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What beer does Jensen Ackles own?

Jensen Ackles is the co-owner of Family Business Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in Dripping Springs, Texas. The brewery was founded in 2018 with his “Supernatural” co-star, Jared Padalecki.

The brewery offers a diverse selection of craft beers, each inspired by their favorite moments on and off the “Supernatural” set. From IPAs to Porters to Lagers and everything in between, the brewery has something for everyone to enjoy.

Their flagship brews include the “Dean”ne Lager, an American lager; the “Sam”my Wheat, a wheat beer; the “Cas”tiel’s Porter, a robust porter; and the Hell-o Blonde, a blonde ale. They also offer a variety of limited-edition seasonal releases and specialty items, such as barrel-aged collaborations.

In addition to the beer, the brewery also serves a variety of snacks and bar fare. So, if you’re ever looking to enjoy a Jensen Ackles-inspired brew, head down to Family Business Brewing Company and raise a glass!.

Does Jared Padalecki have a brewery?

No, Jared Padalecki does not have a brewery, but he does have an affinity for beer. The actor and Supernatural star is an investor in San Antonio’s Operating Partner’s Group, which owns Das Kol: A Craft Beer Taproom, located in downtown San Antonio.

This beer taproom offers German, English and Belgian beers, as well as a selection of American craft beers. Along with the beer, the taproom also serves food, including pretzels, tacos and flatbreads.

Padalecki is not actively involved in running the taproom, but he does help out from time to time and will often show up to the taproom for special events. Although Jared Padalecki does not have a brewery of his own, he is certainly no stranger to the beer business and clearly has a passion for craft beer.

How much did Byron Bay brewery sell for?

Byron Bay brewery was sold in March 2021 for an estimated AUD$18 million. The brewery, which was founded in 2003, was acquired by Lion Beer in a deal that will expand the latter’s presence in the craft beer market in Australia.

Most of the brewery’s operations will remain in Byron Bay, and its team will stay on to continue its operations there. The brewery’s beers are widely respected in both the craft beer industry and beyond.

This was the second craft brewery purchased by Lion in 2021, following the acquisition of the Melbourne-based Boatrocker Brewery in January. This solidifies Lion’s plan to become the largest head brewer in Australia by the end of 2021.

Who is Byron Bay brewery owned by?

Byron Bay Brewery is owned by Founders Group International, a family-owned business with a portfolio of iconic premium hospitality experiences—including Australia’s original craft brewery, the multi-award winning Stone & Wood located in Byron Bay, Australia.

Founders Group International also owns fast-casual pizzeria Stone & Wood Pizza Co. in Brunswick Heads and a range of hotel and function venues across Australia. Founders Group International was founded in 1994 by Mick McKinlay, Dave Lawrence and Brad Rogers, who’d all previously worked together in the hospitality and brewing industry.

Today, Founders Group International is managed by a team of dedicated hospitality professionals across multiple operations in regional New South Wales and around Australia.

Who makes Byron Bay Lager?

Byron Bay Lager is brewed in NSW’s rugged Northern Rivers, Australia by Stone & Wood Brewing Co. Established in 2008, Stone & Wood is a progressive craft beer company that seeks to reinvigorate the culture of beer and make it enjoyable.

Its brewing methods are grounded in traditional brewing practices to produce full flavoured beers using locally grown ingredients. Stone & Wood specialty beers, including its Byron Bay Lager, are brewed using only four natural ingredients—malt, hops, yeast and Byron Bay’s natural water.

The careful selection and handling of these ingredients create a well-balanced, refined, and extremely refreshing beer. Stone & Wood’s Byron Bay Lager has won multiple medals from respected beer judging competitions around the world, including the International Brewer Challenge, which awarded it the prestigious Best Lager Beer in Australia in 2014.

Who owns Lyon beer?

Lyon beer is brewed and produced by the Alken-Maes brewery, which is located in the city of Lille near the border of France and Belgium. Alken-Maes is part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev group, which also includes famous beer brands such as Budweiser, Corona, and Stella Artois.

Anheuser-Busch InBev is headquartered in Belgium, but it operates in more than 100 countries, making it the largest beer company in the world. In addition to Lyon beer, Alken-Maes also produces Grimbergen, Hoegaarden, Leffe and Stella Artois, among other renowned beers.

What is a Pacific Ale?

Pacific Ale is an Australian style of beer, typically brewed with a light body, moderate bitterness, and a subtle hop aroma and flavour. The style was created by Australian creative brewer, Phil Coopers in 1988, and is now brewed and served in commercial establishments located around the world.

Pacific Ale is usually light to medium-bodied and generally characterized by neutral, biscuity malt character, restrained hop bitterness and a subtle hop aroma with hints of passionfruit and citrus. The typical alcohol content is anywhere between 3.5 to 5.

5%, making it an ideal session beer. This beer style is also usually hazy in appearance, and often has a moderate level of carbonation. In overall it makes a quaffable, easy drinking beer that can pair with a variety of food dishes.

Who makes blonde beer?

Blonde beer is a light-colored style of beer, also known as pale ale. Generally, pale ales are made with pale malt but can also be made with wheat malt or other varieties. The type of malt used will determine the color, flavor, and body of the beer.

