What type of beer is Allagash?

Allagash is a microbrewery in Portland, Maine that specializes in Belgian-style beers.

What beer is considered an IPA?

India Pale Ale is a type of beer that is brewed with a high concentration of hops.

Is Allagash a craft beer?

Yes, Allagash is considered a craft beer.

Is Blind Pig an IPA?

Blind Pig is not an IPA.

Is Allagash White like Blue Moon?

Allagash White is a Belgian-style wheat beer that is brewed with oats, wheat, and barley. It is similar to Blue Moon in that it is a wheat beer, but it is not brewed with citrus peel. Allagash White is unfiltered, which gives it a hazy appearance, and it has a slightly sweet flavor with hints of coriander and orange.

What does the word Allagash mean?

The word Allagash is derived from the Native American word for “swift water.”

Who makes Allagash beer?

Rob Tod

Is Allagash beer an IPA?

Allagash is not an IPA.

What is a brut style IPA?

A brut style IPA is a dry and highly carbonated IPA.

How would you describe Allagash white?

Allagash White is a Belgian-style wheat beer that is both complex and refreshing. It is brewed with a unique blend of wheat and barley, and is spiced with coriander and orange peel. Allagash White has a hazy appearance and a creamy body. It is a perfect beer to enjoy on a warm summer day.

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