What can you add to jose cuervo?

Including salt, lime, sugar, and fruit.

What soda mixes well with jose cuervo Gold?

Which soda do you want to mix with your Jose Cuervo Gold?

What mixer tastes good with tequila?

A mixer that tastes good with tequila is orange juice.

Can you mix tequila with Sprite?

Yes, you can mix tequila with Sprite.

Does tequila go with Coke?

One can mix tequila with Coca-Cola, but many find the taste unpleasant.

How do you add flavor to tequila?

One way is to add fruits or other flavors to the tequila before drinking it. Another way is to mix the tequila with other drinks to create a new flavor.

What do you use gold tequila for?

You can use gold tequila for cocktails, such as margaritas, or you can drink it straight.

Does Sprite go well with tequila?

Sprite does not go well with tequila.

What does Sprite pair well with?

Sprite pairs well with chicken and fish.

How do Mexicans drink tequila?

But some of the most popular ways are straight, on the rocks, or with a lime.

Is Dr Pepper a good mixer for tequila?

It can be, but some people find that the soda accentuates the burn of the tequila. Try a 50/50 mix and see how you like it. You can always add more Dr Pepper if you want.

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