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What kind of beer is Kona Longboard?

Kona Longboard is an American-style lager produced by Kona Brewing Co. based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It is a deep golden lager with a crisp and smooth flavor profile. With a light body and mild bitterness, Kona Longboard is balanced and easy to drink.

The malt character is slightly sweet with a hint of toasted flavor followed by the noble hop character from the signature blend of German and American hops. The ABV is 4.6%. Kona Longboard is a great lager for everyday drinking and pairs well with a variety of foods such as grilled cheese, tacos, pizza, ceviche, and more.

Try it for yourself and let your taste buds enjoy the flavors of Hawaii!.

Is Kona an IPA?

No, Kona is not an IPA (India Pale Ale). Kona is a beer brand brewed by Kona Brewing Company located in Hawaii. Kona offers an array of craft beers using local ingredients, including lagers, ale, stouts, and hard seltzers.

Although Kona does offer an IPA called Big Wave Golden Ale, it is not the beer that Kona is best known for. Kona’s most beloved and award-winning beers are their flagship beer, Kona Longboard Island Lager, Pau Hana Pilsner, and Wailua Wheat beer in limited release.

Kona Brewing Company also offers rotating seasonal beers such as Passion Fruit Leeward Coast Ale, Pipeline Porter, and Castaway IPA. Overall, Kona is not an IPA; it is a beer brand that offers an array of craft beers.

Is Kona considered craft beer?

Yes, Kona beer is widely considered to be craft beer, as it meets all of the criteria to qualify as such. The Kona Brewing Company was founded in 1994 on Hawaii’s Big Island and is the largest craft brewery in the state.

The brewery produces an assortment of core beers and some specialty and seasonal brews, using traditional brewing methods and local ingredients. Kona beers have consistently been awarded for their unique flavors and quality, particularly at the Great American Beer Festival.

Due to its long-standing record of creating successful craft beers, Kona beer is widely recognized as craft beer in the craft beer community.

What is not a craft beer?

A beer that is not considered a craft beer could be a mass-produced, light lager-style beer such as Bud Light, Coors Light, or Miller Lite. These beers generally use rice or corn adjuncts and have low levels of hops and other flavorful ingredients.

They are known for being light, refreshing and their low price point. Additionally, many non-craft beers are made in industrial breweries with standardized processes and recipes.

Is Kona Brewing owned by Anheuser-Busch?

No, Kona Brewing is not owned by Anheuser-Busch. Kona Brewing is owned by Craft Brew Alliance (CBA), an independent craft brewery that brews and sells beer. Kona Brewing is the flagship brewery of CBA and produces a variety of ales and lagers, including its popular namesake, Kona Longboard Island Lager.

The company was founded in 1994 by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. CBA is publicly traded and is only 27.8% owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest beer producer in the world. While Anheuser-Busch InBev assists CBA with sales, they are not involved in Kona Brewing or the production of their award-winning beer.

Is Kona beer brewed in Hawaii?

Yes, Kona beer is brewed in Hawaii. Kona Brewing Company was officially established in 1994 and has been making beer in Hawaii ever since. The production plant is located in Kailua-Kona on the west side of the Big Island in Hawaii.

The brewery is the largest and oldest craft brewery in the state of Hawaii, brewing a variety of core beers, as well as a selection of seasonal and limited release beers. The brewery also has a brewPub in Kailua-Kona, where visitors can taste a number of small batch brews that are not available anywhere else in the world.

It is worth noting that many Kona beers are also brewed in the mainland U. S. at Anheuser-Busch’s facility in New Hampshire, but all the beers brewed in Hawaii are stamped with the Hawaiian Brewing license to signify they were brewed in Hawaii.

What is the percentage of alcohol in longboard beer?

Longboard Island Lager, one of the flagship beers of the Kona Brewing Company, has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 4.2%. This means that 4.2% of the liquid in a 12-ounce bottle or can of Longboard Island Lager is actually alcohol, while the rest is made up of a blend of malts, water, and hops.

The ABV of Longboard Island Lager is slightly higher than the 3.8% ABV of the more popular Kona Big Wave, making Longboard a bit more potent.

What does longboard beer taste like?

Longboard beer has a smooth, malty flavour with a hint of tropical fruit, caramel and toasted nut. It has a smooth mouthfeel with a slightly hoppy finish and a balance of malt and hops. The beer is surprisingly light in colour despite a medium body and has a creamy, buttery finish.

It pairs nicely with a variety of foods, especially spicy dishes and seafood. Longboard beer is best enjoyed directly from a bottle or a chilled glass, at a temperature of approximately 5-7°C.

How many calories are in a Kona Longboard?

A Kona Longboard contains 255 calories. Longboards are typically made from a combination of roasted and malted barley, wheat and maize, which gives them their high calorie content. The Kona Longboard also contains 5 grams of fat, 36 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of protein per 12-ounce serving.

