What can I use instead of fermenting weights?

You can use a clean rock or stone as a weight, or even a sealed jar filled with water.

Can I ferment without a weight?

Of course. fermentation jars come with a weight and airlock. But if you already have a mason jar, you can use that. Just make sure your vegetables are fully submerged, so they don’t mold.

How do you sterilize rocks for fermentation?

Sterilize rocks for fermentation by boiling them for 20 minutes.

Can you make sauerkraut without weights?

You can make sauerkraut without weights if you use a jar with a tight fitting lid. The weights are used to keep the cabbage submerged in the brine.

Can you boil rocks to clean them?

Cleaning rocks with boiling water is not recommended. Boiling water can cause many rocks to break and shatter. It can also cause rocks to become misshapen.

How do you clean rocks before putting in aquarium?

The best way to clean rocks before putting them in an aquarium is to soak them in a bucket of clean water for 24 hours. After that, scrub them with a sponge or brush to remove any dirt or debris.

How do I sanitize my hamsters rocks?

To sanitize your hamster’s rocks, rinse them in warm water and then soak them in a mixture of one part bleach and ten parts water for 30 minutes. Rinse the rocks in warm water again before giving them to your hamster.

Can you open lid during fermentation of vegetables?

You can open the lid during fermentation, but it is not necessary. The fermentation process will create an anaerobic environment that will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

What is the most popular fermented food?

The most popular fermented food is yogurt.

How do you use pickle Pebbles?

Pickle Pebbles can be used to add flavor to any dish.

How do you clean fermented stones?

The best way to clean fermented stones is to rinse them off with clean water.

Are fermentation weights necessary?

While fermentation weights are not required, they can be helpful in keeping your ferment from floating to the surface and potentially spoiling.

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