Is San Tan Valley the same as Queen Creek?

Although Queen Creek is a town located in the southern region of the Salt River Valley in Arizona, United States, it is not the same as San Tan Valley. The two areas differ in demographics, with Queen Creek having a much higher population density than San Tan Valley.

Is San Tan Valley considered rural?

San Tan Valley is considered rural.

What legislative district is San Tan Valley?

Legislative District 25

When did San Tan Valley become a city?

San Tan Valley became a city in 2009.

Is San Tan Valley a city or town?

San Tan Valley is a town in central Arizona. The town is located in the Gila River Valley and is a part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The town’s population was 81,321 at the 2010 census.

What is San Tan Valley known for?

San Tan Valley is known for its rapid population growth in recent years. The area has also been dubbed the “inland empire” of the Phoenix metropolitan area due to its location east of the city.

What city is closest to San Tan Valley AZ?

The city closest to San Tan Valley, Arizona is Phoenix.

What’s the elevation of San Tan Valley Arizona?

According to Google Maps, the elevation of San Tan Valley, Arizona is 1,058 feet (332 meters).

How many square miles is San Tan Valley?

This community is not an incorporated municipality, therefore it does not have definitive boundaries. The United States Census estimates the population of the “Census Designated Place” of San Tan Valley to be 81,321, spread over an area of approximately 73 square miles.

Will Queen Creek annex San Tan Valley?

There are no annexation plans currently underway for Queen Creek to annex San Tan Valley.

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