Is white claw 70 discontinued?

It is possible that it has been discontinued by the company, but this is not certain.

Why is there a shortage of White Claw?

There have been reports of a shortage of White Claw due to increased demand during the summer of 2019. Some possible reasons for the shortage include:

1) More people are aware of White Claw and are trying it for the first time.

2) White Claw has become more popular as a summertime drink, and people are buying more of it to enjoy during the warmer months.

3) The company that makes White Claw is having difficulty keeping up with the increased demand.

What percent alcohol is white claw 70?


What’s the newest White Claw flavors?

Mango, Black Cherry, andWatermelon.

How many white claws equal a shot of vodka?

However, a good rule of thumb is that one 12-ounce can of White Claw equals one shot of vodka.

Is vodka in White Claw?

No, White Claw is alcohol free.

What flavors of White Claw are there?

There are four White Claw flavors:Natural LimeRaspberryBlack CherryMango

How many different White Claw flavors are there?

There are four different White Claw flavors: Mango, Black Cherry, Natural Lime, and Raspberry.

Is Passion Fruit a new White Claw flavor?

Passion fruit is not a new White Claw flavor.

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