What laboratory apparatuses are needed for distillation setup?

a glass container, a condenser, a thermometer, and a water bath

Why is apparatus used in distillation?

Apparatus is used in distillation because it is a very effective way to separate two or more substances.

What do you need for simple distillation?

A still and a heat source are the two most important things you need for distillation.

What are the 5 parts of a distillation apparatus?

distillation flask, water-cooled jacket, thermometer, Liebig condenser, receiver flask

Which is the main instrument required for simple distillation apparatus *?

The main instrument required for simple distillation apparatus is a glassware.

How do you draw a distillation apparatus?

A distillation apparatus can be drawn using a beaker or flask for the distillation flask, a condenser, and a receiver.

Which part of the distillation apparatus represents the heat exchanger?

The condenser.

How is distillation used to separate mixtures?

High boiling point liquids can be separated from low boiling point liquids by a process called distillation. The mixture is heated and the vapors that are produced are condensed into a separate container.

What is distillation and examples?

Distillation is the process of separating components in a liquid based on their different boiling points. For example, water can be separated from alcohol using distillation.

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