Many popular brands produce blonde beer. Well-known breweries like Ballast Point, Goose Island, Founders, Lagunitas, Stone, Breckenridge, Bohemian, and many more have recipes for blondes. All of these brands have different interpretation of the style, but all will have a light, golden color, fruity aroma and taste, with a brighter hop character.

Blonde ales are as refreshing as a light lager, but with a light grapefruit, lemony or tropical fruit character.

In addition to the major brands, craft breweries like Green Flash and Hoppin’ Frog have some delicious blonde beers. Smaller, local breweries are also getting in on the action. For instance, the City Theater of Erlanger, KY serves two house beers—a blonde and a wheat.

The world of blonde beer is a broad and varied one. Most will want to enjoy the beers of several of their favorite craft breweries to see which one suits their own tastes and preferences the best.

What kind of beer is Wachusett blueberry?

Wachusett Blueberry is a pale wheat ale brewed by Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster, Massachusetts. It is a fruity, medium-bodied, easy drinking beer with an ABV of 4.3%. This golden-hued ale is made with real wild New England blueberries, which create an aroma of freshly picked blueberries and flavor notes ranging from sweet and tart to citrus-like.

The pale malt character of the wheat ale is complimented by a slight hop bitterness and gives this beer a light and refreshing finish. Wachusett Blueberry pairs nicely with lighter salads and seafood dishes, and it also makes a great summertime beer due to its light body and refreshing fruit flavors.

How many calories are in a blueberry blonde?

A blueberry blonde typically contains around 163 calories per 12-ounce can. The amount of calories may vary depending on the specific brand and variety. The level of alcohol in most craft blueberry blondes is usually between 4-5% ABV (alcohol by volume), which contributes around 15 calories per ounce.

However, if a craft blueberry blonde has a higher ABV, like 8% or more, the amount of calories will increase.

What kind of beer is nine locks dirty blonde?

Nine Locks Dirty Blonde is an American blonde ale brewed by the Nine Locks Brewing Company in Nova Scotia, Canada. This light-bodied ale is malt-forward, yet highly drinkable and is characterized by its subtle toffee, biscuit, and citrus aroma.

Nine Locks Dirty Blonde is fermented with American Ale Yeast, hops and crystal malt, resulting in a clean, light, bready malt aroma and flavor. In addition, light notes of biscuit, malted sweetness, citrus and biscuit on the palate help to balance the moderate bitterness and make this an extremely palatable beer.

Nine Locks Dirty Blonde pairs great with traditional pub foods and lighter fare including salads, fish, grilled vegetables, spicy dishes and more.

What type of beer has a light body?

Lagers are a type of beer that typically have a light body. Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast at cooler temperatures, which results in a mellow, crisp and clean flavor. Pilsners and Light American Lagers are some of the most popular styles of light-bodied lagers.

Many craft breweries also feature Session IPAs and Pale Ales, which tend to have a lighter body but with a bit more flavor and bitterness than traditional light lagers. Wheat beers, Hefeweizens, and Kolsch are also beers with a light body.

These beers are crafted using wheat, and have a distinctive aroma and flavor with light hop bitterness.

What are top fermented beers?

Top fermented beers are beers that are fermented via a warm fermentation process. This type of fermentation uses yeast that growths at temperatures generally between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Top fermented beers are typically referred to as ‘ale’s and are usually more fruity and fragrant than other beers.

Examples of top fermented beers include British bitter and pale ales, American-style pale ales and India pale ales, Belgium wheat beers, and other higher-alcohol and specialty beers such as stouts and porters.

These ales tend to have a fuller, more complex flavor than lagers and feature aromas originating from hops and complex biochemical reactions in the fermentation process. Top fermented beers can store longer than other kinds of beer.

However, as a general rule, top fermented beers have a shorter shelf life than other beer varieties.

Who owns Buzzards Bay brewery?

The Brewmaster at Buzzards Bay Brewery is John Desrosiers, but the brewery is actually owned by the Davis Family. The Davis family purchased the brewery in June of 2019. The three Davis family brothers, Kevin, Ryan and Shawn are the hard-working owners of the brewery.

The brothers started a new brewpub, the Buzzards Bay Brewing Swellhouse, in 2020. This venture is a collaboration between the Davis family and Brewmaster John Desrosiers. The Davis’ vision for the future of Buzzards Bay Brewing is to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, where people can come to enjoy a craft beer and some of their favorite food.

The brewery has an array of craft beers, such as an India Pale Ale, a Brown Ale, a Pilsner, and a Stout, as well as an excellent selection of ciders and rotating seasonal beers. They also serve a variety of delicious menu items ranging from hearty sandwiches to shareable snacks.

Since purchasing the brewery, the Davis family has worked hard to make sure that the Brewmaster is given all of the resources he needs to create unique, high-quality beers.

Who owns spinifex?

Spinifex is an Australian lifestyle brand that creates inspired products to enhance the places and spaces where people live and work. Founded in 1997, Spinifex has been run and owned by the same family since its inception.

The current owner and managing director is Elke Richter, who took over the helm of Spinifex in 2012 after the retirement of her father, Peter Richter. Since then, Elke has been using her passion and vision to guide the direction of the company and create an aesthetic that celebrates design, colour and a connection with nature.

Spinifex is now a widely recognised brand with an ever-expanding range of products that are designed to evoke emotion and well-being.