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What goes good with Ole Smoky Blue Flame?

Ole Smoky Blue Flame is a rich and smoky flavored moonshine. To best appreciate its flavor, it is best served neat and unadulterated. But if you’re looking to mix it up, there are a few cocktails and dishes that pair nicely with the bold flavor of Ole Smoky Blue Flame.

One easy way to enjoy Blue Flame is to mix it with a natural fruit juice like orange or grapefruit. The sweetness of the juice balances out the intense moonshine flavor and creates a light and refreshing cocktail.

If you want to get more creative, try out recipes like the Blue Smokey Julep or the Blue Flame Martini. For the Julep, combine Ole Smoky Blue Flame with fresh sweet tea and a little mint syrup. For the Martini, mix Blue Flame, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

You can also pair Ole Smoky Blue Flame with savory dishes like spicy tacos or even a slow-cooked brisket. The smokiness of the moonshine enhances the seasoning of the food, making it a delicious accompaniment.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Ole Smoky Blue Flame, it is sure to make your next cocktail party or dinner a blast.

What is the thing to mix moonshine with?

The ‘thing’ to mix moonshine with depends heavily on personal preference. While some may choose to add fruit or other flavoring ingredients to create their own unique moonshine recipe, one of the most popular mixers for moonshine is water.

After distillation, moonshine is usually bottled at around 190 proof and adding water can help to dilute it and reduce its proof which makes it more palatable. Some people may choose to add colas, juices, syrups, or other mixes to their moonshine and create their own unique cocktails.

While moonshine traditionally doesn’t refer to any specific type of alcohol, it is generally accepted as unaged whiskey and can be made from a number of grains such as malted barley, rye, corn, or wheat.

Although traditional, some recipes of moonshine may add other flavors such as fruit, honey, spices, or herbs to give it extra flavor.

What flavor is blue flame moonshine?

Blue Flame Moonshine is a flavor of moonshine made by Heaven’s Door Distillery, based out of Tennessee and founded by music icon Bob Dylan. It has a smooth, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of lemon and lavender.

The recipe is a mix of Tennessee corn and rye, just like the original moonshines of the area. The smoothness of this ‘shine comes from a special release aging of 3 months in charred oak barrels. The hint of lemon and lavender comes from the addition of natural botanicals.

Overall, Blue Flame Moonshine is a smooth and slightly sweet moonshine with a hint of lemon and lavender from the natural botanicals.

Does Ole Smoky moonshine get you drunk?

Yes, Ole Smoky Moonshine can get you drunk. Moonshine is a strong type of alcohol, ranging between 40-90% alcohol by volume. Depending on the proof of the moonshine, it can cause intoxication if consumed in enough quantity.

Ole Smoky Moonshine offers several different types of moonshine at various proofs. For example, their White Lightnin’ moonshine line ranges from 60-100 proof and their Apple Pie moonshine is 90 proof.

It is important to note that because of the high alcohol content in moonshine, drinking it in excess can be dangerous and can affect a person differently than drinking other types of alcohol such as beer or wine.

It is therefore always important to drink responsibly and be aware of the effects of alcohol on your body.

What is the strongest moonshine you can buy?

The strongest moonshine you can buy is in the form of Everclear Grain Alcohol. Everclear is a highly concentrated grain alcohol that is 190 proof, or 95% alcohol by volume. It is the only grain alcohol available to buy with this higher alcohol concentration.

While other forms of liquor and spirits have a much lower alcohol concentration, Everclear can be up to 4 times stronger than these alcoholic beverages. However, it is important to note that Everclear Grain Alcohol should not be taken lightly.

It is highly flammable and can be dangerous to consume in large quantities. For this reason, it is illegal to purchase or possess Everclear in some states. Additionally, using Everclear to make homemade liquor and spirits can be a risky process and should be done with extreme caution.

Can you drink 180 proof moonshine?

Yes, you can drink 180 proof moonshine but it is important to remember that it is almost twice as strong as traditional alcohol. Drinking a large amount of this high-proof alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning, as well as long-term health consequences.

It is not recommended to drink large amounts of moonshine due to the potential for harm. For those wanting to try 180 proof moonshine, it is important to consider how alcohol affects you before taking the plunge.

Start by taking a small sip and gauging how your body reacts. Then, you can decide if you want to proceed, mixing the moonshine with a mixer like soda. It is also important to consume responsibly, alternating between water and alcohol, and understanding your limits.

Is moonshine worse than Everclear?

Moonshine and Everclear are both powerful spirits with a high alcohol content. However, they differ in terms of taste and legality.

Moonshine is a strong, clear spirit made from grain that is usually illegally produced. It may be made from corn, sugar, or other grains, and can have a higher alcohol content than other spirits, ranging from 30-90% ABV.

It can taste harsh and rough, and is commonly filtered with charcoal for smoother texture. The quality of moonshine can vary greatly depending on the production methods.

Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol sold in a few countries, including the United States. It has a high alcohol content, ranging from 75-95% ABV. Since it is not an illegally produced spirit, such as moonshine, it is subject to quality control and may taste smoother than moonshine.

Whether or not moonshine is worse than Everclear depends on individual preference. Generally speaking, Everclear is the more reliable, higher quality product due to its quality control regulations. However, moon shine can have a more interesting flavor profile than Everclear, which some may prefer.

In the end, it comes down to personal taste.

Is Everclear a moonshine?

No, Everclear is not a moonshine. Everclear is a brand of grain alcohol, such as vodka or rum, that is usually bottled at high proof (150-190 proof, or 75-95% alcohol by volume). It is an unflavored, clear distilled spirit made from a variety of grains, such as corn and wheat.

In the United States, it is primarily made and sold in the southern states such as Texas and Tennessee. Moonshine is an illegal distilled spirit that is made without regulation or taxation, often in remote, rural areas, and is usually made from corn mash.

Moonshine is typically a higher proof than Everclear (the legal limit is 160 proof/80% ABV, while moonshine can go up to 190 proof/95% ABV), and it is often flavored with herbs and fruits. Moonshine has a much longer history than Everclear and has been produced since the 18th century in the United States.

What can I add to my moonshine?

You can add a variety of different ingredients, such as fruits, spices, and herbs, to your moonshine, depending on the flavor profile you’re trying to create. Commonly used fruits include cherries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples, and peaches – although any kind of fruit can be used.

For sweetness, you can add honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, or even simple syrup. Depending on the kind of moonshine you’re making, you may want to use some type of grains, like oats, wheat, rye, corn, or barley.

Herbs and spices, such as vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, peppercorn, and cardamom can all be used to lend additional flavor. If you want a more intense flavor, try infusing ingredients like peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, oranges, lemons, or limes directly in the moonshine.

Finally, if you’re going for a real smooth finish, you can try aging your moonshine in oak barrels.

How are you supposed to drink moonshine?

Moonshine should be consumed in moderation and with caution, as it is an extremely strong alcoholic beverage. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the legal drinking age in your jurisdiction and follow it accordingly.

When consuming moonshine, it is important to drink it with caution and care, because it is quite intense and often high-proof. According to many moonshine enthusiasts, it should be tasted quite slowly and carefully, as opposed to taking quick drinks.

Many people enjoy it with food or other beverages, such as juice or cola, which helps to dilute the intensity and tame some of the harsh flavours. Additionally, having the moonshine alongside something to eat can help to avoid the “burn” that is often associated with moonshine, which can be unpleasant for some.

Ultimately, it is best to understand how much you can handle, and to drink responsibly.

Do you drink moonshine on its own?

No, I do not drink moonshine on its own. Moonshine is a high-proof, unaged alcohol, and it can be quite dangerous if consumed without being cut with something else. If you’re drinking moonshine for the taste, it may be best to consume it like you would a traditional spirit and mix it with a mixer such as cola or lemonade.

While some people may enjoy consuming moonshine on its own, it is important to be cautious when drinking it, as its high proof can quickly lead to intoxication and health complications.

Is moonshine the strongest alcohol?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as there are a lot of variables to consider. Generally speaking, moonshine is a type of alcohol that is distilled from fermented sugar or corn and it is usually clear in color.

It gets its name from the fact that it was originally made in secret, often at night by the light of the moon, hence the name “moonshine. ” In terms of alcohol content, moonshine is usually around 40% alcohol by volume (abv), which makes it about 80 proof.

However, there are some moonshines that have been known to reach up to 95% abv, which would make them 190 proof. So in terms of alcohol content, moonshine is definitely one of the strongest alcohols that you can find.

However, there are other factors to consider as well, such as the quality of the moonshine. If it is poorly made, it can be much weaker and less potent. Additionally, how the moonshine is consumed can also make a difference.

For example, if it is taken straight, without any mixers, it will be much stronger than if it is mixed with something like juice or soda. Ultimately, it is hard to say definitively which alcohol is the strongest, as there are so many variables to consider.

Will moonshine give you a hangover?

Yes, moonshine can give you a hangover. Moonshine is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage that has a very high alcohol content, which makes it more likely to lead to a hangover than other types of alcohol.

Hangovers are caused by a variety of things, but the main culprit is dehydration. When drinking a lot of alcohol, your body needs more water to replenish all the fluids that were lost in the process, and when you don’t hydrate enough, you can experience the symptoms of a hangover.

Additionally, drinking moonshine can cause dehydration due to its high alcohol content, making hangovers more likely. Another factor that can contribute to a hangover from moonshine is its lack of filtration.

Moonshine is usually made without being filtered, so impurities can be present in the mixture, leading to more severe hangovers with longer lasting effects. In order to minimize any hangover from moonshine, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink responsibly.

Eating food before and after drinking as well as taking vitamins can also help prevent a hangover.

