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What is Levi’s last fight?

Levi’s last fight was against the Beast Titan. The fight began shortly after Levi saved Connie, Jean and Sasha from the falling boulders, created by the Beast Titan. Levi then proceeded to confront the Beast Titan and unleashed an onslaught of attacks.

However, the Beast Titan was too powerful, managing to dodge every single one of Levi’s attacks. Eventually, the Beast Titan managed to gain the upper hand, slashing Levi’s leg with the nape of his neck.

This caused Levi to fall to the ground in defeat, and the Beast Titan used his form of Titan-Manducation on him. Eventually, the Beast Titan was defeated by Eren and their allies, saving Levi in the process.

What is Levi’s ending Attack on Titan?

Levi’s ending to Attack on Titan was bittersweet but ultimately positive. After being thrown into an alternate dimension with the help of Eren and the remaining Scout Regiment, Levi was finally able to put a stop to the Titans once and for all.

However, despite their victory, Levi chose to remain in the alternate dimension with the promise of freeing the souls of the people who had been turned into Titans and restore their humanity. Despite the fact that he had to say a proper goodbye to his long-time friend and companion, Mikasa, Levi chose to put his own life on the line in order to save others and at last make up for his past sins.

It’s a powerful reminder that, even in the midst of despair, one can still find redemption and bring hope to the world.

Who does Levi end up with AOT?

At the end of Attack on Titan, Levi Ackerman ends up with Petra Ral, a childhood friend from his hometown of Ragako. Petra first appeared when Levi and Mikasa joined the Survey Corps to invade Shiganshina, the town that was once home to the Ackerman family.

During the mission, Petra appears to be severely injured and Levi rushes to save her life. With his actions, Petra develops a close bond with Levi, showing admiration and loyalty to him throughout their journey.

In their later adventures, Petra protects Levi and her fellow recruits, eventually becoming a leader and a key strategist among them. Following Eren’s mission in the Marley arc, Petra, who has since earned the nickname ‘boldness of the dawn’ (za shoumetsu ou), appears in the epilogue of the manga in which she is seen walking hand in hand with Levi.

After all of their experiences together, it’s safe to say the two of them have become a couple and are likely to remain together for the long haul.

Is Levi alive at the end of Attack on Titan?

Yes, Levi is alive at the end of Attack on Titan. After the events of the final battle between the Survey Corps and King’s Furious Army, Levi is seen walking away with the surviving Survey Corps members.

Despite his struggles with his inner demons, Levi’s hard work and determination were key in the victory of the Survey Corps, and his heroism is acknowledged by his comrades. Although his fate is still left a mystery, Levi is still alive and can be seen continuing to fight against the Titans with the rest of the Survey Corps.

Does Levi fight in the end?

Yes, Levi does fight in the end of the series. He and the rest of the Survey Corps finally face the Titans at the roof of Wall Maria, the edge of the city, in an epic battle. Levi and the other members battle ferociously and successfully manage to push the Titans back.

However, they take heavy losses in the process. Despite the death of many of their comrades, the Survey Corps ultimately emerge victorious and save the city and humanity. At the end of the fight, Levi stands at the top of a pile of unconscious Titans, showing that despite all the odds, the Survey Corps triumphed.

Why does Levi end up in a wheelchair?

Levi ends up in a wheelchair due to an unfortunate accident that occurred during a party. Prior to the event, Levi was celebrating a success at work with his colleagues. As the night went on, he decided to try a daring jump from a balcony onto an inflatable pool.

Unfortunately, the jump didn’t go as planned and as a result, Levi landed on his legs, fracturing them both and leaving him unable to walk. Since then, he has had to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

Who takes care of Levi in the end?

In the end Levi is taken care of by a group of caring individuals, including an older couple called the Reeds who take him in and become his legal guardians, as well as a woman named Louise who helps him learn to cope with his anxiety.

These individuals work together to provide Levi with a loving and secure home, encouraging him to pursue his own dreams and find his own path in life. They are understanding and supportive of Levi, allowing him to make his own decisions and encouraging him to be who he wants to be.

