Is lactic a strong acid?

Lactic acid is a strong acid.

Why is lactic acid a weak acid?

Lactic acid is a weak acid because it only partially dissociates.

Which is stronger lactic acid or acetic acid?

Lactic acid is stronger than acetic acid.

Is lactic acid or citric acid stronger?

Lactic acid is stronger than citric acid.

How do you calculate lactic acid?

To calculate lactic acid, use the following equation:

Lactic acid = (1 / t) * (1 – (pH / pK)) * (c / d)


t is the total time of the reaction

pH is the pH at the end of the reaction

pK is the pKa of lactic acid

c is the concentration of lactic acid

d is the volume of the reaction

How do I calculate my pH level?

You can calculate your pH level by using a pH meter.

How do you calculate pH without a calculator?

To calculate the pH without a calculator, you can use the following formula: pH = -log[H+].

What methods are available to calculate pH?

Including statistical, graphical, and pH meter methods.

How do you solve pH questions?

A pH question can be solved by finding the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.

What is the pH of a 2.6 x10 9 M H+ solution?

The pH of a 2.6 x10 9 M H+ solution is 1.

Why does lactic acid decrease pH?

Lactic acid is a weak acid, and it decreases pH because it dissociates in water to form lactate ions.

Why does the pH decrease during exercise?

The pH decreases during exercise because the body produces more lactic acid. Lactic acid is a by-product of anaerobic respiration, which is the process the body uses to produce energy when there is not enough oxygen available.

Is lactic acid pH dependent?

The pH of lactic acid is dependent upon the concentration of the acid.

What is the difference between lactate and lactic acid?

Lactate is a water-soluble ion found in blood, while lactic acid is a compound produced during fermentation. Lactic acid is converted to lactate in the body.

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