How long does it take to get drunk from moonshine?

As the rate of intoxication can differ greatly depending on a variety of factors. The most important factor in how quickly someone gets drunk is their body weight. Generally, people with a lower body weight will get drunk more quickly, while people with a higher body weight will take longer to experience the effects of alcohol.

Other factors such as tolerance, the rate of consumption, and environmental factors can also affect the amount of time it takes for someone to get drunk from moonshine.

The general rule of thumb is that it takes about sixty minutes for one standard drink to reach its peak concentration in the bloodstream. However, the time it takes for someone to feel the effects of moonshine will depend on how many drinks they consumed and the quality of the drink.

Low-quality moonshine tends to contain more impurities and be stronger than higher-grade alcohol, meaning it can take less time for someone to feel its effects. Additionally, drinking on an empty stomach can make it take less time to get drunk as well.

In general, people will start feeling the effects of moonshine within 30 minutes of consuming it and start to feel drunk after consuming two or more standard drinks. However, it is important to note that everybody’s bodies, tolerance levels, and drinking styles are different and can therefore experience a different rate of intoxication.

Therefore, it is important to always drink responsibly and remember not to drink and drive.

How much alcohol does moonshine have?

Moonshine is an alcoholic beverage that is typically made through an illegal distilling process in which the alcohol content is not regulated. This means that the amount of alcohol in moonshine can vary significantly, depending on the method and ingredients used during production.

Generally, most versions of moonshine have an alcohol content that is between 30-90% ABV (alcohol by volume). To put this into perspective, most mass-produced beers and ciders have an ABV of around 5-7%, while a craft beer can range anywhere from 5-12%.

Spirits like vodka and whiskey can range from 35-50%, and higher proof spirits like Everclear, for example, are around 95% ABV.

Multiple factors can affect the amount of alcohol in moonshine, such as the type of grains used, fermentation time, and amount of distillation. Professional distillers usually have a good idea of what methods they need to use to create a moonshine with a certain ABV, but inexperienced distillers may not be aware of this and may produce an end-product that has an unexpectedly high alcohol content.

Ultimately, the amount of alcohol in moonshine will vary greatly depending on how it was created, and it can range from extremely low alcohol content up to potentially dangerous levels.

What type of liquor is Ole Smoky Moonshine?

Ole Smoky Moonshine is an authentic, regulated, Appalachian moonshine made from corn, malt, and sugar. It is craft-distilled in copper pot stills at two distilleries, located in Gatlinburg and Townsend, Tennessee.

It is unaged and has a clear, yellowish-brown hue. It is also gluten-free and handcrafted without artificial flavoring or added sugar. Generally, Ole Smoky Moonshine is between 80 and 90 proof, with its signature moonshine flavors of caramel, maple, and smoky corn.

Additionally, the brand offers over 110 unique flavors of fruit-infused moonshines, such as apple pie, lemon drop, salted caramel, and white lightnin’. These unique flavors are blended with either original moonshine or whiskey and they can be enjoyed straight or in cocktails.

What kind of alcohol is moonshine?

Moonshine is a type of distilled alcohol, usually made from corn mash. It is a clear, unaged alcohol that contains a high concentration of ethanol and other chemicals such as methanol. Although the name “moonshine” originated in the U.

S. , it is now associated with many countries around the world. It is also referred to as “White Lightning” or “Hooch. ” A traditional Moonshine still will consist of a mash cooker, a boiler, a condenser, and a cap.

The mash is heated with a heat source until all the fermentable sugar has been converted to ethanol. The alcohol is then separated and collected using the condenser. The ethanol is then stored in jugs or barrels and can be consumed as is or used to make other alcoholic beverages.

Many enjoy the taste of moonshine because it is unaged and has a unique, distinctive flavor and aroma. Moonshine can have a variety of strength levels, ranging from 40–200 proof.

What are the main ingredients in moonshine?

Moonshine is typically made with a base of a grain such as corn, barley, or rye. The grain is crushed, mixed with water, and allowed to ferment. To further accelerate the process, yeast is added. Sugar, either in the form of molasses, honey, or other forms, is also added to kick off the fermentation process and provide a source of alcohol.

Once the fermentation process is complete, the liquid, now known as ‘wort’, is distilled in order to produce a high-proof alcohol, or moonshine. This process may be repeated multiple times to produce a higher-proof version.

Depending on local regulations and resources, other ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and other flavors may be added to produce a unique flavor.

What does proof mean alcohol?

Proof is a measure of the alcohol content in an alcoholic beverage, usually expressed as a number that is twice the percentage of alcohol in a given volume of liquid. For example, an 80 proof beverage would contain 40% alcohol.

The term is derived from the fact that historically, the alcoholic content of a beverage was determined by soaking gunpowder in the liquid, and then trying to ignite it—if the gunpowder would ignite, it was considered “proof” that there was sufficient alcohol present to flammable.