What time do they close Del Mar Fair?

Del Mar Fair closes at 11 pm.

How long is the San Diego Fair?


The San Diego Fair is usually about three weeks long.

Is the Del Mar Fair open?

The Del Mar Fair is currently closed.

How long are the concerts at Del Mar Fair?

There are no set times for concerts at the Del Mar Fair. They typically run from around noon to 10pm, but may start earlier or finish later depending on the performer.

Is there free parking at the Del Mar fair?


Can you bring water into San Diego Fair?

No, outside drinks are not allowed at the San Diego Fair.

Do concert tickets get you into Del Mar Fair?

No, Del Mar Fair tickets do not include admission to the concert.

Can you bring food into the LA County Fair?


How much is parking at the OC Fair?










OC Fair parking is $14.

Do they sell alcohol at LA County Fair?

Yes, there is an area called the Wine & Beer Garden where you can purchase beer, wine, and cocktails. You must be 21 or older to enter.

What time does the LA Fair Close?

The LA Fair closes at 11 PM.

How many tickets per ride at LA Fair?

There is no set amount of tickets per ride at the LA Fair.

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