Is Banana indica or sativa?

Banana indica is a species of banana that is native to India.

Is Obama runtz a real strain?

The Obama runtz strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing the Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush strains. This potent strain inherits the best qualities from both of its parent strains, making it a well-rounded bud that offers a powerful high with a wide range of effects. The Obama runtz strain is perfect for patients who are looking for relief from stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as those who are seeking a powerful cerebral high.

What strain is day day?

There is no strain called day day.

What makes apples and bananas strain?

Some possible reasons include the type of apple or banana, how ripe the fruit is, how much the fruit is handled, and how it is stored.

What strain is apple banana bread?

Apple banana bread is a hybrid strain of cannabis.

What kind of strain is banana?

Banana is a hybrid strain of marijuana that is 50% indica and 50% sativa.

Is peanut butter a breath indica?

However, many people believe that eating peanut butter can help to mask the smell of alcohol on your breath.

Is Banana OG good for anxiety?

Banana OG is a great strain choice for those who suffer from anxiety or panic disorders. The strain’s effects tend to be mellow and relaxing, which can help to calm an anxious mind.

Is banana Kush and banana og the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. Banana Kush is a type of cannabis strain that is known for its strong banana flavor. Banana OG is a hybrid strain that is known for its banana and OG Kush flavors.

What is banana OG strain good for?

Banana OG is a strain that is good for relaxation and sleep.

How strong is banana OG?

Banana OG is a very potent strain of cannabis, with THC levels reaching up to 27%. This makes it a good choice for experienced users who are looking for a powerful high.

Who bred banana OG?

So it could have been bred by any number of people or organizations.

Is banana OG easy to grow?

Banana OG is a moderately easy strain to grow. It is recommended for those with some prior experience growing cannabis.

Are og strains good for anxiety?

Some people find that marijuana can help relieve their anxiety, while others find that it increases their anxiety levels. There is not currently enough scientific evidence to determine whether marijuana is effective for treating anxiety.

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