It also contains about 10% of the recommended daily value for sugar. Longboard beers are generally more caloric than other beers due to the higher alcohol content, higher sugar content, and presence of malt and barley.

What flavor is Kona big wave?

Kona Big Wave is a Golden Ale made with a blend of malts and subtle Kona roasted coffee specifically sourced from Kona, Hawaii. It has a crisp, clean finish with just a hint of Kona coffee flavor, creating a light and aromatic taste.

The golden color and aroma suggest a sweet caramel malt base, while the body and flavor show a slight citrus hop character. Kona Big Wave is available in cans and on draft nationwide, and is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

What kind of beer do they drink on Hawaii 5 0?

On Hawaii 5 0, they drink a variety of beer brands both local and imported. Some of the most popular brands seen on the show include Kona Brewing Company which offers Hawaii-brewed beer, and imports such as Heineken and Budweiser.

Cast members have also been seen drinking a variety of popular beers from the mainland such as Coors, Miller and Corona. Additionally, other beers, such as Maui Brewing Company and Big Island Brewhaus, have been featured as part of the island culture.

Beer bottles from these and other breweries can often be seen in the background of scenes during the show or in some cases, the beer may even be featured in the show itself. All in all, Hawaii 5 0 celebrates the local culture by featuring some of the most popular beer brands of Hawaii.

What is the alcohol content of Kona big wave?

Kona Big Wave is a golden-colored, smooth and easydrinking beer with a malty aroma and a light hop character. It is brewed to celebrate the big wave surfers of Hawaii, and it has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 4.4%.

Big Wave is a refreshing, balanced beer that’s perfect for kicking back and enjoying the sunny days of summer. It’s crisp and clean, making it easy to drink and a great choice for enjoying with friends at a barbecue or an outdoor gathering.

Is Longboard a good beer?

It really depends on personal taste, but many people would say that Longboard is a great beer. It’s a refreshing lager from Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii, and it has a malty flavor with slightly sweet aromas.

Some people also detect a hint of tropical fruit and a light hoppy finish. It’s a great choice for those looking for a smooth and easy-drinking beer that’s also flavorful. Longboard is not very strong at 4.

6% ABV, so it’s an ideal choice for a session beer. Many people enjoy it with anything from burgers and BBQ to fish and chips. All in all, Longboard is a great beer that has become quite popular with both craft beer fans and casual drinkers.

Who are the Kona Brewing brothers?

The Kona Brewing brothers are the father and son team of Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. Spoon is the company’s CEO and Cameron serves as its President and Chairman. Starting in 1994, they opened the first Kona Brewing pub in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and quickly grew to become one of the most successful craft breweries in the United States.

The Kona Brewing brothers are known for their passion for brewing high quality beer with a Hawaiian twist. Their flagship beer is called Big Wave Golden Ale, a light golden ale with a smooth malty character, sweet flavor and refreshing finish.

Other widely available Kona Brewing beers include Longboard Island Lager, Fire Rock Pale Ale, and Wailua Wheat, in addition to seasonal and limited release brews.

The Kona Brewing brothers continue to focus on brewing great-tasting beers with a connection to the culture and lifestyle of the islands. They are dedicated to supporting local causes and creating a healthy, sustainable environment.

Does Anheuser-Busch own Kona Brewing?

No, Anheuser-Busch does not own Kona Brewing. Kona Brewing is owned by Craft Brew Alliance, an independent craft brewing organization, which is partially owned by Anheuser-Busch. Kona Brewing was founded in 1994 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa.

After initially growing their brand within Hawaii, Kona Brewing expanded to distribution on the mainland United States in 1998 and to international markets in 2010. In 2016, Kona Brewing joined the Craft Brew Alliance and became part of the A-B family of brands.

While Kona Brewing remains largely independent and self-operating, the Craft Brew Alliance and Anheuser-Busch provide certain operational and financial benefits to the brewing company, such as international distribution, targeted marketing, and related services.

How much did Kona brewery sell for?

Kona brewery was purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) in October 2010 for approximately $14.75 million USD. The acquisition marked the first time that a major global brewer had acquired a craft brewery in the United States.

The transaction was a combination of cash and stock plus incentives based upon future performance. At the time, Kona had annual sales of around 35,000 barrels, most of which was found in the Northwest.

The brand and brews of Kona now have a presence in more than 30 states and 10 countries.

Who are the guys in the Kona beer commercial?

The Kona Beer commercial features two actors, Nathaniel Schell and Stephen Hale, playing a pair of down-to-earth guys in an adventurous mood. The two men travel around the Hawaiian island of Kona on a two-man watercraft, taking in some amazing views and having loads of fun along the way.

The commercial features some extreme sports and a few close shaves. Hale and Schell add a light-hearted tone to the commercial, making it both humorous and enjoyable to watch. Ultimately, the commercial is designed to promote Kona beer as a way to experience adventure in your own backyard.