What is the opposite of quaff?

The opposite of quaff would be to sip. Quaffing typically means to drink large quantities of a beverage in a short amount of time while sipping typically implies taking smaller amounts of a beverage and doing it more slowly.

Does the word quaff mean?

A quaff is a hearty draught of a drink, especially an alcoholic one. It can also be used to mean to drink something deeply or greedily.

What is a synonym for coif?

A coif is a close-fitting cap worn by men and women in the late medieval and Tudor periods in England. It covered the hair and ears and was usually made of linen.

How do you use rectitude in a sentence?

Rectitude is the quality of being honest and fair.

What part of speech is rectitude?

Rectitude is a noun.

Is there a word QUAF?

I cannot find a word “QUAF” in any dictionary.

How do you spell quaff as in hairdo?

Quaff is spelled as Q-U-A-F-F.

Is QUAG a valid Scrabble?

No, “QUAG” is not a valid Scrabble word.

What does it mean when you quaff?

When you quaff, it means you’re drinking deeply from a cup or mug, often to the point of draining it.

What does quaffed hair mean?

Quaffed hair is a hairstyle that is characterized by its voluminous, often curly, and styled appearance. It is a popular hairstyle among men and women alike and can be achieved with a variety of products and styling methods.

What language is quaff?

Quaff means to drink deeply or greedily, typically an alcoholic drink.

Is Quat in the Scrabble dictionary?

No, Quat is not in the Scrabble dictionary.

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