What does pitter-patter meaning?

Pitter-patter is a sound like light rain or hail falling, or like someone lightly walking across a floor.

Is pitter-patter a real word?

Oxford Dictionaries define pitter-patter as onomatopoeic words imitating the sound of rain or footsteps, used especially to refer to the sound of children’s footsteps.

How do you use pitter-patter in a sentence?

The pitter-patter of rain on the Umbrella is soothing.

What is another word for pitter patter?


WHO sounds pitter patter?

raindrops on a tin roof

What is the rain sound called?

The sound of rain is called pitter-patter.

Is pitter a verb?

No, “pitter” is not a verb.

What is a pitter in slang?

A pitter is a slang term for a person who is selfish and unkind.

How do you pronounce pitter?

Pitter is pronounced as “pih-tuhr”.

What pattering means?

The definition of pattering is a light, quick sound or movement, or a fast, repetitive speech.

How do you spell peter out?


What do you call putting things together?

Most people would say “assembling” or “building.”

What is the word for to arrange in proper order?

The word for this is “organize.”

What is the synonym of cohesive?

The synonym of cohesive is sticky.

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