What kind of oranges are used for Blue Moon?

Different types of oranges are used for Blue Moon, including Valencia, Navel, and blood oranges.

Is there citrus in Blue Moon?

Citrus is not an ingredient in Blue Moon.

What fruit do you put in Blue Moon?

systematic blue moonfruit

What mixes well with Blue Moon?

Blue Moon goes well with many things, but some examples include orange juice, lemonade, and cranberry juice.

How do you drink a Blue Moon?

But most people seem to prefer drinking Blue Moon with a wedge of orange.

What’s in a Blue Moon beer?

Some people say that a Blue Moon beer is brewed with fruit, while others say that there is no real difference between a Blue Moon beer and any other type of wheat beer.

Does Blue Moon have orange in it?

Blue Moon beer does not have orange in it.

What ingredients are in a Blue Moon cocktail?

A Blue Moon cocktail contains gin, lemon juice, sugar, and blue curaçao.

Is Blue Moon a healthy beer?

Including the ingredients used and the brewing process. However, some health experts suggest that moderate consumption of beer can be part of a healthy diet.

Why do people put oranges in beer?

Some people believe that the citrus flavor of oranges can complement the flavor of beer. Additionally, the Vitamin C in oranges may help to prevent or reduce the effects of hangovers.

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