What does Shotgunning mean in slang?

Drinking beer from a can or bottle without using one’s hands, by puncturing the can or bottle on the side near the bottom with one’s teeth, and tilting one’s head back to allow the beer to flow directly into the drinker’s mouth.

Where did the term Shotgunning come from?

The term shotgunning comes from the act of holding a can of beer up to one’s mouth and opening it so that the beer foams up and goes directly into the drinker’s mouth.

Does shotgunning get you drunk?

a. Yes

b. No

c. It depends on the person

How do you shotgun?

First, you need a shotgun. Second, you need shells for the shotgun. Third, you need to load the shotgun with the shells. Fourth, you need to point the shotgun in the air and pull the trigger.

What is it called when you share smoke with someone?

A “smoke session.”

How can you tell if someone is secretly smoking?

If someone is secretly smoking, they may have smoker’s breath, yellow teeth, or smelling like smoke.

What does it mean to smoke on someone?

When you smoke on someone, you are inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke in their direction.

What is a spliff in slang?

A spliff is a cigarette, usually marijuana, rolled with tobacco.

What is smoke slang for?

Smoke is slang for marijuana.

What are the 3 types of smoking?

The three types of smoking are active smoking, passive smoking, and thirdhand smoking.

What is a smolder look?

When someone gives you a smolder look, they are looking at you with intense and deep eyes. This look is often used to show sexual or romantic interest.

What is the point of shotgunning a drink?

There is no real point to shotgunning a drink other than to drink it quickly.

How does shotgunning a beer affect you?

Shotgunning a beer affects you by causing you to become more intoxicated than if you had simply drank the beer. The act of shotgunning a beer also causes you to become more impaired, making it more likely that you will make poor decisions or engage in risky behavior.

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