In addition to the Reeds, who become his legal guardians, there are other important individuals who help take care of him. These include his former teacher Mrs. Hamilton and her husband, who provide advice and guidance, and several other members of his small town community.

All of these people work together to help him make sense of his life and continue to provide him with love and support in times of difficulty.

Who kills Reiner?

Reiner is assassinated by Bertolt Hoover, one of his former Survey Corps comrades and the Colossal Titan, in the operation to recapture Wall Maria. During the battle, Bertolt’s Titan form is about to devour Reiner, but Mikasa intervenes and cuts off Bertolt’s nape, sparing Reiner and killing Bertolt instead.

Following this, Reiner is saved from his Titan form by Eren and is taken back to the corps’ temporary camp. Unfortunately, Reiner succumbs to his wounds and dies from blood loss soon after.

Will Levi appear in final season?

At this time, it is unclear as to whether or not Levi Ackerman will appear in the final season of Attack on Titan. Levi was last seen alive in the season 4 finale, so many fans are hoping to see him return.

However, due to the current storyline and the death of the character, it is yet to be confirmed if Levi will appear in the final season. Fans will have to wait until the season is released to find out if Levi will be making an appearance.

Will Levi be able to walk again?

It is difficult to answer this question definitively without knowing the specifics of Levi’s condition. If Levi has sustained a physical injury, such as a broken bone or torn ligament, he may be able to walk again with the help of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

However, if he is suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder, such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, it will be much more difficult to determine whether or not he will be able to walk again.

In these cases, it is often difficult to predict the course of the disorder and the degree of mobility that will be possible. Ultimately, it is impossible to know whether or not Levi will be able to walk again until more information becomes available regarding his condition, treatment options, and prognosis.

What episode does Levi fight?

Levi fights in many episodes throughout the Attack on Titan anime series. He first fights in episode 5, during the battle against a female Titan. He then goes on to be a key player in numerous fights against other Titans, as well as helping to rescue Eren during his failed suicide mission in episode 14.

He also fights in the Battle of Trost in episode 17 and helps to keep Eren safe during his operations to seal the breach in episode 23. Later on he fights against both the Beast Titan and the Armored Titan in episodes 25 and 26, helping his team to discover the secrets of the Titans’ origins.

Finally, he also helps to lead the assault on the Reiss Chapel in episode 37 and is present during the Battle of Shiganshina in the finale.

What body parts did Levi lose?

Levi lost his right leg and right arm in a motorcycle accident. He had to undergo multiple surgeries to amputate both his right arm and right leg. As a result, Levi has become a double amputee. Despite this, Levi has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, helping others who have suffered from physical disabilities.

He has also become an advocate for disability rights and uses his experience to help educate others about living with physical disabilities.

Did Levi lose any body parts?

No, Levi did not lose any body parts. Although Levi was a very brave soldier, he was lucky enough to avoid any serious injuries throughout the entirety of his military service. Levi was known to have escaped several close calls unscathed, which was remarkable considering the situations he was often placed in during his career as a soldier.

That being said, Levi did suffer some minor wounds throughout his service and was often seen to employ a cane. He was also known to have injuries to his left arm and leg, some of which may have been a result of combat, but none of which resulted in the loss of any body parts.

What injuries did Levi get?

Levi suffered several injuries in the attack that he endured. He had multiple broken ribs, a broken jaw, and a puncture wound in his left shoulder. Additionally, he had multiple lacerations on his face, head, and arms.

Most seriously, he had a fractured skull, which was the most life-threatening injury. Fortunately, due to the quick response of paramedics and the care he received at the hospital, Levi was able to make a full recovery from all his injuries.

Does Levi get his fingers back?

Yes, Levi does get his fingers back eventually! At the end of season 4, it is revealed that he has gone through a surgery to regain the use of his fingers. The surgery was a success and his fingers were reattached thanks to Dr. Kuchel and his team from the Mangan Institute, who specialize in restoring the quality of life for those facing the loss of a limb.

Levi is able to finally regain full movement of his fingers, and can now use them to write, type, and play video games without any issues. He is even able to draw in sketchbooks once more. Although the process was long and difficult, Levi is ultimately able to use his fingers again and has come to terms with his disability.