What are the 23 blends in Dr Pepper?

The 23 blends are: allspice, anise, birch, blackberry, caraway, cardamom, clove, cranberry, dill, eucalyptus, fennel, ginger, horehound, lemon, liquorice, nutmeg, orange, peach, pepper, plum, raspberry, vanilla, and wintergreen.

What two drinks make Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper is made of carbonated water, sugar, coloring, and flavoring.

What is Dr Pepper made of?

The 23 flavors of Dr Pepper are:







juniper berries




Is Dr Pepper a mix of all sodas?

No. Dr Pepper is its own soda.

Is Dr Pepper just Coke and root beer?

No, Dr Pepper is not just a mixture of Coca-Cola and root beer. While it is true that the soda contains those flavors, it also has 23 other flavors.

What Flavour is Doctor pepper?

A blend of 23 different flavours, according to the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. These include cherry, vanilla, licorice, nutmeg, and amaretto.

What is the main flavor of Dr Pepper?

The main flavor of Dr Pepper is prune.

What is the oldest soda?

The oldest soda is root beer.

Who does Dr Pepper belong to?

Beverage Partners Worldwide

Does Dr Pepper have corn syrup in it?

Does Dr Pepper have corn syrup in it?

Dr Pepper does not have corn syrup in it.

Is Dr Pepper flavored with prunes?

No, Dr Pepper is not flavored with prunes.

Are Dr Pepper and Mr Pibb the same?

No, Mr Pibb is a knockoff of Dr Pepper.

Which is healthier Dr Pepper or Coke?

Both drinks have a significant amount of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

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