some little alcohol content and some mild flavours.

If you want more robust molasses flavours, remove the beer from your fridge after two days.


Your containers will have a lot of gas after these days. These gases may cause the root beer to erupt. Hence, do not shake the bottles too much; also, do not open it too fast.

Let the gas stop the hissing sounds fast. Then open it. Serve the root beer in a glass of ice and enjoy it.


If the beer is still in the bottle, you can store it again. Secure the lids tightly on the bottles to protect your beer.

Keep it but remember to drink it within a short period after opening it.

Keeping it for long will lose its flavours and make it go flat.


Many beers are great to the taste. But root beer so far is the best. The ingredients in this beer have no one benefit in the body. But a number.

Herbs will cleanse your blood and increase your immunity. Then, this is the time you should try out this beer. It is for you and your loved ones.