What do they call milkshakes in Massachusetts?

I am not entirely sure, however I believe that they may call them frappes.

What is missing in a New England milkshake?

A New England milkshake is missing ice cream.

What’s in a Boston shake?

Most commonly it is made with ice cream, milk, and a flavoring syrup or liqueur.

What is another name for milkshake?


What’s the difference between a malt and a shake?

A malt is ice cream and malt powder blended together. A shake is ice cream, milk, and flavorings blended together.

What kind of milkshakes are there?

Including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, espresso, and cookies and cream.

Is a malt a milkshake?

A malt is a type of milkshake that is made with ice cream and malted milk.

What is a milkshake called in New England?

A milkshake is called a frappe in New England.

What is the name of a popular coffee and ice cream drink in Rhode Island?

A coffee milk is a popular coffee and ice cream drink in Rhode Island. It is made with coffee-flavored syrup, milk, and ice cream.

What are the components of a milkshake?

Most milkshakes contain milk, ice cream, and flavorings or syrups.

Is there milk in a McDonald’s milkshake?

Yes, there is milk in McDonald’s milkshakes.

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