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What Devil Fruit is green?

The Mugiwara no Mi, otherwise known as the Straw Hat Fruit, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which gives the user the ability to be composed of and control fire. It is one of the rarest Devil Fruits in the series and has been eaten by Luffy.

As its powers suggest, the fruit is green in color. The surface of the fruit is covered in dark green swirls and its cross section is bright green. As a Logia-type fruit, it is said to be a lesser form of the Paramecia-type Logia, the Mera Mera no Mi.

What is the rarest Devil Fruit?

The rarest Devil Fruit is the ‘Hometown-Hometown’ Fruit, also known as the ‘Hometown-Hometown no Mi’. This type of Devil Fruit is incredibly unique and one of a kind, as it is only found in the Wano Country.

This Devil Fruit grants its user the power of “Hometown Creation”. With this unique ability, the user is able to create a town, city or even a whole country from their own thoughts and concepts. This includes aspects such as creating the buildings and the citizens, as well as the terrain and environment.

Furthermore, the user is able to manipulate the time around their created area.

This Devil Fruit is considered the rarest of Devil Fruits as it has only been consumed by one individual, Momonosuke. However, it is unknown if Momonosuke has revealed its full potential as he has yet to use it in a major battle.

Additionally, the fruit was created with help from the archaeological research of the late Oden, further adding to its rarity.

All in all, the ‘Hometown-Hometown’ Fruit is the rarest of all Devil Fruits. With the ability to create and shape whole towns and countries, it presents its user with an incredible level of control and power.

Is there a legendary Devil Fruit?

Yes, there is a legendary Devil Fruit. It is known as the Gomu Gomu no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which grants the user the power of elasticity. It was first found by Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the One Piece manga and anime series.

This Devil Fruit grants him the ability to stretch his body like rubber, allowing him to perform superhuman physical feats and attain remarkable precision when attacking enemies. With his power, he is able to stretch his arms and legs for great distances, bounce off walls and obstacles, transform his body into various shapes, and even take on massive amounts of damage without being hurt.

Luffy has used his Gomu Gomu no Mi in many fights, and it has helped him fend off powerful enemies. The Gomu Gomu no Mi is truly a legendary Devil Fruit with remarkable power and potential.

Is Zoan rarer than Logia?

Overall, yes, Zoan is rarer than Logia. The main reason for this is because of the history behind the Devil Fruits. Zoan are considered to be the oldest and original type of Devil Fruit, while Logia are seen as being much more modern.

In addition to this, there are far fewer types of Zoan Devil Fruits that have been revealed, with only 33 different kinds being named in the series, while Logia currently have over 130 kinds. Furthermore, those with Zoan Devil Fruits have the ability to become actual animals and can transform into partial animal forms, while those with Logia can become the element they ingested or control it through their bodies.

This makes Zoan much harder to get ahold of and also much more valuable.

Is mythical Zoan rarer than ancient Zoan?

No, mythical Zoan is not rarer than ancient Zoan. In fact, when it comes to fruits known as Zoan, ancient Zoan is the rarer type. Ancient Zoan, also known as Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits, are incredibly powerful and imbue the user with incredibly unique and powerful devil fruit abilities.

The fruit is said to be in such demand by powerful people and organizations that it is incredibly rare and incredibly expensive. On the other hand, mythical Zoan represents the lesser of the two power tiers when it comes to Zoan Devil Fruits, yet still provides very powerful abilities.

Compared to ancient Zoan, mythical Zoan is far more accessible, less expensive and thus, not as sought after.

What are full moon fruits?

Full moon fruits are a type of fruit that have been ripened and left on the tree during a full moon. Typically, the fruits of this variety are much sweeter and have a greater concentration of flavor than their counterparts that are picked before the full moon.

This is said to be due to the moon’s gravitational pull and its effects on the ripening process. Full moon fruits have become popular for both growers and consumers alike as it allows for a sweeter, more flavorful experience.

Examples of full moon fruits include apples, pears, peaches and oranges. Many consumers also find that full moon fruits tend to be juicier, larger, and more vibrant in color than those fruits picked earlier in their ripening cycle.

Can a Devil Fruit user swim in freshwater?

Yes, Devil Fruit users can swim in freshwater. Depending on the type of Devil Fruit, the user may be able to resist the effects of freshwater and be able to swim in it. For instance, Logia Devil Fruits give the user to become “one” with their element, meaning that the user’s body is composed of their element so they can pass through it; Logia Devil Fruit users would be able to swim in fresh water as if it were made of their element.

Paramecia Devil Fruit users will be able to swim in freshwater as well, due to their physical transformations, as long as the transformation does not interfere with their ability to swim. Even so, some of the water’s properties can still affect the Devil Fruit user’s body, making it more difficult to swim in freshwater.

So, while it is possible for a Devil Fruit user to swim in freshwater, the difficulty in doing so depends on the type of Devil Fruit they possess.

Are Devil Fruit users weak to all water?

No, Devil Fruit users are not necessarily weak to all water. While Devil Fruit powers are nullified when the user comes in contact with water, the user themselves is not actually weak to all types of water.

For example, some Devil Fruit users have the ability to swim, suggesting that normal water does not have a negative effect on them. Additionally, some Devil Fruit users are not affected by the sea as they consume their powers at sea as well without any drawbacks.

It is only when they come in contact with Sea-prism Stone that they are truly weakened. Furthermore, Devil Fruit users can still remain underwater; however, their Devil Fruit abilities will be temporarily inactive until they come back out of the water.

Can Luffy not touch water?

No, Luffy cannot not touch water. In the One Piece world, Luffy is a rubber man, meaning that he has a Devil Fruit power that makes him immune to electricity and anything that has to do with its conductivity.

This means that he also is not affected by water. In fact, Luffy often uses his Devil Fruit powers to swim underwater and takes advantage of being able to submerge himself in water to outwit his enemies.

He can also swim extremely fast underwater and has been known to use it to flee from his enemies. He also used his Devil Fruit power to create a fountain in Dress Rosa, where the volume of water was enhanced by his ability.

Additionally, Luffy was also able to use water to protect himself from the intense heat generated by the Pacifistas, thus further demonstrating his immunity to it.

What happens to Devil Fruit users when they touch water?

Devil Fruit users, depending on the type of fruit they’ve consumed, experience wildly different reactions to being submerged in water. For instance, a user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit) will become completely immune to the effects of electricty, but they remain vulnerable to water, as it immediately becomes very difficult for the user to move.

This is because the fruit grants the user the ability to stretch and contort their body like rubber, but this power is completely nullified when in contact with water, causing the user to become incredibly slow and heavy.

On the other hand, if the fruit eaten is a Logia type like the Mera Mera no Mi (Flame Flame Fruit), then the user will be able to remain almost totally unaffected by the water, as their ability to transform into the element grants them immunity from the effects of the water.

However, regardless of the type of fruit consumed, Devil Fruit users are still vulnerable to drowning. This means that the user must remain cautious of how deep they enter the water, as any submersion could prove to be their undoing.