What is the climate for apricot trees?

The apricot tree prefers a cold climate with long, cool winters.

What zones do apricots grow in?

The climate zones for apricots are 5-9.

Do you need 2 apricot trees to produce fruit?

No, you only need one apricot tree to produce fruit.

Can apricots grow in hot climate?

Yes, apricots can grow in hot climates.

Can you grow apricots in Florida?

Yes, you can grow apricots in Florida.

How can you tell an apricot tree from a leaf?

The apricot tree has alternate, simple leaves that are oval in shape and have toothed edges. The leaf is attached to the tree by a short petiole.

Does an apricot tree have thorns?

Some varieties of apricot tree have thorns, while others do not.

Do you have to graft apricot trees?

No, you do not have to graft apricot trees.

What is Wavit rootstock?

There is no such thing as Wavit rootstock.

Are dwarf peach trees grafted?

Dwarf peach trees are not grafted.

How much space does an apricot tree need?

We recommend spacing your apricot trees 12-18 feet apart.

How deep do apricot tree roots go?

Apricot tree roots often grow between 6 and 18 inches deep, but they can sometimes grow up to 2 feet deep.

When should you plant an apricot tree?

You should plant an apricot tree in early spring.

Can fruit trees be planted close to House?

It is not recommended to plant fruit trees close to a house foundation, as the roots can damage the foundation and cause problems with the sewer line.

What happens if you plant fruit trees too close together?

The trees will compete for resources and one or both of the trees may die.

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