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What goes in your pocket but keep it empty?

A pocket, by definition, does not necessarily need to contain items or objects, so the answer to this question is nothing. It can still be useful and serve its purpose in an empty state. For example, a pocket can help to hold a shirt’s shape and keep it in place, even without being filled with items.

Additionally, an empty pocket can provide an easy access location to store small items while on the go, making it more convenient to keep items safe and secure.

What are you certain to find in your pocket?

The things that you are certain to find in your pockets are varied depending on what you have put in them. Common items found in pockets are wallets, keys, phones, change, and other miscellaneous items like lighters or chewing gum.

It may also be possible to find items like receipts, loose pieces of paper, cards, and even pens inside your pockets. Additionally, you can find items related to hobbies or interests you have like a book, food wrappers, or small items related to a sport you play.

What one finds in their pocket is typically based on personal preference and carried items that vary by person.

What can wake you up without electricity?

If you have access to natural light, you can set an alarm clock that is powered by a mechanical wind-up or mainspring, which keeps time without having to be plugged in to an electrical power source. Or you can buy an app-connected device that is powered by sunlight from a solar cell.

Other options include using a battery-powered radio or alarm clock, an analog alarm clock with an independent ringing mechanism, or a loud whistle or bell. You could also opt for a less traditional option: waking up to the sound of your own voice by using a voice-activated alarm clock.

If you choose to use an alarm clock, consider using a model with a snooze button so you can easily hit the snooze button and get a few extra minutes of sleep.

Where can you always find money answer?

You can always find money in a bank. Whether it be a credit union, a commercial bank, or an online bank, banks are a reliable way to store and access money. Banks are institutions that are heavily regulated by governmental agencies, and your money will be kept safe in their accounts.

Furthermore, when you open an account with a bank, they’ll typically offer other services such as debit cards, ATMs, and access to other financial products such as loans, credit cards, and investment accounts.

While there may be some initial costs associated with setting up an account and maintaining it, banks are a secure and dependable way to access money and build your financial portfolio.

What has Bilbo got in his pocket?

Bilbo has many things in his pockets, depending on the situation. Generally speaking, he usually has a handkerchief, a pipe, a wallet, his keys, and a pocketknife. He also often carries a variety of small trinkets, such as coins, buttons, and other little mementos that he has picked up along the way.

Additionally, Bilbo often carries some leftover food from his travels, in case he gets hungry. If it is a special occasion, he may even carry a gift for a friend or loved one. No matter what is in his pockets, there is often something interesting to be found.

What goes in water red and comes black?

The answer to this question is a rusty nail. When it is placed in water, it may have a red tint from the rust, but once it is removed, the nail will turn black. Rust occurs when iron or alloy is exposed to the air and moisture for an extended period of time, which causes a red or orange oxidation to occur.

When the nail is submerged in water, the oxidation is broken down and the nail appears to go from red to black.

What grows bigger the more you contract it?

A black hole! Black holes are regions of spacetime where gravity is so strong that not even light can escape its gravitational pull. Because of this, they can consume everything in its path, including stars, planets, and other matter that stray too close.

As matter is drawn into the black hole, it contracts, becoming increasingly dense and generating an even greater gravitational force. This force grows and grows, steadily pulling in more matter and making the black hole bigger with time.

In essence, black holes grow larger the more they contract, becoming even stronger as they consume additional material.

What is a stylish winter top that covers your larynx?

A turtleneck sweater is a great option for a stylish winter top that covers your larynx. Turtleneck sweaters are typically made with warm, comfortable fabrics such as wool, cotton, or synthetic materials.

This type of sweater provides extra warmth around the neck, which is important to prevent the larynx from getting too cold. Turtleneck sweaters are available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, making it easy to find one that suits your wardrobe.

Other fashionable winter tops that cover the larynx include polo-neck sweaters, high-neck blouses, and mock-neck shirts. For extra warmth and protection, you can pair any of these items with a scarf, a shawl, or a winter coat.

What goes all over the house but touches nothing?

The answer is sound. Sound waves travel through the air and can be heard in each room of a house, but they don’t physically touch anything. Sound transmits vibration, but doesn’t leave any residue or cause any physical effect like other forms of energy.

Additionally, sound is a type of energy that can not be seen; however, its effects can be heard and felt. For example, sound can cause objects to vibrate which can create heat or other forms of energy.

What goes around the house and in it but never touches the house?

The answer is the wind. Wind is an invisible force, invisible until it moves something, such as blowing leaves or making a flag flutter. Wind can go around and in a house, but it never actually touches the house walls or roof.

Wind is created by the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface, when the air near the ground is heated by solar radiation, it rises, and cooler air rushes in to take its place, creating the wind. The areas with the greatest temperature change are the places with the strongest winds.

What can be seen but not touched?

Many things can be seen but not touched. Examples include the moon, the stars, colors, and a rainbow. Even though these things can be seen, felt, or even heard, it is impossible to touch them. Other things that can be seen but not touched include light, shadows, thoughts, emotions, and dreams.

All of these things can be experienced, but not physically touched.

What is neither inside the house outside the house but no house is complete without it?

The answer is furniture. Furniture is an essential part of the home, as it provides comfort and functionality, as well as adding style and design to a house. Furniture can be found both inside and outside a home, depending on the type of furniture.

Inside the house, furniture can include tables, chairs, sofas, side tables, rugs, and lamps. Outside the house, furniture may include patio chairs, benches, outdoor tables, and more. No house is complete without furniture.

It helps to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, as well as being a key element of interior design.

What has cities without houses?

Cities without houses are those that exist on paper, but have never been populated or developed. They are typically located within existing metro areas and can have boundaries, such as roads, set out to differentiate them from nearby towns and villages.

Examples of cities without houses include Bruceville-Eddy in Texas, Algodones in New Mexico, and Berlin in California. These cities are created for various reasons, but usually involve development plans that were put on hold or abandoned due to lack of funding or interest.

As such, they never grew beyond the map-drawing stage and remain as an architectural artifact, rather than fully-fledged cities.

What can run but not walk?

Many things can run but not walk. Animals like cheetahs, ostriches, and horses can all run but not walk, as can machines like cars, trains, and airplanes. Additionally, some robots and other machines can move and propel themselves forward via running.

Finally, software can be programmed to run and execute various applications, such as word processors, web browsers, and games.